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But her previous work is a clue that she considers the messiness of human desire paramount, even in an environment that functions to suppress it. High Life is unlike any big-screen space odyssey, thanks to a visionary captain. Denis stages their descent through vacuum as if they were snowflakes in a gentle deep-space snowfall. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. As usual for Denis’ work, High Life volleys nimbly back and forth in time, but she eventually fills in the missing pieces.

These are movies with a mandate to take you on a trip, to get you in the zone. And that’s a risk that only a certain class of filmmaker is willing to take.

In High Life, Claire Denis heads to space, and brings Robert Pattinson with her. There’s no expectation, of course, that the crew will come back alive from this mission, which dramatically affects the mood on the ship.

5 key moments from day 3 of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court hearing, What Trump got right — and wrong — with North Korea, explained by a former intel official. Russia and China will join the UN Human Rights Council. And none of them seem deeply engaged with the ship’s mission: investigating the Penrose process — a real-world theory devised by physicist and Stephen Hawking collaborator Roger Penrose — which says an abundance of energy could be extracted from a black hole, potentially saving the planet. It has something to do with the weirdness, yes, and the music by Denis’ frequent collaborator Stuart A. This is the film Life explained.

When Monte refuses to participate and takes a vow of celibacy, Dibs’ obsession is piqued, and she takes dramatic steps to get what she needs.

Claire Denis’ grotesque, mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind new science fiction movie High Life opens with a series of peculiar images. 2017’s Let the Sunshine In (also starring Binoche) was a world-weary, but still très drôle, look at late-in-life romance. Life finds a way on this ship, in spite of a crew of prisoners tethered to a suicide mission, and further penned in by the seemingly sterile restrictions of outer space. Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. The only thing you can predict about Denis’ movies is that you can’t predict them.

Netflix’s Haunting of Bly Manor: The ending, explained, Facebook and Twitter took drastic measures to limit the reach of a disputed story about Hunter Biden, Amy Coney Barrett describes climate change as a “very contentious matter of public debate”. High Life opens in limited release in New York and Los Angeles April 5th, and expands to wider release on April 12th. At a time when the Earth itself seems to be hurtling toward doom, the presence of genuine wonder and new life in the film carries a sliver of optimism. None of the main characters are likable, per se, but some are vile whereas Pattinson and André Benjamin’s character seem like criminals who have accepted their surroundings and would like to find redemption. We begin in confusion: Robert Pattinson is alone on an ugly, not-very-futuristic-looking ship (the computer screen runs DOS!) Find out where High Life (2019) is streaming, if High Life (2019) is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. This sequence, even though it involves someone liquefying in a spacesuit, is one of the most beautiful moments you’ll see in a movie this year.

The other survivor is the child, who was born on the ship under circumstances Denis takes her sweet time to explain. Binoche’s Dr. Dibs (aka the “Shaman of Sperm”) is a criminal herself, placed in a position of power to study the conception and early life of infants in the high radiation of deep space.

Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. In the face of the void, in the farthest reaches of outer space, humanity persists. It’s never been in her interests to abide by convention, and if breaking the mold means thoroughly upending the laws of space and time, she’s certainly willing to drive the Neil deGrasse Tysons of the world into certain catatonia. High Life is a wild, visionary film from director Claire Denis about a group of convicts on death row who are sent into deep space for the sake of science.

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