advice from ted greene

The link to my full recording is found HERE: I have had decades to try and digest even just a small part of what Ted showed me.

[Previously posted and combined with the other “Big Band Blues #2” in the key of Ab – we’ve now separated them and condensed the new notation pages so it all fits on one page. My daughter and I had a blast hanging out with Ted that night. (If you need to find a more exact performance I believe Ted actually does this arrangement at one of his workshops and that that is available on YouTube.). And that crowd exploded with such a roaring approval, which in itself was such a wonderful sound, all of us just screaming and shouting. ], FUNDAMENTALS: I mean---…. For chord grid diagrams of each example, please see Mark Thornbury’s “homework” of this page in his “From Students” section. It also combines an announcement of the passing of Ted in 2005. He still kept playing, teaching, and studying—that never changed (unless the Lakers were playing, and in those days the team was playing amazing games and winning championships)—but Ted got out more, saw friends a bit more, shopped more for some of his favorite things, and spent additional time with people he loved. As stated in the transcription section, “Due to the rich harmonies and complexity of Ted’s playing, we understand that there are bound to be errors in these transcriptions...” And we encourage people to share typos or corrections if they discover them in our posted files. In the film the band doesn’t play the song “Pete Kelly’s Blues,” but perhaps this old film inspired Ted to write up an arrangement. * Theme from E.T., 1982-09-16. My experience was that he just dove deep and had a relentless sense of curiosity and an amazing ability to catalog and organize his explorations. [This is a very short group of single-note solo lines in A blues. While the Ray Charles version was loved by Heinz, the theme owes more to songs like “Laura” and “Stella by Starlight.” Ted once remarked that these songs were in the ‘half-step harmony style’ that was popular at that time. translations are made possible by volunteer Fun film fact: the beginning of the bridge to “Ruby” was first written by Heinz as an incidental cue in a 1937 film called “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase” – no kidding! Notation included. Now, in general, a lot of focus on Ted tends to lean towards his immense chord vocabulary and his use of seemingly impossible chords. Well, that’s all for the fun-filled month of February. Five pages total. * Voicing Reference Page, 1977-08-10. * Georgia (from Live at the Seashell Restaurant) transcribed by Dylan Hoey [notation & Tab]. This file replaces one that had been previously posted as “Neo-Baroque_4.” We’ve improved the scan quality, and added notation. ], HARMONY & THEORY: * George Van Eps-ish Counterpoint, 1990-08-22. ], BAROQUE: ], THE V-SYSTEM: Applications in the areas of: accompaniment, arrangements and solo guitar. Messages 230. * Big Band Blues - I-IV-V & 3 Statement Form (key of C), 1985-05-18. Good fundamental info. ], OTHER: [This piece is a bit more challenging. So as to your second point, the first time I heard Albert King, I basically drove off the road. The rewards from teaching are so great that one can't explain the feeling it gives. Greene typically worked as a vocal accompanist, which he preferred because he found group settings restrictive.

GVE: Ted, in good faith and in all honesty, I couldn’t accept it. Find out more about each speaker in the mashup in our "Live from TED2012" coverage on the TED Blog. Arrangements: 25; Baroque: 8; Blues: 14; Chord Studies: 57; Comping: 11; Fundamentals: 4; Harmony & Theory: 6; Jazz: 11; “Other”: 6; Single-Note Soloing: 13; The V-System: 36; From Students: 13; Personal/Performances info: 6; Personal/Articles & Interviews: 11; and Discography & Publications: 1.

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