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The 50 most valuable brands in Germany have a combined value of €263 billion, according to a new study, which places Germany’s top companies ahead of their peers in the UK and France. Unsurprisingly, the automotive industry plays a key role in Germany’s brand elite. Unicredit Brand Value: $999 million Headquarter City: Munich Category: Banks Year Formed: 1780, 36. Having the world's highest trade surplus of $310 billion as recorded in 2016, Germany is the biggest capital exporter globally. Select an industry from 40+ different sectors.

Search within the more than 500 consultancy jobs on Consultancy.eu. Electronics and electrical gadgets such as computers, integrated circuits, electrical transformers, industrial printers and electrical control boards also make up the list of top export products. Dr. August Oetker Brand Value: $610 million Headquarter City: Bielefeld Category: Food & Dairy Year Formed: 1891, 49.

1&1 (part of United Internet) Brand Value: $2,706 million Headquarter City: Montabaur Category: Telecom Providers Year Formed: 1988, 22. Category: Technology. Learn more about KPM’s history with a visit to the company's museum, where you can watch artisans at work before perusing the on-site store.

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) Brand Value: $24,606 million Headquarter City: Munich Category: Cars Year Formed: 1916 4. Hipp Brand Value: $744 million Headquarter City: Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm Category: Food & Dairy Year Formed: 1932, 44. With $54,509 million worth of goods exported in 2012, vehicle parts are the second most exported product from Germany. These are brands that have made consumers all over the world willingly pay a premium for “Vorsprung durch Technik”, without even knowing quite what it meant,” said David Roth, CEO of The Store, WPP’s division that serves the retail and fast moving consumer goods sectors. Whether out of a sense of style or of nostalgia, today Zeha is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It might be something in the water, because Munich is also home to AIGNER, maker of classically styled leather goods bearing the familiar horseshoe logo, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in the fashion world. No matter what age you—or your souvenir recipients—are, the plush toys at Steiff will be cherished mementos for years to come. An overview of the most valuable brands in Germany, including headquarter city and when the company was established: 1. By Joyce Chepkemoi on August 1 2017 in Economics. Knorr (part of Unilever) Brand Value: $4,512 million Headquarter City: Heilbronn Category: Food & Dairy Year Formed: 1838, 17. In comparison, in the UK, the top two brands provide 21% of the top 50’s value. View consultancy jobs across more than 40+ industries. Consultancy.eu works with leading consulting firms in Europe. The country's exports account for 41% of the entire national output. With a brand value of $48.9 billion, SAP is the undisputed leader in Germany, alone accounting for 16% of the value of the entire German top 50. View consultancy jobs across more than 40+ areas of expertise. Audi Brand Value: $8,580 million Headquarter City: Ingolstadt Category: Cars Year Formed: 1909, 11.

View consulting firms that offer services in a specific functional area. Whether out of a sense of style or of nos… Adidas Brand Value: $11,820 million Headquarter City: Herzogenaurach Category: Apparel Year Formed: 1949, 9. In addition to the “Christmas Village” and museum that live year-round in the medieval town of Rothenburg, the yuletide purveyor pops up in Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte) around the country each winter to offer their Bavarian-style nativity scenes, nutcrackers, and traditional Christmas pyramids, candle-fueled carousels that originated in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) but which are now popular throughout the country. SAP Brand Value: $48,943 million Headquarter City: Walldorf Category: Technology Year Formed: 1972, 2. (Courtesy Steiff). Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg Brand Value: $919 million Headquarter City: Kreuztal-Krombach Category: Beer Year Formed: 1803, 37. The “white gold,” as porcelain was known when it was originally imported from the Far East, was first developed outside Asia in Meissen, Saxony, where the original manufactory still stands. In the world of couture, several prominent fashion houses can claim German roots. Find HABA products at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus and most upscale department stores. What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Australia. The 1967 Stambul mocha service is so sought-after that it fetches steep prices at auctions. Some of the country's top exports include cars, vehicle parts, pharmaceuticals, aircrafts, helicopters and space cra…

Search all articles in the Consultancy.eu archive. Bild (part of Axel Springer) Brand Value: $696 million Headquarter City: Berlin Category: Entertainment Year Formed: 1952, 47. The top export product in Germany is cars accounting for $148,350 million in 2012. The data found that similar to in other countries, but more so in Germany, value is concentrated at the top of the ranking, with the top two brands – SAP and Deutsche Telekom – between them accounting for 29% of the value of the leading 50 brands combined. Nestlé Brand Value: $519 million Headquarter City: Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen Category: Food & Dairy Year Formed: 1968, 50. Steiff created the original teddy bear named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. HUK-CoburgBrand Value: $518 millionHeadquarter City: CoburgCategory: InsuranceYear Formed: 1933.

Deutsche Post Brand Value: $18,344 million Headquarter City: Bonn Category: Logistics Year Formed: 1969, 6. The country is also the world's largest exporter of vehicle parts. Germany is also the only European market to be led by a technology brand. Germany’s IT hardware sells in the world and especially in Europe. Year Formed: … The country's exports account for 41% of the entire national output. Choose out of 50+ leading consultancies. Leather gets more contemporary in the hands of Kreuzberg's own LIEBESKIND, producer of totes and handbags that are both bold and casual, with a vintage line characterized by a timeworn look. Doors, body and main parts, audio and video devices, breaking systems, fuel supply system, gauges and meters, windows, sensors, electrical and electronics are some examples of exported car parts. Fanta (part of The Coca-Cola Company) Brand Value: $6,315 million Headquarter City: Atlanta, USA Category: Soft Drinks Year Formed: 1940, 15. The analysis, conducted by professional services giant WPP, assessed the ‘brand value’ of Germany’s top companies – which is a measure of how much a brand alone contributes to corporate value, both in terms of financial value and non-quantitative components. Although car-makers such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are often the first to spring to mind when people think of German brands, there are scores of other products that highlight the innovative design and solid engineering that have become practically synonymous with German-made goods.

Given the strength of Germany’s reputation as a leader in the sector in finance, the relatively small influence of financial services brands is apparent – there are only a handful of banking and insurance businesses in the top 50, including Deutsche Bank and Allianz. Alfred Ritter Brand Value: $706 million Headquarter City: Waldenbuch Category: Food & Dairy Year Formed: 1912, 45. Of the top 30 German export products, most comprise of machine devices such as combustion engines, excavation machinery, washing and bottling machines, tractors, gas turbines, among others. Where®, WhereTraveler®, WhereTraveler.com and "The Complete Guide to Go®" are service marks of Morris Visitor Publications, LLC. The three main sectors that contribute to Germany’s total GDP are agriculture at 0.9%, industry at 29.1% and services at 70%. If it’s seasonal flair you’re after, look no further than Käthe Wohlfahrt, famous for Christmas decorations.

The pharmaceutical industry in Germany represents the largest sub-sector of the country's healthcare industry and has been a significant global player for many years. Shop his Kreuzberg boutique to be the first back home to wear the designer, who's known for clothes that are as flattering as they are chic. Pair those hip kicks with knee-highs or bold-print socks from FALKE for the ultimate in fashionable feet. Sign-up and receive travel ideas directly to your inbox.

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