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and navigate your career. Like Careers for Tomorrow on Facebook Follow Careers ... CareersFor Tomorrow. We also... Read More, Last week we had more than 2000 bookings into 14 Graduate Gateway sessions - so this week we taking the chance to catch our breath! Ask for feedback. “Don’t let the design disrupt communication”, one industry expert stated. The best way to try to determine if a creative resume will be well received is to research the company.

Created xxx, Developed xxx, Collaborated with xxx, etc. To have your resume checked at any time, call into Careers, Employment & Leadership in B102 Curtin Connect or submit it online through UniHub. Use an easily readable font such as Arial or Calibri, size 10 or 11. Speaking of online, that's how our events this week are happening. Remember, every resume is still unique – because you are.

Welcome to Week 11! Career Consultation; How To Get Hired; Get Connected; Work with Us! For those of you in a traditional field like accounting or teaching, it’s probably a good idea to save your artistic flare until after you’ve got the job. No matter what happens.

Filter by category Search News & Media. Our Services To You; Engage with Us-Employers; Post a Job & Internship Opportunity; Industry Hub at Curtin Malaysia; JOB & INTERNSHIP; CAREER FAIRS . It’s a time consuming exercise, but it is a necessary one. Tailor your experience to reach your goals and reflect your passions Earn rewards. Summarise yourself. Instead, focus on highlighting your accomplishments and relevant skills. If design skills aren’t part of the job description then it’s better to leave them out of it. What’s a sure sign you’re adulting? This means that it’s relatively easy to create a basic resume – but difficult to stand out from the crowd. It’s all in the name

Plus, it then should be checked, rechecked and reviewed by somebody else. Include your contact details at the top and your referees/directions to accessing references at the bottom. Want to present yourself in the best way to employers? No matter how much tech is changing our work practices and perspectiv Going down this path is a risk, as your perspective employer is likely to either love it or hate it.
Ask the question: Are you impressed? Creative Resumes are generally appropriate when applying for jobs in – you guessed it – creative industries. If you’re in an artistic field like graphic design, architecture or advertising, a creative resume may help showcase your artistic skills to employers. Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is a Careers, Employment & Leadership initiative that gives you the opportunity to apply for paid casual and part time on-campus positions. A large, old school organisation may be unlikely to appreciate it, while  innovative agencies and companies such as Google are more inclined to appreciate your individualism. Remember, every resume is still unique – because you are. Be more creative with words e.g. Finding templates is simple as there’s a lack of resume design diversity across all industries, something that is both a good and a bad thing. And they’re all on this Thursday!

If you’re looking for other resume resources, head to the Resources in UniHub. Only add this if you can succinctly say something of value.

If you’re just starting out with putting together a resume, we’ve created a really useful resume writing module for Curtin students on our Careers Challenge platform. Internship & Placement Fair 2020; Pass Year Events . For the next five days, we're almost all about the Careers For Tomorrow Festival 2020. Resumes; Psychometric testing; Video interviews – optional; Assessment centres – optional; Mock interviews – optional ; Reference checks – optional; Gaining experience . Hope you're all set up and ready to go online. An effective resume will be well laid out and contain headings that make reading it effortless. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it To have your resume checked at any time, call into Careers, Employment & Leadership in B102 Curtin Connect or submit it online through UniHub. It’s way too introspective. Welcome to Week 11!

The creative resume isn’t a new style – it’s been around for years, but what is new is that other fields are tapping into its, well, creativity!

Virtual Education Careers Fair | Thursday 14 May | Online... Read More, Welcome back! This can be easily done by creating a ‘Relevant Employment/Experience’ section and following up with an ‘Additional Employment/Experience’ section. Use action words and bullet points. Otherwise, scrap it. Stick to tradition

Want to know what most impresses recruiters in interviews and online applications? The adoption of the creative resume by everyone and their dog has caused uneasiness among many employers.

News & Media; Major Events; Employer Profiles; Job Opportunities; About This Site; Curtin University. Elevate your graduate... Read More, Want some assistance with preparing yourself for the workforce? This is due to websites such as Pinterest and Canva  allowing people to create and share new designs online without the need of an outside graphic designer. How did you go with the extra tuition-free week? 2018 Curtin … This webinar will provide you with tips on how to develop a professional resume by understanding how to identify relevant professional skills and articulate them... Read More, We’ve got a few things happening this week, from Q&A sessions and webinars to a virtual Careers Fairs.

In the lead up to the Kalgoorlie Careers Fair, we are running three career development workshops designed especially for Kalgoorlie students:... Read More. Are you a Curtin Humanities student looking to have your creative resume and portfolio reviewed by an industry expert? Include a skills summary. Curtin jobs. Writing a resume is one of those tasks we all love to leave to last!

a creative resume is sure to get you noticed, the question is whether it’s a good thing – or a bad thing. and recognition for. Does this resume make sense and fit the job you’re going for or the field you want to enter. That’s completely normal, writing resumes requires significant self-reflection and time. Welcome to Week 11! Otherwise, rule of thumb says, two to three pages is fine.

September 2, 2020.
While we don't have any events, virtual or otherwise, planned, you can... Read More, It's the last week of May (finally) and the end of autumn. Sort by: relevance - date.

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