climate negative feedback loops examples

If the Earth’s climate is dominated by negative feedbacks, how does the Eocene warming episode of 55 million years ago (PETM) fit into this? That’s it!

It increases the amount of change. You will find that not one of the institutions providing the data disputes the AGW hypothesis. The valley air tries to get out of the way, but can’t move fast enough.

The reason is 8th grade high school science.

“”” I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and avoid descending into a personal back-and-forth. If you have something to say about the science presented here you are welcome to say it. – Anthony.

And what is making it all worse is the war on capitalism because of this financial crisis. In the context of ice ages, albedo is mainly a function of the extent of ice cover, and it is a POSITIVE feedback, not negative. No, your understanding of feedback is incorrect. Your click 1 is a of a single station cherry pic. >>>>>But it hasn’t been peer-reviewed, nyah, nyah!<<<<<

Maybe everyone is lying except Al Gore, huh? The sun’s radiation is relatively constant. Furthermore, if you did have a system that was somehow balanced on an unstable node, and you disturbed it, it would fall away from that node. The data shows that the trend in sea level rise continues. It can all travel to timbuktu or oshkosh.

If it wasn’t they you would have the ability to extract energy from background heat, which you can not. . I believe we always have positive feedback, BUT we have reached saturation, which can look like negative feedback.

I’m having a problem with this: . The facts presented about AGW on this site are correct, however, acid rain teaches the strategy is failed. In nature, it is easier to regulate smaller systems.

Steffan-Boltzman? The reduces water vapor and the greenhouse effect … which is another positive feedback loop. The official rate of sea level rise has just been downgraded from 3.3mm per year to 3.2mm per year. The wavelength of visible light corresponds to the temperature of the sun’s surface (ca 6000oK). There is an enormous, coherent body of science pointing toward global warming as a predicted and increasingly observed consequence of increasing the concentrations of CO2 and other infrared absorbing gases. It goes to the heart of the legitimacy or otherwise of this article.”

There is also some stuff in there about airmass and UV. Well, since you ask… 2. Whole industries are gearing up to go green.” That beloved creep of the red line to the north unfortunately corresponds to some damned orbital decay changing the nonscanner instrument’s field of view. I think that is what the original post said, and Chris V disagreed.

Comparison of the observed broadband LW and SW flux anomalies for the tropics with climate model simulations using observed SST records. But all two dozen ± supercomputer models have failed to falsify natural climate variability — a central requirement of the Scientific Method. by Jarl Ahlbeck (Turku, Finland) (done in 2005 or earlier) James Hansen?

I’m sure that there are better ways to make a buck.

The contributions of the major greenhouse gasses to the greenhouse effect are But in the zeal for parsimony there lurks the danger of oversimplification. The radiative forcing from CO2 doubling is about 3.7 W/m2. Those areas are only obliquely illuminated by the sun and for only short periods of time, so there is much less solar irradiance where those polar ice sheets are.

Did I mention that total radiative energy under the curve (for purists) – seems to be proportional to: Temperature_to_the_4th_power )MEANING that energy under the curge and the surge in the curve REALLY FAST)?

I’m not sure what these “many other lines of evidence” are-but I’m not surprised that no tests of the hypothesis seem to have been done.

Everything is possible, but probability has a mathematical definition and This is an example of negative feedback….. Chris V, Based on what measurements? All this business of forcings, is a convoluted attempt to translate energy. It is the grey bands in the plots below given in Watts per m**2, so I do not know what the 1sigma albedo change for the models would look there, but it should be equally large. The equipment we are using (tide gauges) where not designed to detect differences this small over such a long period of time. So, one more time: the burden is entirely on the purveyors of the AGW hypothesis to show that their new conjecture explains reality better than the theory of natural climate variability.

Congratulations Dr. Lindzen and a hardy way-to-go Anthony! Another consideration is that if we switched from positive to negative feedback coming out of an ice age we should see this as ‘overshoot’ and oscillations.

The energy involved in the molecular collisions is related to KT, and derivations of the spectrum of BB radiation are based on the assigning of energies like that to the distribution of molecules and the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of kinetic energies. a black body). OK, maybe it’s a language issue, but where I grew up it was “straw” when it was loose and it was “hay” when it was bailed, but more specifically straw was the stem of a grass.

How can a satellite orbit decay be stepwise? Relax Bangladeshis, AL Gore was just joking; you’ve actually been GAINING ground! 2) There is a more insidious problem.

The premise of a world climate that oscillates about a mean driven by Negative feedbacks and providing a mostly stable environment conducive to life for many millions of years is a common idea. (It seems that for AGW, it’s two strikes, you’re out.

You appear to have presented plots of sea level data from single locations while trying to suggest that these represent ocean-wide trends.

I have implemented these classic equations for non-uniformly shaded gray balls at .

Negative climate feedback loops have beneficial results. More than 100 scientists — including a number of Canadian government scientists and university professors — have signed a full-page newspaper ad denouncing U.S. President Barack Obama’s remarks about climate change last November as “untrue.” Mike Ramsey (06:02:21) wrote:

If the answer is there is none- there is no reason to continue the conversation.

It is deceptive to post the data without stating that it has been updated and giving the reason it is being used. But if “positive vs negative feedback” is the key crux that everyone seems to agree it is, then what are they doing to their models in those old test periods that still allows them to calculate their way to the known end point? Since when is appeal to any authority a valid argument? It would be very helpful, I think, if someone with a good handle on this issue could formulate bettable questions that would be easy for the predictions-betting website Intrade to settle, and challenged alarmists to put their money where their mouth is wrt the various indicators of global warming, such as arctic ice extent, sea level, heating degree days in the US, ocean temperatures, and one or two other matters.

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