No Down Payment

When we were children, my brother and I could simply go outside to play. And having our kids in an American school? I love the Arts and Crafts William Morris wallpaper and really like how the outside of the building hints at a few different styles; and blends them seamlessly together. Young people want to live in cities – don’t they?

But it can feel somewhat isolating. Whether you’re interested in canoeing on a lake, horseback riding along the beach, or cycling through wide-open fields, Germany’s rural regions offer a wide variety of amazing experiences! There’s more to Germany than just big cities!

I like living in the centre of a town so I can access more or less everything I need on foot or by bike: supermarkets and the post office, bus and train stations, doctors and physiotherapists, restaurants and bars.

You won’t be able to get paid for a job until you have a bank account, and you won’t be able to get a bank account until you have an address, and you won’t be able to get a SIM card unless you have the proper documentation which makes it hard to do everything else…..  phew…it’s a tangled web of bureaucracy! It’s amazing how the tall, tall ceilings affect the quality of the spaces inside. Speaking of villages, I wish we’d checked a little better on good internet access and water quality, as these things can vary extremely from village to village. A country rich in tradition and history you will learn so much and make memories and friends that you will never forget. According to a study about Brandenburg just published by Leipzig University, smaller cities like Neuruppin that are closer to the metropolis of Berlin are also pulling the population away from places like Wittstock-Dosse. We use cookies to improve our service for you. Katrin says it’s their dream home and it’s clear to see why. 2 you can skip over the next paragraph. Watch bakers baking bread the old-fashioned way, go sledging in the summer, visit moated castles and discover Rhenish culture and nature while you’re at it. I would need a bit more color myself, but still I am so impressed. Have a passion for organic farming and living off the land?

Required fields are marked *. On the other hand, hunting for a parking space is annoying, and just recently my car was towed.

The exterior of Katrin and Moritz' home outside of Berlin. And the light woodwork and doorways and all that jazz… swoon! xo, grace. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. All that happens is that you have too many public amenities on offer. lives and works as a journalist in Mainz (215,824 inhabitants), the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. I stayed in a friend’s home in a small Brandenburg town near Belzig and the layout is very similar! Congrats! Read more: Taxpayers demand end to 'Soli' tax to boost eastern German economy.

Works every time.". moved to Kaiserslautern (102,542 inhabitants) to study. Get useful travel tips, learn from my mistakes and see some wonderful pictures! We work and go to school primarily with other Americans, yet we live alongside German families who have been in this little village for generations.

the wood moldings and paint color combinations you chose. Good question! Once you’ve chosen a few that fit your liking and you’re ready to make the leap go ahead and sign up for the service, it costs around $50 Canadian and gives you access to the site for an entire year! -Furniture is mostly antique or vintage, mainly from eBay, some things are also hand-me-downs from family. But is this something the politicians would sign on to? I am hoping to move to a foreign country and Germany has always been high on my list.

The home's library room is the perfect place for Katrin to work and read.
Upper Franconia has the highest density of beer breweries in the world. A great bookshelf is my weakness, along with a fabulous gallery wall! Write ‘horses’ in the search box and tons of farm opportunities will pop up. it is extremely important to be aware of the Schengen Area (pronounced: Shen-gen… hmm it’s hard to write pronunciations online…). ( Log Out /  Each one of these tasks on their own is difficult enough, let alone trying to accomplish them all in the right order and in a timely fashion. Wittstock-Dosse has been spruced up, but people are still moving away. With the help of my Workaway host I was able to locate the nearest Standesamt (Registration Office), walk in, fill out the paperwork and sign on the dotted line all in under 30 minutes! I adore!! You see, my husband works as an educator for the U.S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools. That’s right! (Wall paint is Down Pipe from F&B), This is the opposite side of the library room, which contains the blue chairs Katrin has "a love-hate-relationship with.

So on a whim, the couple visited a few homes in Brandenburg, a rural area near Berlin. A country of contrasts, Germany is a mix of age-old traditions and forward-thinking ideals. "We love the wood stove, it's in constant operation between September and April and saves us a lot on the oil bill!"

Well worth it if anything goes wrong) What is left are deserted areas.

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