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Identical brand name shoes cost twice as much in Auckland as London, and often you'll feel lucky if you can even find a pair you like. For dental treatment, almost always you have to pay as the dentists are not subsidized by the government. The land of kiwis looks to be a great place to me. The Cost of Study and Living in New Zealand | Education Consultancy for New Zealand | Access Education Network 1 Why We Would Love You To Help, Study In Australia (And You Should, Too!) Kia ora and welcome to /r/NewZealand, the official subreddit for Aotearoa / New Zealand. Check our article here on this topic! I was always used to being able to find a company, call their office any time 9-5 and speak to a receptionist or someone and get a job/quote booked in with a time and date.

I'd find it hard to say which is more interesting. Althought the UK is probably the same.

Also, look to other cities than Auckland if you can. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This article was written for people who want to find out what it's like living in New Zealand.

It is always advised to check and compare prices of different dentists online before you choose one. It’d be easier for you, less conservative politicians, cheaper cost of living than NZ, no immigration to be worried about, good rock climbing, still in the US for the large market job opportunities. I find it far tastier than Australia.

The ambulance service comes at a cost as it is not fully funded by the Government, depending on your circumstances you may get charged for there services (around $50-65). I'm not really looking to be rich. You have to register here with your nearest medical practitioner. Capital city Wellington and the country’s largest city, Auckland, are likely to be the most expensive cities for living costs in New Zealand, with the University of Auckland estimating the following weekly costs: Numbeo is a useful tool for looking at the average living expenses in other cities and comparing them to your home city. I find KY to be a pretty special state, especially considering what surrounds it.

Other than that, we have great beer, wine, outdoor activities etc. Housing is more expensive in Auckland than almost everywhere else. So imported goods are quite expensive (but not too bad) but providing that you aren't an idiot, it is pretty easy to get by. Lots of viewings getting around 50 prospects showing up, and tenants are bidding up rents. Pros of living in New Zealand. So no surprises there. 25% more in Auckland isn't even that bad.. Yep, that's Auckland for you.

That being said, what exactly do you find expensive - give me an actual example of something that is hugely expensive in the way if groceries. The monthly cost (transport, food, accommodation etc. Both places are very green. You might have a tough time finding one. In order to get free maternity treatment when pregnant you need to be either a Australian or New Zealand citizen, or your husband or partner needs to be a citizen on a work visa and staying in the country for 24 consecutive months. Kia ora and welcome to /r/NewZealand, the official subreddit for Aotearoa / New Zealand. Internships aren't as big here as they are overseas. If you qualify, then the insurance will cover everything from the diagnostic of pregnancy till the birth of the baby. Source - NZ Herald. Gotta do all your shopping in one trip to town and I ain't much for planning that fat ahead, 1 week is enough and if you spontaneously need something your shit out of luck. This graph illustrates the growth between 1836 and 1901. One of our biggest 'imperfections' imo is our high rates of domestic/child abuse. What would have been a 3 day "estimated delivery time" took about a week to get through customs. This helps in saving their time and they can opt for the kind or level of treatment they want. Hi, there is a useful website for this sort of thing, numbeo.It's not super accurate or anything but it's as good as anything for getting a general idea.Here is Auckland vs Amsterdam and Netherlands vs New Zealand for example. Just make sure you get travel insurance, as while you will be covered by ACC for motor accidents etc, you will not be covered for any other health/medical. Both places are loaded with culture. The prices make much more sense now, its still on the expensive side but not too expensive. ...and for some things that you just can't buy in NZ, you get slapped with customs and they are insanely slow at getting into contact. Stay in public hospitals is free of cost. Numbeo's data may be lagging behind a bit there. New Zealand is a place with awesome products like all the veggies are great. Longer answer: if you do look outside of Auckland you'll probably end up with cheaper living costs but the nature of the NZ dollar and importation costs means that living here is still expensive on a global scale. The cost of living is low. NZ is much, much more politically liberal in general. Only the children under the age of 18 can get free of cost dental treatment and that too from a school dentist. Having said that, fuck the prices in Aussie bottle stores. And it's less about the lying orange bloke and more about the shit he's stirred up. Then when you do go to town its such a busy day that its just stressful. To check out more information to see if you can qualify click here! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Also, being an island nation with a small population, a lot of goods and services are from offshore, increasing prices more. The former Assistant Editor of, Sabrina wrote and edited articles to guide students from around the world on a wide range of topics. Plus, something about 4 or 5 months out of the year spent close to or below freezing just doesn't tickle my fancy.

