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"To that end, we have accelerated investments and made structural changes. She'll be chairman of entertainment content, NBCUniversal TV and Streaming. Salt-to-software conglomerate The U.S. It's off 34% from early June highs and sits 24% above its pandemic March low, which was a level not seen since 2003. Buying ramped up after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said an "understanding" between the White House and House Democrats on a fiscal stimulus package could come. Operating expenses increased in the quarter ended July 31st 2020 by $0.18M to ~$0.33M. But "changes need not be dramatic to be effective," Buck wrote, and he also expressed displeasure that the report didn't address conservatives' allegations that platforms are trying to stifle their voices. Organic growth of 4.2% vs. consensus of 1.6%. The Fab 5 megacaps are rising, despite regulatory issues, although Facebook is just. OK? Automotive operational revenue decreased by 33% y/y to €59M. That could mean no further attempts at fiscal stimulus until 2021 if Joe Biden wins the election. The megacaps are trading lower. Many saw the delay on a vote as signs negotiations on a relief package were progressing, but further talks today between Steve Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi amounted to little, with differences in "key areas". It never dropped below 90%. Dow and S&P 500, Tech is looking for a comeback... Apple is. Since the beginning of the pandemic, epidemiologists and public health specialists have been using mathematical models to forecast the future in an effort to curb the coronvirus’s spread.... Last Updated: Oct. 14, 2020 at 12:33 p.m. has submitted its take on, The proposed changes to Section 230 legal immunity would force social media giants including Facebook (, Changes made to the plan since the summer include clarifying that the Internet companies would have immunity when taking down material that promotes violent extremism or self-harm, the, The news also comes on a day when President Trump was scheduled to meet with state attorneys general over "protecting consumers from social media abuses.". COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump cited what he said was After the video posted, Regeneron’s stock jumped over 3 percent in after-hours trading. Closing higher yesterday after a wobbly session, U.S. stock futures largely hugged the flatline overnight, though the S&P 500 is still on course for a fourth consecutive week of losses. While we had expected demand to moderate, the unexpected resurgence of COVID-19 cases in many states has perpetuated the imbalance of supply and demand in many geographies, causing continued elongated order-to-delivery windows for our customers. On the new policy with regards to overshooting inflation, "if you look around the world is what you see are disinflationary pressures, from demographics, from technology". Canada's Brookfield Asset In June, we hired Karen Peetz as Chief Administrative Officer to centralize program management and steer these programs to completion. "GE has been informed that the issues the SEC staff may recommend that the SEC pursue relate to the historical premium deficiency testing for GE Capital’s run-off insurance operations, as well as GE’s disclosures relating to such run-off insurance operations," according to GE's 8-K filing. And TikTok still faces a deadline at CFIUS coming up. The market is reverting to its pattern earlier this year where Big Tech is a safety and recovery stocks are getting slammed. This means that agility will be essential for retailers across their entire ecosystem. Shares of Walmart are flat in premarket trading. Southwest, Delta and others chose not to accept a federal bailout, opting instead for private financing - which left more money for fewer carriers. Since the NFL draft, I have participated in multiple virtual events with future collegiate and NFL players as well as accountants and attorneys. Selling sharply accelerated in the early afternoon when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country was seeing a second wave of infections and would not rule out a full lockdown of the country if needed. The major averages extended their gains after the tweet. The company expects to reach its net leverage ratio target of 3.5x to 3.6x by 3Q21. "I asked the Board of Directors to let me step aside from my roles as Executive Chairman and a member of the Nikola, Shares of Nikola have been on a wild ride this year. All 11 S&P sectors are still higher, but some of the leadership has changed. A potential buyout - either by a team of Microsoft (. Pool is currently part of the MidCap 400, and it's moving up as E-Trade is set to be acquired by Morgan Stanley. Stocks are climbing with headlines out of Washington likely drivers of sentiment through the session. There's new Smart HDR and machine learning features that can recognize items in an image like the sky. Oil dipped 0.5% to $40.10/barrel for WTI crude. The shakeout in the megacap stocks continued, pulling the broader market down for the second day in a row. as investors locked in recent gains amid rising concerns about Q4 adj. It looks like a summer market day to start the fourth quarter, with the megacap sectors leading the way and the Nasdaq outperforming. That makes it the latest in a number of businesses to launch new racial justice efforts in the months since nationwide protests erupted over a Minneapolis police officer's killing of George Floyd. CFIUS is reportedly discussing the deal's implications today. That means Japan's top mobile carrier will delist and become a wholly owned subsidiary. Negotiations are expected to continue on fiscal stimulus, so another day of contradictory soundbites looks likely. That comes after criticism that bad actors could try to influence an election that is more likely than most to take days or weeks to decide, with an unprecedented amount of mail-in voting expected. It also recommends preventing dominant platforms from "preferencing" their own services, and requiring them to make services compatible with competitors (and allowing users to more easily transfer data). Google shares wrapped after-hours trading, Previous reporting had U.S. Attorney General William Barr pressing to. After the start, pending home sales came in rising, Among other criticisms, Kerrisdale Capital cites valuation as part of its short thesis on Atricure, Investors' assumptions on a "widespread adoption" of the Convergent procedure and growth in surgical devices are "misplaced. He did not rule out another national lockdown, but said he does not want to go into that "at all". Operating margin rose from 21.7% to 25.4%. The pension plan will buy from MassMutual a group annuity contract for about 1,850 retirees and their beneficiaries, providing an irrevocable commitment by MassMutual to make annuity payments. Interest rates look steady after a strong steepening of the yield curve yesterday.

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