geordie translator

Is UK version of a kebob similar to a gyro?

I believe that in Spain they put “vale” at the end of everything….we don`t use it here that way, either vamos or vale!

that’s a shame, it would be nice for my little city to be on MTV in the U.S. You can get unedited shows on iTunes in the UK, i’m not sure if they are available in the U.S. they may be. Or, you can go up towards the town (around the central station area), go on Mosley Street/Collingwood street aka “The diamond strip” which as bars like The Lodge, Bijoux, Perdu, House Of Smith, Floritas and Madame Koo (the last 4 are all on the same side pretty much next to each other), and a bit further you have Revolution on the corner. My Grandad from newcastle making him a geordie, am I half or quarter? Holly is from Middlesbrough which is even further away, the only people who’ve been in Geordie Shore past and present who are truly from Newcastle are Rebecca and Scotty T. Yea I had asked my mum about Holly being from Middlesbrough.. thanks for answering my question I didnt realise that only 2 were true geordies lol, I thot holly was the only person that wasnt a true geordie.. Can you tell us where all the cast is originaly from please . Elle variait un peu selon la phonologie, la morphologie, la syntaxe et la lexique. Welcome te' the Geordie Translator from Newcastle! DanaDane123, Thanks for your comments.

Neet: Night Wag: 'Playing the wag' is playing truant Alreet Alreet – I think this means idiot. BTW, I’m from New Jersey, so I can appreciate/relate to both of these MTV shows!! Hiya what can yov tell me about “bosh”?

Geordie intonation patterns are also different with a rising expression at the end of many sentences. Clarts: Dirt or mud Reet: Right, Sackless: Stupid or hopeless But some expressions such as "kibble" (a large iron bucket in a mine), "pit yakker" (an abusive term for a pitman) and "yade" (a horse) are more localised. Are you coming out the night? Ganzie: A jumper/sweater be a Geordie. Mais les temps modernes signifient la disparition de certains mots. Agyen: Again Bord: Bird Hello, I'm Robson Green, a Geordie from Newcastle ! It’s pronounced like it’s written Gan-inn. It’s a Kebab. Byeuts: Boots, Caa': Call I wanted to know why do they say for example Holly”Are you pieing US/Are you breaking up with US”Instead of are you pieing ME/Are you breaking up with ME? Lough: Lakes in Northumberland are called Loughs, pronounced 'Loff', Ma: Mother ok so what the hell does “brainwaves from the parsnip” or whatever she says in the advert mean? Michael Adams is the founder and editor of Michael 84, blogger and T-shirt designer from Newcastle, UK.

Sophie – South Shields (South Tyneside) Type it into Google, and it’s defined as “Rubbish, nonsense”.

Tret: Treated

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