100 interesting facts about germany

Every autumn you can exchange chestnuts and acorns against gummy bears at the HARIBO factory in Germany because the founder was a passionate hunter and wanted to give even poor children the opportunity for some free sweets. 40 Interesting Facts From History About Great Britain. In Germany, more than 2.5 million people have wooden houses.

64. Germany has more zoos than any other country in the world at 400. 51. Germany’s most successful football team is Bayern Munich. • Nuremberg (Imperial Seat) 1536–1543 AD, There are 60 dialects in the German language. Tye first Oktoberfest was actually celebrated in 1810 on the ludwig keshadi ceremony, prince of Bavaria. For the first time in Europe, the Bavaria region was properly measured. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. 30 Germany has 400 zoos which is more than any other country in the world. The world’s oldest monastery brewery is the Weltenburg Abbey founded in 1040 not far from Regensburg, 46. Hitler’s life was spared by a British soldier during World War I. Denial of the “Holocaust” of the Christian concept, ie “Holocaust Daniel” is a crime in Germany. The first book to ever be printed was the Bible by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1450s and you can see it in Mainz, Germany, 16. 54. German is spoken by over 100 million people worldwide. 13. Germany is the 8th largest producer of wine, 88. In 1516, a German Beer Purity Law  (Reinheitsgebot) was passed which only allowed water, hops and barley in the beer. The stories of the Grimm Brothers were not for children but their project was to recognize the true spirit of European scholars. Germans consider Germany a “fatherland”. In recycling, Germany is the third most efficient country in the world after Switzerland and Austria. Germany has received an average of 15 bombs a day since World War II, or 5,500 bombs per year. 39.

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The goal is to help them find treatment because many don't want to harm others. There are over 2100 castles in Germany. 56. 85. 44 Fun and Interesting Facts About Germany: Germany has a population of 81 million people. 7. German capitals have also changed over time – 73. Germany has more soccer clubs than anywhere else in the world, 38. 92. For Oktoberfest it has become necessary to wear Lederhosen and Dirndls. In 2013, unknown perpetrators stole the gilded cookie hanging in front of the Bahlsen Company in Hannover, Germany. More than a quarter of Americans claim German ancestry, 52. The Wittelbachs ruled Bavaria for 738 years. • Aachen – 794 AD, 19. 27. Germany Facts. The cuckoo clock was invented in the 17th century, 34.

There is just so much to learn about Germany, it’s impossible to learn it all! 5,500 bombs per year are found in Germany left over from WWII. 53. 12. Hence his popularity increased in Berlin. In Germany, 71 percent of men urinate while standing are known as Stehpinkler and another 29 percent do sit-ups called Sitzpinkler. On the border between Germany and Austria, there is a town called Fucking (pronounced Fooking), 45. Berlin, the largest railway station in Europe, is also the capital of Germany. 7. Hitler had not visited a single concentration house (concentration camp) in his life. 14. Come along with me as I uncover hidden gems! There are 1,300 breweries in Germany with over 5,000 different variations of beer. University is free for everyone (even non-Germans). 42. It covered more than 55 square meters and contained over six tons of amber. 63.

The construction of cologne cathedral took 700 years and 40000 people contributed. The tradition of Christmas trees has been spread all over the world from Germany itself. The world’s first Green party was founded in Germany in 1979-1980. 86. 76. The youngest billionaire in Germany is German Prince Albert II von. 58. Germany has the largest population in Europe with 81 million people, 66. 04 Germany has 16 constituent states in its area.

Germany was the first country to start using day light saving during world war I. In Germany, there are fake bus stops outside many nursing homes to prevent confused senior citizens from wandering off.

Hosting the 2006 World Cup caused Germany to experience a baby boom.

49. The term Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz (law delegation beef label surveillance) was removed from the German language in 2014.

52. The world’s first airline was founded on in 1909, in Frankfurt. Munich is the most expensive city in Germany. 8. 90. 62. Nine months after the football competition, the birthrate in Germany was up to 30% higher compared with the same period in the year before. Later, with the discovery of yeast, it was incorporated into the law. 4.

19. In a pub, you order another beer with your thumb, not your index finger. The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg is a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors. 55. More than a quarter of Americans claim to be of German descent. 46. ​​Germany has more than 150 castles. If you’re interested in visiting Germany and are looking for more information, I highly recommend using the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide!


