bridge over troubled water meaning

I just can't go with drug themes, seems too pat for Paul Simon. Don't worry, there are rocks bridging over the stream—we can cross there. The song has been translated into many languages, it’s been covered by hundreds of artists, including Johnny Cash, Annie Lennox and Bonnie Tyler. There was a problem. Like a bridge over troubled water One chapter in "Media Sexploitation" was devoted to the thesis that BOTW was about heroin use. A mystery revealed cloaked in a play on words like many songs are. It was also five minutes long, which guaranteed no radio play. With its sweeping melody and sustained high notes, it would be perfect for his partner’s choirboy-pure voice. always waiting for us to cross. The song won many awards in 1970, which was in the middle of the Vietnam War. “I was stuck for a while,” Simon admits. from their Higher Self ... as the moon reflects its light from the source. BA1 1UA. I'll take your part I doubt that Simon ever injected heroine, but it was common in this heady days for cannabis users to occasionally add some opium or heroine to a spliff. His "little hymn" thus got a grand production, and after hearing it, he thought it was too long, too slow and too orchestral to be a hit single. But many of his songs are recognizable to those of us who love spirituals. Once we realize the reality of this Bridge, our lives All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. He wrote the song about providing comfort to a person in need. I am sorry to say, you can't see behind the veil into the meaning if you are not privileged to the knowledge that there is a veil. I don't think Simon's ever admitted it, but it's clearly a hymn to cannabis. I wrote that.’ In the earlier days, when things were smoother, I never would have thought that, but towards the end when things were strained, I did.”, Garfunkel says: “We’re strong in our musical opinions, and we’ve had lots of differences, but we’ve remained pretty damned gentlemanly all the way.”, “I’ve sung it 6,400 times,” he adds. Your time has come to shine. The vocal style of the track was inspired by Phil Spector's technique in 'Old Man River' by The Righteous Brothers. Then there was one song where the lead singer was scatting, and he shouted out: ‘I’ll be your bridge over deep water/If you trust in my name.’ And, well, I guess I stole it.” Simon couldn’t wait to play his new song for Art Garfunkel. They now realize that they are not separate beings, but rather eternal consciousness ... therefore they are not "defiled" with the lower-thinking limitations of the Ego. To be the lucky one to express that, it moves me every damned time.”. Water is symbolic of life and as verse 1 describes, sometimes life is not always smooth sailing, for whatever reason. I definitely think this song is about Jesus. All your dreams are on their way. You will receive a verification email shortly. The final verse was written about Simon's then-wife Peggy Harper, who had recently noticed her first gray hairs ("Sail on, silvergirl"). Dan's and David's marriage has been in troubled waters for a few years, so their divorce seemed inevitable to a lot of us. “He couldn’t hear it for himself. If you need a friend This is a great deception. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. It will never leave you nor forsake you. If that's true, perhaps he liked the second-meaning reference to heroine street-slang. That’s nonsense. document.write('

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I will comfort you There have been many covers over the years, including: - Aretha Franklin (reached number six in the US), - Artists for Grenfell - artists including Stormzy, Robbie Williams, James Blunt, Rita Ora and Emeli Sandé recorded a cover which went to number one in the UK in 2017, to raise money for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, - 'A Bridge Over You - a charity single recorded by the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir, was a mashup of 'Bridge over Troubled Water' and Coldplay's 'Fix You', become the UK Christmas number one in 2015, The Story of... 'Everything I Do (I Do it For You)' by, The Story of... 'When the Going Gets Tough', as told by, Phil Collins sends Donald Trump a cease and desist order, after ‘In The Air Tonight’ is played at rally, Elton John settles £3 million court dispute with ex-wife, Elton John speaks out on Rod Stewart's feud claims with, Whoopi Goldberg is planning to revive Sister Act for a. I will comfort you...I'll take your part... when darkness comes...And pain is all around...I will ease your mind" (pain). Americans always want a clean happy ending with no loose ends so I can only guess that we are not going to agree on this but this is my two cents worth. The parents were right behind them to comfort with loving support, by thinking out of the box for guidance and strength in the mindset of what Jesus has done as a sacrifice for all of us a long time ago to give us strenght to endure the pain of laying down for the loved one[s] to cross over the ''Bridge Over Troubled Water''. Blaine recalls: “The image I got when I heard the song was a black man in a chain gang. I too was agast at the idea that this was a drug reference song (it's so pretty and powerful)and didn't want to believe but the circumstantial evidence is there, (circumstantial is enough to convict in court btw. Once truly realized, Like many good song lyrics, it can mean whatever you want, in this case, anything from Drugs to God. © It doesn't seem like me." And friends just can't be found all belong. Your time has come to shine. She committed suicide on August 28, 19993. Then we get to verse 3, “Sail on silver girl, sail on by. Simon wrote it as "a little hymn." I believe the interpretation that refers to the divine. I'm on your side Simon wrote it very quickly, so much so that he later asked himself: "Where did that come from? All your dreams are on their way I play this song when faced with challenges and it always inspires me. He felt I should have done it. Thank you very much. is always dwelling just "above" these troubled waters, In BOTW, he lures you into the song by making you think it's about a lover or a friend, then the last verse he blasts you with "Sail on Silver Girl..." now he has your attention, you say to yourself, who is this Silver Girl? I was not able to penetrate her darkness nor were the professional doctors. I dont think Simon has ever admitted it, but It's clearly a hymn to cannabis. Typical hardship of mundane existence. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ It swept the Grammys in 1971. claiming six awards including Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year. I was told that it was an icon for the drug culture, but there are no drug references in the lyrics. "on our side" because it is the Light of the universe to which we Metaphorically we have a dormant Higher Self or Divine spark ("Savior") It was the biggest single of the year. I'm sailing right behind "lays itself down" for us (on our behalf) that we may pass over it and escape the hell of this lower mundane life of suffering which is due to our spiritual blindness. Young people had a lot to be troubled about then! She suffered from severe depression and was bi-poplar. Good grief. “See how they shine, If you need a friend I'm sailing right behind.” Paul says look, hang on, and if you need me I will be there for you. Anyway, my interpretation is that Silver Girl is FREEDOM symbolized by the Statue of Liberty in NY harbor. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I was on a religious retreat in eighth grade when one of the nuns played this for us. There is no reason to paint this song as something other than what it is.

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