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Hilary Duff goes beyond any movie you have ever seen her in, and delivers a performance worthy an Acadamy award, and with help from fantastic actors such as Evan Ross, Micheal Murphy, Melissa Leo and the always wonderful Ellen Burstyn, there is no doubt this movie is going to become dear to many people. However, the story is of the progressive taming of the wild kid. Greta is 17, a bright and beautiful young woman.

It was good till the time comes to wrap up. Once Katherine gets back from the hospital, Greta is determined to show her how sorry she is. Those roofies wore off. When he reveals to her that he was once in a juvenile correctional facility for stealing cars, Greta is even more attracted to him.

Frances, whose mother recently died, feels alone in the world, too. Julie detaches from Greta emotionally, knowing he cannot rescue her and that she will drag him down with her if he permits her to. The three women bond looking at old pictures and the film ends with Greta leaving her suicide notebook in the ocean and in a voice over (letter to her mom) thanking her for letting her stay for the rest of the summer with her grandparents. She looks like she's going to melt into the bed. Immediately, our doe-eyed maiden is entranced by Greta's ambiguous accent and sob story about being alone in the world. Obviously, it's only a matter of time before Greta gets her hands on Frances again. According to Greta (2009) Full Movie Part 1. dm_51d16575aa706. Katherine is still furious, telling Greta she doesn't really know what she is sorry about.

Audience Reviews for According To Greta. Greta blames the neighbors' construction for the noise — but that excuse doesn't hold up, considering Greta lives in a standalone house. Fast forward to Greta's mother arriving and you can basically write the happy ending on your own. She says of her grandmother Katherine, "Gram has some serious anxiety issues.

0/10 stars.

Painful also because we could not understand why a girl of 17 (also not credible, sorry Hillary) would consistently behave like she did and then all of a sudden turn soft on a random person. It's better than I thought it would be. That could be considered cruel, in fact it is just not credible again. (Never take one of those!) Greta is called inside, and explains to her grandparents he was there at her request. In this case, I think they should have diverted from the source material and went to a darker ending instead of the usual crap and this movie might have been one for the ages, instead its an enjoyable view for about 70-minutes. Documental: Greta Garbo biografía (parte 2) (Greta Garbo biography) (part 2) cinecinéfilos cine. She can still be a jailer with missing fingers. After I got over her light 12 year old voice, I realized that Hilary did a wonderful job. Couldn't watch another minute of this!

The grandparents are shocked at the mother's abrasive behavior. "It's being made in the $1 to $2-million-dollar range", Gorelick said. She is called Greta, hence the title of the film (which in America has been released both as GRETA and as ACCORDING TO GRETA), but in Britain the film was released as SURVIVING SUMMER. According to Greta (2009) Plot. The tension is nicely subtle and with modestly effective emphasis on supporting characters. We eventually learn some background, and discover that her father died in Viet Nam when she was six (it seems therefore that the action of this film is meant to be set in about 1980), and because her mother is such a narcissistic nutter, she has never even been shown a photo of him. This is our, Though we shouldn't celebrate just yet. She reads from a list of ways to end her life. She would be hiding it inside and killing herself quietly! Sexist? When we first meet protagonist Radha in The Forty-Year-Old V, Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix movie, Hubie Halloween, ends with a tribute to the late actor Cameron Boyce, even though Boyce doesn’t technically appear, Warning: Spoilers ahead for the ending of Hulu’s Books Of Blood. the cinematography was just a D- all around.

Julie tells her that his experience made him determined to do something positive with his life and he attempts to convince Greta to not give up on hers. The film is based in Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and Neptune,[2] according to Steve Gorelick of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission in Newark.

(1:06), Standing on the bow of Joseph's cabin cruiser Greta pushes the anchor overboard and allows the rope to wrap around her leg, dragging her into the water. The police come as a result of neighbors having seen Julie enter an upper story window.

Chambers had moved out of his home while the film crew rearranged and completed filming there. That something that she gets is with is first love with Julie(Evan Ross) she seems to be into it but her grandparents seem to have a problem with his skin color and criminal past. 4:03. She would show more signs of depression like food disorders, or even just depression! Later in May 2008 scenes were re-shot. Hilary Duff is a fantastic actress and the cast for this movie was put together wonderfully. This seemed like the only conflict that could have been interesting in the context of this movie but right after the fight and they leave the mom there, the next cut is Greta, her mom, and Grandma looking at old pictures and laughing together and then the movie ends. Feel sorry for the grandparents (Burnstyn and Murphy) who have been recruited by a errant daughter (Leo) who has her own issues to babysit their obnoxious granddaughter for the summer.

Greta (Hilary Duff) O'Donnell-Humphrey-Monroe is seventeen. But before Frances ends up in Greta's secret room, she gets some crucial information about her stalker. She plays Greta a sixteen year old who is a trip without the luggage. I love Hilary Duff.