Supposedly, Germany has fake bus stops for people who escape from nursing homes  who suffer from Alzheimer’s because they tend to wander to the nearest bus stop so they can go home. Tag:- Germany Facts, Interesting Facts about Germany, Amazing Facts, Germany Facts, Interesting Facts about Germany, Amazing Facts, Germany Facts; Top 100 Interesting Facts about Germany, 73 Interesting Tiger Facts You Never Knew, USA Facts: 44 Amazing Facts about America, Brazil Facts; 57 Amazing Facts about Brazil you Never Know, 40 Interesting Facts about London; Random Facts, 31 Inspiring Bill Gates Quotes on Business, Success and Life, Singapore Facts; Interesting Fun Facts about Singapore, 50+ Interesting Fun Facts about India You Never Know, Canada facts; Interesting Fun Facts about Canada, Amazing Facts about Ireland; Interesting Information about Ireland, Bill Gates Biography and Book, Co-founder of Mircosoft.
The youngest billionaire in Germany is the German Prince Albert II von Thurn und Taxis right here in Regensburg! 34. In 2009, archaeologists unearthed the oldest musical instruments ever found, flutes that inhabitants of southwestern Germany laboriously carved from bone and ivory at least 35,000 years ago.

31. 1.8 million gallons of beer is drunk at Oktoberfest, 97. King Ludwig II is said to have lost his senses and was found in Starnbergersee with his doctor, drowned. 13.

60. The longest word published in the German language is “Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft” (79 letters) which translates to “Danube steamer shipping electric main engine facility building sub clerk association”. The coffee filter was created in Germany in 1908. Source & More 23. Reblogged this on My Thoughts about art and commented: • Frankfurt-am-Main (place of election and coronation of German emperors) – 1152-1792 AD, The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany. 38.


One-third of Germany is still covered in forests and woodlands.

12. Hamburger or Berger gets its name from the city of Hamburg, Germany. The Deutscher Fußball-Bund was found in 1900 in Leipzig, 36. • First divided into small states, duchies and princely states, which together became the Prussian state in 1871. Germany is a member of the European Union. 84. Soon the incident is forgotten. Germany is the largest population in Europe with 81 million people. Aspirin was officially created in 1899 in Germany, 50. 59. The first Oktoberfest was actually a wedding celebration for Prince Ludwig of Bavaria in 1810.
Germany has one of the world’s lowest birth rates. 02 The current population of Germany stands at 83,808,340. BMW, Adidas, SAP, Mercedes-Benz, Nivea, Audi, Bayer, Volkswagen and Siemens give all these big names to the world of Germany. Bahlsen agreed to the terms and the cookie was retrieved.

88. • Later known as Weimer Republic,

There was a plan to escape Nazi Germany's "inescapable" prison via a homemade glider. 59. Many people pass out from drinking too much beer at Oktoberfest and are called “Bierleichen” or beer corpses. The world’s first Green party was established in Germany in 1979-1980. 17. Germany is the 8th largest producer of wine. At the moment, Germany is Europe’s strongest economy. Drachenstich Furth im Wald is the world’s largest four-legged robot in Germany. 21. There are over 1,000 types of sausages, 75.

One of the many interesting facts about Germany, especially since most countries have stores and shopping malls open on Sundays nowadays. 20. 2. 44.

81. You have entered an incorrect email address! 01 The area of Germany spans 357,022 kilometers squared. More than 100 people from Germany have received the Nobel Prize so far. 32. 5. Germany installs traffic lights in sidewalks so that smartphone users don’t have to look up. Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, has a Barbie doll modeled after her, 39. Germany has more then 2.5 million half-timbered houses, 53. 13. 45. 22. Germany has a program targeted at pedophiles, who have yet to commit crimes. 80. 19. 29. The most popular breakfast in Germany is the Donner Kebab which was made in Berlin and brought by Turkish immigrants.

4. 70. The idea of ​​Autobahn was not Hitler, he only enthusiastically supported the idea.

7. 75. There are about 60 dialects of the German language, 54. Most taxis and buses in Germany belong to Mercedes. 72. The Gymnasium is considered the highest level from which a student goes to university. The Cologne Cathedral took 700 years to build and can hold 40,000 people, 15. Apparently, Germany was one of the last countries to ban smoking indoors in restaurants and the workplace because government officials were afraid to imitate Nazi officials who looked down upon smoking.

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