Stand in the Fire

They think that if the policy does not generate expected benefits or results they are not supposed to implement or take any decision. This is due to the fact that for an effective decision cooperation between the decision-makers and common people is necessary.

Modern approach such as behaviouralism of Easton or structural-functionalism of Almond heavily relied upon empirical analysis and the decision-making theory could not keep itself away from this type of approach.

The bureaucrats and related agencies have their own outlook, values and assessment about incidents and when policy making process starts the top government officers and allied agencies release their efforts to guide the formulation of policies in the light they cherish.

We call it a new tendency because interest about decision-making had already emerged in the mid-fifties but in the sixties arid seventies separate areas for the study of decision-making were selected and scholars devoted more time and intellect for the proliferation of the concept.

Generally there is a belief system which can be termed as ideology or deep-rooted belief. The point to note is that the nature and implementation of decision-making may be different in both places but it remains that in every case the importance of decision-making remains intact. If the decision-­makers are rational it will be supposed that they are not to be influenced by beliefs and ideology.

Similarly, while a decision is being made the decision maker must demonstrate utmost rationality.

But generally speaking this type of irrationality does not become the common feature. The head of the state, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister etc. So we find that implementation of policy is a stage which can warn the formulators.

Why it is called so? The decision-making is a process and passes through a number of stages.

A good decision-maker is one who takes decision on his own after considering everything. are involved in the decision-making process and even an ordinary decision cannot be taken abruptly. The amalgamation of all these methods or streams of analysis has become inevitable because of the fact that decision-making, nowadays, is increasingly being considered very important part of the management of government business. The decision-maker, of course, makes prediction but that is based on past experience. When the decision-maker of a state makes a policy/decision he must be aware of the fact that his decision must be in conformity with the policies and objectives of other nations and this should not lead to conflict among nations.
But this argument does not stand the test of reality. We have already touched behaviouralism, structural-functionalism communications theory etc.

In a recent Psychology Today post, “What Triggers Cravings? In an animal experiment, the ventral striatum (VS) was most active at the beginning of a decision-making process. Previous studies have shown that a specific network in the brain is active when a person has to decide between various choices in different situations. In democracy there is no question of imposing a decision on the public. 2. People sometime create such situation or events that force the government to take policy on the eve of election parties declare schemes through manifestos and after victory implement them. In a press release, lead author Sarah Rudorf explained. Then, when we find these 100 voxels that represent 'value,' we average them and see how well they predict the choices. The management of a government department, the administration of private organisation and even a philanthropic association require decision and not one decision but a bundle of decisions.
The goal, eventually, is to identify activity in certain areas of the brain, by seeing where blood flow occurs, and then compare these brain data with the decisions they make. In democracy very often the political parties, pressure groups, public opinion, mass media, political agitation etc.

"But we are interested in the whole brain. Similarly, many liberal thinkers expressed their anti-state views in unequivocal terms.

The formulation of policy may aim either at short-term or long-term objectives.

The decision-making approach is regarded as a convenient and effective method of analysing foreign policy and the relations among nations. "For example, if you ask people to rate blueberries and elderberries, and you see their brain voxels [portions of the brain] associated with subjective value are more active for blueberries, you can assume that they will later choose the blueberries," even if they verbally gave elderberries a higher rating, Camerer says.

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