Greta's grandmother Katherine suffers a heart attack.

Greta subdues Frances with a mixture of substances until she's completely depleted. The delay has made me think the film was terrible and no movie studio wanted to release it. A suicidal and rebellious teenager is sent to live with her grandparents for the summer, where life takes an unexpected turn. After about 45 minutes I found myself apologising to my partner for having suggested this film. Joseph tells him about Greta's father, who committed suicide in front of Greta when she was very young. Julie is mad at Greta, telling her that she should appreciate the life she has. It was dark, some slight humour and some fantastic acting (especially a highly under rated performance from Michael Murphy)and instead of a finish that should have been highly praised and talked about, we get the sappy Hollywood ending cop-out that brings this movie down. Hulu’s new horror film Books Of Blood begins by teasing the whereabouts of the. Oh how this movie had me hooked. At first we think no one will survive summer, and indeed Ellen Burstyn does have a heart attack from the stress caused. Even though there was a happy ending for everyone, Duff's character was truly one who gives Adolescence a bad name. Julie's advice calms Greta and she returns to the house to find her mother has already packed up her things. #AHIMA20, Copyright© 1995-2020 BehaveNet® LLC | About | Terms of Use | Privacy | Advertise, Hilary Duff, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Murphy, Evan Ross. At first the grandparents are upset with Julie for being there. 10/14-17 AHIMA Did the dysfunction in this family start with Katherine? There is a very sensitive and excellent performance by the young actor Evan Ross of a boy who tries to understand Greta and is fond of her. I remember it being filmed in early 2008, or might've been earlier than that. When i picked up this DVD from the stand I thought since it was cheap I'd check it out, I didn't expect much, it being a Hilary Fluff film and all. In the movie Greta Hilary Duff has definitely step up from her usual squeaky clean teen movie. The film was released under the alternative title Surviving Summer in the UK by Icon Home Entertainment. As a human tornado, wreaking damage on all sides, Hilary Duff is entirely convincing, so much so in fact that I would hate to run into her in a dark alley anywhere. The film name was changed to According to Greta for the US release, although shown earlier as "Greta" in a Los Angeles screening. The story revolves around the forbidden romance of a waitress (Duff) and the restaurant's ambitious cook (Ross). The huge impact of Greta almost drowning is actually more comical then serious and this is where the movie starts to go down. According to Greta (released as Surviving Summer in the United Kingdom[1]) is a 2009 American drama film directed by Nancy Bardawil and starring Hilary Duff, Evan Ross, Michael Murphy, and Ellen Burstyn. Greta goes fishing for hapless young women in the New York subway system, and uses the bags as bait. Perhaps that loneliness is why Frances ignores the strange knocking coming from the other side of the piano. I can imagine other actresses of Hilary's ilk trying out this role and not succeeding as well as she has. She shows not only considerable directorial ability but a great deal of courage in taking on a project as challenging as this. The acting wasnt good at all from any of the cast really. that we both (young and old!) I'll keep this short.

The legends say that According to Greta, LOL and Georgia Rule are all the episodes of a drama television series about a rebellious girl who yells to her parents. (0:42), When Julie asks Greta whether she would kill somebody, she answers, "Just myself." He blunders his way through the interaction, leaving himself vulnerable to Greta.

Synopsis But, that doesn't matter. (0:02), Greta: "I'm going to kill myself before I turn 18." She tells them that she fully intends to kill herself before the summer is over and compiles a notebook of suicide methods. Maybe I should give her some of my pills." Greta eventually makes her way to Frances' apartment, drugs her, and transports her to Brooklyn in a cab. It had so much going for it, Hilary Duff rising to the performance of 'Greta' , basically someone who doesn't see the point of reaching her twenties and is figuring out the best way to make sure that happens. The film is very well made, and I guess Greta, the poor thing, is worth a bit of sympathy at the end because she is not really a bad person, she is just a crazy mixed-up kid who is more extreme in her disorders than most. As well she falls in love and start throwing in all the clichés and you get the picture, no need to watch the ending. As the saying goes, he 'has his work cut out for him'. I watched this movie with my daughter last night. Greta Takes School | Greta. Notable Person: #BHCPOD

Greta falls for a charismatic short-order cook named Julie. It's a very well written movie and an entertaining one if you just like Hilary you should give it a try. Greta (Duff) is the nightmare 17 year-old you wouldn't want to ever know. She is bright and beautiful. But there's hope for Frances: A private investigator, hired by Frances' dad, is on his way to save her. Julie rescues her, but the fright still causes Katherine to have a mild heart attack. First, this film is not for very young children. Would you want Julie to attend a session? I agree with one of the other reviewers in that there is one resolved situation Only gripe: what happened between Julie and Greta??? (0:05), Greta hints at the loss of her father: "If Dad were alive..." (0:20), Greta attempts to pit her male friend Julie against her grandmother. It's quirky and well written, and well acted by all involved.

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