Everything we do is reactionary. As others have said Wellington is way better for walking and public transport. Depending on what happens in 2020, I'll be ready to leave the state and/or country.

So you will be able to avoid having a car if you live in or close to the city. Kiwis enjoy a high quality of life for a relatively low cost of living. As a rough guide, a dental doctor in New Zealand can cost you anywhere between $45 to $85 for a check up or any minor treatment. Before deciding where you’ll settle, it pays to do some homework. Public Transport is only just starting to become decent in our largest city. In 1886, the majority of non-Maori people living in NZ were NZ born rather than immigrants. Yeah, Amsterdam is extremely expensive but I live in another province where living is much cheaper fortunately. Or is it also with something like Amazon? 3x 2-hour visits isn't worth it for them when you add on a couple of hours of travel. Our supermarkets are pretty expensive, and our clothing retail scene is utterly tragic - bad selection, crap falls apart within months, and it costs heaps compared to other countries. I am a fan of traveling to Southeastern Asia, and flights to and fro are about half price from NZ as opposed to here. The price for ceramic crowning can go up to astonishing $1200 and for a simple filling can be $150.
There isn't much in the way of SCUBA diving in Colorado. Our cost of living is high (particularly housing), job opportunity in many fields is limited and we're not as wealthy as many other OECD countries, but the standard of living here is still very high on a global scale. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. haha, thanks for the answer though. When I moved more ruralish I found that almost every tradie was a one man cellphone operated business with varying levels of customer service skills. I am a Dutch student studying International Business, I have to go on an internship in the third year and I am interested in New Zealand because of the people, weather, nature and the fact that it is the furthest place I can go to from my country xD. More details about the service can be found online here. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Either way you're in for a shock, NZ immigration does not fuck around. My father used to be a very secretive white supremacist drug dealer. You could also check the official websites of the universities in New Zealand you’re interested in, as they may offer their own scholarships. No, because we don't subsidise huge sections of our agricultural sector which ultimately feeds into processed foods. If you are resident of NZ (for two years of more) or a returning citizen you can buy medical insurance, there are companies that offer partial private hospital cover that allows people to get treated in private hospitals in certain conditions. In terms of funding, you could look for a part-time job to support yourself during your studies (it’s not recommended to rely on this to fund living costs, however). If you ask a Kiwi about the health care system in NZ most will tell you they have also have Private Health Insurance. By 1850, it had grown to 21,108. America's always been fucked homie. Rent is too damn high.It propped up a whole industry of non productive leeches. If you’re studying for at least two years you can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week (and full-time during university holidays). Source - My house has some minor plaster damage from the Kaikoura quake and my landlord's sent 7 tradies round to look at it but none of them want to know. Some foods can be expensive, but our fruit & vege is very good quality. In general, NZ has a much more diverse sports culture than KY, obviously helped by access to water sports. Since we all have to eat, you may find you're adjusting your diet and food buying habits quite a bit to maintain a similar budget.

Source - NZ Herald. NZ is much safer but does have horrible rates of spousal and child abuse. People can be a little ignorant of the rest of the world but I think it's kind've a natural consequence of our geographic location. All rights reserved. Cost for dental treatment can vary from doctor to doctor and from treatment to treatment. We have Kentucky senators proposing to sell off national Forest land (after Trump decided national parks weren't that important) which does, actually, prevent me from rock climbing. Thank you so much for reading this, I really appreciate any help :). Did not know that New Zealand had a housing crisis. In 1896, the non-Maori population was 703,000 and the Maori population was under 40,000.Source - NZ History. This was mind-blowing even moving to Christchurch from a small South Island town. Many international companies like Amazon don't actually have a New Zealand version - our product choice is therefore restricted (or at least the price you pay is much higher). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. NZ very expensive. One of our biggest 'imperfections' imo is our high rates of domestic/child abuse. Best of luck though, if you really want to come here I'm sure you'll figure it out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wait it out you will get a president who you agree more with eventually and they won't do fuck all either. Good times. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Trump never stopped you rock climbing did he? I'm a job offer shy of being above 150 points.

This person Huruknowies what they're talking about.

(We are told waiting times for non urgent surgery can be up to a year). But, the cost of prescription form on your first visit is about $18. But this does vary from area to area. It is free to register with a GP. I was always used to being able to find a company, call their office any time 9-5 and speak to a receptionist or someone and get a job/quote booked in with a time and date.

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