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A talented artist could do something great with this. ., Vol. Free surname search. 9, and Guil. a chev. Educated at the parish school of Strichen, at Marischal College, and the University of Aberdeen ; became an advocate in Aberdeen in 1827 ; has been lord provost of that city since 1859 ; is a deputy-lieut. Boldly and rightly It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (1,006,306), England (75,260), Canada (70,382), Australia (62,882), Scotland (34,553), and South Africa (25,792). John Andrewson, 1444 in Cupar-Angus Rental Book Francis Anderson, 57th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Union, Pennsylvania ; United Service Club, Edinburgh. Heinrich Anderson, who immigrated to Philadelphia in 1627 William Anderson, aged 28, who arrived in Canada in 1811

In 1875, he married Margaret, daughter of William MacIntosh of Gateside, and issue with her, including a son named John, the 1st Baronet mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. In 1911, he married Jessie Barr, daughter of Alexander Bilsland of Woodside Terrace. ANDERSON, Lady of Cromall Lodge, Argyllsire. of Jesmond House, co. Northumberland, and Wallington Lodge, co. Surrey. 327. one in chief and one in base and in the flanks two boars’ heads erased az. Residence —Q9, Westbourne Terrace, London, W. OTHER ANDERSON PEDIGREE AND FAMILY TREES Anderson, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1872).
So proud to be named for my mother, and carry the name of the person who raised me. In the two years of its existence (1864—5) this log stockade of at most 26 acres housed over 32,000 Northern prisoners, half of whom died.

George Anderson married Elizabeth Stevenson June 26, 1693 in New York In 1296, David le fiz Andreu was recorded as a burgess of Peebles, and Duncan fiz Andreu of Dumfries was recorded as taking an oath of fealty. 12) (Newbiggin, Scotland, 1780). of Woodenstown, co. Tipperary) a son and heir, James Anderson, Esq. Crest—A crescent ar. 37) Danemark – (M. Motto—(Over the crest) Stand sure; (under the arms) Dum spiro spero. ANDERSON„ Henry, of the towne of Newcastle upon Tyne, gent., 3 Nov. 1547, by G. Dethick, Norr.

Residences— Union Street, Aberdeen ; Blelach, near Taiiand, Aberdeenshire. 27) Ar. Mr. Cecil John Anderson (1916-1941), Australian Able Seaman from Adelaide, Mr. Ronald Harry Anderson (1918-1941), Australian Able Seaman from Palmyra, Western Australia, Australia, who sailed into battle aboard. William Anderson married Dorothy Brisse 1600 in Edlington, Lincoln, England and vert., a bugle horn stringed, between three stags, couchant, or. (Eng.) 63rd regt; Marianne-Purvis; Eleanor; and Florence. Thomas Anderson, 1471 in York Freeman’s Register Kingask, near Montrave, Fifeshire. a chev. 2. Notables

By providence. a bordure quarterly of the second and third. for Northumberland (of which county he has been High Sheriff). ‘Francisci Vietae de Equationum recognitione et emendatione tractatus duo,’ Paris 1615, contain Vieta’s improvements in the transformation and reduction of algebraical equations, with an appendix by Anderson, showing that the solution of cubic equations can be made to depend upon the trisection of an angle.

In Greek, it derives from the word andreios, meaning masculine, manly, or courageous. a saltire wavy betw. Gu. 1828); is a Magistrate for the W. Riding of Yorkshire, and J.P. and D.L. of N.B. Heir, his son Francis Foljambe, born at Lea Hall 1841. The first reference to the given name Andrew was a monk of Dunfermline, who later became the Bishop of Caithness in the reign of David I. ., Vol.

two mullets in chief and base gu. View the world's largest online library of coat of arms meanings and artwork. Pro Deo certo I strive for God five estoiles in saltire ar. Crest—A star az. on a chief of the second a stag’s head cabossed of the first betw. in the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers born 1836. betw. William Anderson was born in Accomach, colonial Virginia in 1600 AD. Motto—Pro Deo certo. Clan Rings | Anderson clan | Ladies crest rings| Scottish rings –, Scottish tartan clans and heritage throughout Scotland from Scotland On Line. Crest—An oak tree, ppr. Gu. 2) (Fermoy, co. Cork, bart., created 1812). Same as Anderson of Jesmond House, John Anderson of Coxlodge, Esq., having been younger brother of Thomas Anderson, Esq. See more ideas about Family crest, Crest, Anderson's. Motto—Stand sure. In Scotland, the family owned land in Moidart, but moved to Badenoch in the early 1300s AD. Andrew derived from the Greek name “Andreas”, meaning “man” or “manly”). He married Mary Wise and had a daughter with her named Comfort. 1846; married 1832 Emma the daughter of the late John Saville Foljambe, Esq., of Aldwarke, Notts. 69. Phillip Anderson, 47th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois iii) Robert-Carew, M.D., Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, formerly Surgeon-Major in the 13th Light Dragoons, married 13 Oct. 1853, Jane-Wallis, only daughter of the Rev. three hawks’ heads erased sa. Arms~ Per nebulee az. Meaning 'son of Andrew', the variant forms of the name Anderson include Anders and MacAndrews. The first references to the surname appeared in the 13th century. ANDERSON, George, Esq., of Woodhouse, Dumfriesshire. Harrison Anderson, 55th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S.

