cost of living vs wages canada

It is possible to live there fairly inexpensively. You end up spending your time working, sleeping, buying groceries, renting a DVD, the same old crap you can do in any city. If I really need to get into Vancouver it costs $3.60 for a 3 zone ticket (using a booklet of 10 tickets which sell for 36.00 instead of buying the individual 4.50 at point of entry). Just wondering, what towns or cities offer the best wages compared to cost of living in Canada? Canada is a beautiful country with great potentials. The cost of living is the amount a person needs to spend to cover basic expenses such as housing, food, taxes, and healthcare in a particular place. I live in White Rock which is 45 kms. I will probably never own a house in Vancouver, but I can run on the beach almost every day of the year, and being able to watch the sun set with the mountains in the me, it's worth it. As for Real Estate I think in the long term. Thorn Tree is currently set to READ-ONLY mode. It is also one of the most diverse countries in the world and home to people of different beliefs, religions, and lifestyles. It is calculated as the ratio of labour compensation to real value added. Just wondering, what towns or cities offer the best wages compared to cost of living in Canada? Commodity weights are updated on an quarterly basis using recent commodity production and price data. The jobs just aren't there. For the number of times you actually see a big concert or eat in a fancy restaurant or whatever, you might as well make it a weekend and drive in from a cheaper homebase. Gross taxable payroll before source deductions, excluding overtime pay, of employees in all jobs. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. This topic has been locked by a moderator. What is the cost of living in this highly progress […] There are a very few that have the six figure income to support the lifestyle (..which is what? Who needs a house anyway?? These things seemed impossible while living in Vancouver. Re: Cost of Living vs. Wages Post by goldeneagle » Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:51 am Shortly after I met my wife (8+ years ago), we went shopping one afternoon, to put together items for a bar-b-que, and made notes of what we paid for a bunch of the items. Yellowknife is pretty good, it's not any more expensive than Calgary or Vancouver. If I need gas I just slip over to the US at a preferential hour (early morning) when there are no lineups and tank up my Honda Civic at about 20 to 25 Cdn cents a liter cheaper than in White Rock - oh and buy a few cheaper than in Canada items along the way too. I don´t have a landline only an excellent cell phone plan from Telus and do my long distance dialing for free online (not Skype). I could suggest Thunder Bay, for instance, because you can still get a house for under $100,000 that isn't a shack, but even the advice I received during mandatory job counselling I received while on EI a couple of years ago was "Leave town." I'm pretty sure those "most liveable places" surveys are targetted toward rich expats sent on international job placements...not for "normal" people. Cities like Ottawa, Barrie and London would be on my list of wages to cost of living. Canada boasts of several developments and beautiful landscapes in both the cities and the countryside. I agree that southern Ontario cities like Barrie and whatnot are probably the best balance between opportunities and cost of living. We use cookies to help us keep improving this website. The best thing that I have ever done was move away from " of the most livable cities in the world" about 4 years ago. I count 5 dollar stores within my walking radius. Unit labour cost is the labour cost per unit of output. Labour compensation includes all payments in cash or in kind made by domestic producers to persons as remuneration for work.

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