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Post a job on the #1 public sector job site. With more than 14,000 employees working across 35​ departments, the city of Phoenix offers opportunity for career growth and advancement. Open to Public – opportunities for all job seekers.
When government agencies post jobs, they almost always have an application deadline. Applicants must have graduated no more than two years ago, except for veterans. Click here! Please read the information on the job bulletin carefully for information on where to apply.


The City of Scottsdale, its officers, employees, and/or agents shall not be liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of, or in connection with, the use of such information, including but not limited to, damages or losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy of any such information, or damages incurred from the viewing, distributing, or copying of such materials. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the State will make reasonable accommodation(s) during the employment process. background:#003760; Members of the public and current state employees should continue to apply directly to the hiring agency point of contact on active job postings using a CMS100 or a CMS100B for current state employees. To locate contact information for the personnel department of a federal agency, visit's A-Z index of U.S. government departments and agencies. The benefit of running the checks at this time is so that there is no added delay if the chosen finalist turns down the job offer. You can search for most jobs on the government’s job site, Equal Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation.

It’s the official job site for the federal government.
You will be able to unsubscribe any time. A letter documenting what the hiring manager and chosen finalist agreed to is sent to the chosen finalist to accept. Post jobs and get found by thousands of Job Seekers . We're hiring.

Current BC Government Job Postings. Review the job announcements to see if you qualify. Post a single job or subscribe to our unlimited posting now and find the right employee for you! Apprentice programs vary in length from one to six years. Depending on the department you're applying to, don't be surprised if you're contacted by human resources requesting references or additional information that can include writing samples or essays. Do You Have to Vote for the Party You're Registered With? Find more information about your background investigation, including how to check on its status. We However, if there are many finalists and interviewers, the process will likely take much longer. A chosen finalist formally acknowledges the job offer verbally or in writing. Open Jobs View Jobs and Apply.

The federal government has internship programs for current students and recent graduates of: Pathways offers internships and entry-level jobs to: Current students in high school, college, trade school, or other accredited institution. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity | Reasonable Accommodation Employer. Copyright © HCS.20.21.R0281: Manager of Health Workforce Planning: St. John's: 1 Permanent: 9 Oct 2020: 19 Oct 2020 CSSD.EL.20.21.R0285: Social Worker II (Labrador Eligibility List) Multiple locations: 7 Permanent: 8 Oct 2020: No closing date CSSD.20.21.R0236 It’s the official job site for the federal government. Government organizations are bound by laws and regulations in handling job applications so that all applicants receive a fair opportunity at getting the job. The hiring process can be lengthy, and you may be contacted by both a human resources professional and the hiring manager or supervisor. selected language using the This online functionality reduces the number of phone calls and e-mails the human resources department receives because applicants can look up critical information for themselves within a few minutes. For example, in the Department of Homeland Security, the security clearance process can take anywhere between two weeks to one year but usually takes approximately three months. P.O. Job Title Locations Position Type Posted Date Closing Date; New! Explore current job postings to see where you can make a difference. There are job openings in federal agencies across the country. After the interviews have been conducted the interviewer or the interview panel decides which finalist will receive the job offer as well as the rank order of the other finalists in case the chosen finalist declines the job offer. But it's a scam if a company guarantees that any training or tips they provide including booklets, online materials, or classes will help you get a postal service job. Learn how to find a job with the federal government. Fast Facts. Contact Us . Find out more about spotting these scams. Many jobs open to people with disabilities use only that process. Search for jobs, including ones in high demand.

If you are applying for a specific job, the vacancy announcement on will indicate if a specific written test is necessary and whom you may contact for more information. To find similar jobs in the When you complete a registered program, you will receive a nationally recognized certificate from the Department of Labor (DOL) as proof of your qualifications. display:block; Interested in living and working in Scottsdale? @media(min-width: 800px) { .FJN_Link_Responsive { width: 728px; height: 90px; } } In the interest of fairness, human resources departments stick to closing dates and do not allow managers to consider late applications unless all late applications are accepted. Some open positions receive many applications from qualified candidates.

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There are no application or testing fees for federal jobs, nor are there "hidden" federal jobs. The Government of Nunavut.

The number of finalists to be interviewed and how many people will be conducting the interviews largely determines how long the interview process will take.

DEPARTMENTS If you’re interested in one, visit Bookhaven Press LLC. You may need a security clearance to access government facilities and information if: You work for a company doing business with a government agency or. Featured Job Vacancies ; Federal Job Listings By Occupational Title; Federal Job Listings by Major Occupational Group. There is no way that you can be guaranteed a federal job by completing a class, course, workshop, training, certificate, or test. Enter your email to get started. A locked padlock

Need help navigating the Job Board? Google policies and Terms of Service. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Follow us on Twitter, Google +, or become our Facebook friend. Learn more about postal exams. The human resources department or the hiring manager calls applicants who earned an interview. search for most jobs on the government’s job site, USAJOBS’ tips for individuals with disabilities, Selective Program Placement Coordinator (SPPC), Learn how special hiring authorities let agencies appoint vets to jobs non-competitively, Pathways offers internships and entry-level jobs, a basic background check to make sure you're suitable for the job, Determinations of unsuitability are based on specific criteria, the investigations and clearance processes, The DCSA assumed responsibility for federal employee clearances from the Office of Personnel Management, Get help completing an electronic questionnaire, Find more information about your background investigation, A-Z index of U.S. government departments and agencies.

Find the 10 Critical Steps to Take When Hiring an Employee, Candidate Job Rejection Letter and Email Examples, How to Reject a Job Applicant Politely and Communicate Professionally, Here Are Rejection Letter Samples to Send to Unsuccessful Applicants, What Hiring Managers and Hiring Search Committees Do, What You Should (and Shouldn't) Place in an Employee Personnel File. Michael Roberts wrote about government careers for The Balance Careers, has experience in state government, and was a newspaper reporter. When the city reopens these services, applications for these positions will be … There, you can: Learn how the government hires people. Determinations of unsuitability are based on specific criteria such as: A security clearance grants a person access to classified information, systems, and facilities. Has job openings nationwide in many different career fields, Uses Schedule A, an optional, non-competitive hiring process that is faster and easier than the competitive hiring process, Provides reasonable accommodations to qualified employees. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career, working in public service offers many rewards! The State of Arizona is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Learn how special hiring authorities let agencies appoint vets to jobs non-competitively.

It has information on: Other tips for vets and transitioning service members seeking federal civilian jobs. Access is on a “need to know” basis.

Postal Service job. Once you send your job application to a government agency, you have kicked off a process that is largely out of your control and almost always invisible to you as an outsider. The BC Public Service has been recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 employers and offers outstanding career growth and learning opportunities. Some organizations wait until they are ready to make a job offer until they run the checks so they do not incur the cost of running checks on individuals they will not hire. If you've served in the military and want to find a federal job, check out margin:auto; Learn more about federal job scams, including bogus testing and application fee scams. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS As a result, there may be some back and forth if they're interested in you. As of September 1, 2020 all CMS Assessment Centers are scheduling Open Competitive and promotional examinations via a notification process.

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