Motto—Nil desperandum, auspice Dco. William Anderson, Connecticut, Rank of Sergeant, Civil War Veterans James Anderson, 61st Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia David Anderson, 39th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia Cromall Lodge, Campelltown, Argyllshire; 99, Westbourne Terrace, W. three bucks lodged or. surmounted by a saltire humettee sa. Their name comes from the given name Andrew. America’s Sherwood Anderson (1876— 1941) of Rev.

Jonas Anderson, 3rd Regiment, Colorado Cavalry, Union, Colorado Territory Gnaviter. ANDERSON, James, of Hollam, Hampsh., and Linlithgow, 26 Jan. 1789,* Vol. Colored Troops Ar. Mar. Crest—A cloud ppr. 3) (Aberdeen). THE COUNTY FAMILIES OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OR ROYAL MANUAL OF THE TITLED AND UNTITLED ARISTOCRACY OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND ANDERSON, Lady (Knt.’s widow) Janet, only dau. a saltire or, charged with another vert. Dum spiro spero While I breathe, I hope ANDERSON OF GRACE DIEU From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. Andersons have been involved in a number of record-breaking crimes. Ch., Oxford, and called to the Scottish Bar 1814, is J.P. and D.L. 4) (West Airderbreck). As an assistant judge on circuit, Anderson began to exercise judicial functions soon after this promotion, and in 1581 he conducted cases of importance in both the eastern and western counties. a saltire engr. 1826, M.A.

Quarterly: 1st and 4th, ar. By her (who died 1754) Mr. Anderson left (with two daughters, of whom the elder Jane married Robert Carew, Esq.

Ar. 13) (Mayor of Liverpool, 1860). Mr. John Anderson, aged 41, English Able Seaman from Southampton, Mr. Harry Anderson, aged 47, American First Class passenger from New York City, New York who sailed aboard the, N.M. Anderson, American Second Mate from New Orleans, Louisiana, who was working aboard the SS Alcoa Puritan traveling from Port of, Mr. John D. Anderson, American Boatswain's Mate Second Class working aboard the ship "USS Arizona" when she sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, he survived the sinking, Mr. Robert Adair Anderson, American Gunner's Mate Third Class from Missouri, USA working aboard the ship "USS Arizona" when she sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, he died in the sinking, Mr. Lawrence Donald Anderson, American Ensign from Iowa, USA working aboard the ship "USS Arizona" when she sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, he died in the sinking, Mr. James Pickins Anderson Jr., American Seaman First Class from Nevada, USA working aboard the ship "USS Arizona" when she sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, he died in the sinking, Mr. Charles Titus Anderson, American Carpenter's Mate Second Class from California, USA working aboard the ship "USS Arizona" when she sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, he died in the sinking, ... (Another 5 entries are available in all our. Bartholomei Anderson, 1554 in IGI (Howden, ER Yorks) Seats~ Jesmond House, co. Northumberland; and Wallington Lodge, Surrey. Andrew was one the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. Mr. Anderson is a J.P. and D.L.
Nathaniel Anderson, Virginia, Rank of Lieutenant Due to Americanization the second s was often dropped out of names after immigrating. Isaac Anderson, Virginia, Rank of Private a saltire engr. for the Stirling boroughs 1852-9. William Thomas Anderson (1920-1939), born in Ballycullen, Newtownards, Co. Down, William Barrie Anderson (1921-1939), born in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland, Scottish Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Royal Oak when she was torpedoed by U-47 and sunk; he died in the sinking, R. Anderson, British Able Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Royal Oak when she was torpedoed by U-47 and sunk; he survived the sinking, Robert Fairey Anderson (1921-1939), born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Scottish Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Royal Oak when she was torpedoed by U-47 and sunk; he died in the sinking, ... (Another 1 entries are available in all our, Mrs. Margaret Anderson, (née Armstrong), English 2nd Class passenger residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA returning to England, who sailed aboard the, Mrs. Emily Mary Anderson, (née Pybus), English 2nd Class passenger residing in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA visiting England, who sailed aboard the, Miss Barbara Winifred Anderson, American 2nd Class passenger from Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, who sailed aboard the, Mr. William Anderson, English Barkeeper from Kirkdale, Liverpool, England, who worked aboard the, Mr. William Affleck Anderson, English Senior 5th Engineer from Liverpool, England, who worked aboard the, ... (Another 3 entries are available in all our. a chev. However, the major families have been identified as Anderson of Ardbrake & Westerton (whose crest is used by Andersons as a clansman's crest badge); Anderson of Kinneddar (scion of the Ardbrake line), Anderson of Noth, Anderson of Newbiggin & Kingask, Anderson of Dowhill & Stobcross, Anderson of Linkwood, Anderson of Inchyra & Stonyhill, Seton-Anderson of Mounie and Anderson of Candacraig. Fraunces Anderson married Robert Needam June 12, 1606 in Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England betw. LXV, fol. Crest—An oak tree and equally pendent therefrom two weights ppr. MS. 35,336, fo. a hind’s head or, pierced through the neck with an arrow sa. Neal Anderson, Pennsylvania, Rank of Corporal Early immigrants include: We use cookies to enhance your personalized experience for ads, analytics, and more. Commander of H.M.S. This larger Anderson crest pendant shows the motto "Stand Sure" etched on the belt surround – direct from the makers! LXII, fol. 1845, to Charles-Newport Bolton, Esq., B.A., of Brook Lodge, co. Waterford. Mr. Jacob Anderson, Australian settler travelling from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia aboard the ship “Bee” arriving in New Zealand in 1832 [9] Anderson History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms. betw. Fredrick Anderson, South Carolina, Rank of Private They are regarded as a sept of Clan Chattan and have been associated with this Confederation of Clans from the 15th century.

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