how to hardwire ring doorbell pro

The trickle charge the Ring Video Doorbell gets from being hardwired is solely used to charge the battery. Download the Ring app and create an account if you don't already have one. Correct. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, shipping carriers are seeing an increase in volume and your order may take an additional 24-48 hours to process. How is it in anyway "Lifetime"? ITS MY UNDERSTANDING (this is the 1% not confirmed by a Ring agent) that the typical home’s transformer might be 16v but likely only 10VA. Certainly the battery can be replaced, right? Later I've measured the transformer, without the Ring Pro it provided ~26V, what is fine. Thanks for the post. Anyone want to go in with me on this if I get a 5 pack? Covers unlimited Ring Cameras at your home, Exclusive Discounts. You can do that with the micro USB cable that is included with your Ring Doorbell Pro. Again, should anyone feel the content of this post is inaccurate, needs clarification or elaboration then please contribute to the discussion in the comments and set it straight. Confirmed just a tad over 24Vac with my Fluke meter on the Pro's screw terminals. However, the following section states the following: 2. The doorbell would cut out when the button was pressed. Replaces older and underpowered doorbell transformers for top performance with your Ring Video Doorbell Pro and internal doorbell. It seems the Pro’s battery eventually succumbs to the point that it can no longer be recharged to a level required to sustain the Pro. Here's a picture of the battery after I pulled it apart Two months later, that replacement (again, refurbished) croaks as well. Consider all of us suckers the test environment... Ring does acknowledge the battery in the Pro here (it does call it a "power cell" instead of a battery). All Protect Plus members get 10% off purchases at This is why so many Ring Doorbell Pro owners end up replacing both their existing transformer and chime*. Please know, however, this isn’t second hand or conjecture as I have personally confirmed 99% of it directly with Ring directly via their chat option. Where did you hear that they wont warranty a replacement? Do NOT install a diode. … The Ring Doorbell Pro, despite being hard wired to the home's power, does in fact depend on its own, non-serviceable, internal battery to function and when the battery inevitably dies (~ 365 days), everything you paid so much for it to do will stop working, reducing it to, at best, a very expensive version of the standard doorbell it replaced. Maybe a year, less depending on how hot or cold it gets where you live. You’re existing doorbell stuff likely doesn’t meet minimum requirements so you’re probably going to have to buy and install beefed up versions of what you have now. The clock starts when it first hits their network vs. date of purchase. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When the input voltage tests good (~16Vac or more depending on the transformer) at its terminals yet the voltage displayed in the app under Device Health is consistently sub 4000mV and the thing essentially power-cycles when someone rings the doorbell. So this is why my pro is low on power out of nowhere... Got my replacement last night and sure enough, everything worked again as soon as I wired it up and added it through the app. This warranty is not transferrable and applies only to the original consumer purchaser. Have you noticed any appreciable improvement to battery/device performance or longevity after installing beefed up transformers? You have to keep paying them either $10/month or $100/year to get another once it dies see UPDATE 2, which might be a year depending on your region's climate and other factors. Say you buy a Ring Doorbell Pro in January. It’s a subscription service, $10 per month or $100 per year. Can't blame it on juice anymore. It dies (as designed) in December. Getting them to honor the warranty and provide a replacement is difficult, usually requiring several attempts and almost always pictures of your chime and usually your transformer. There’s a solution. Nothing else. These devices are put in the market before enough field tests are performed to identify quality issues. You stop paying, they stop covering. Sure, more amps MIGHT translate into faster recharge (depending on internal input voltage conditioning) but again, my doorbell gets rung maybe once every few days, providing what I would think is ample recharge opportunity between button press events. For updated information see our response to COVID-19. Note: If you hook up a Ring Video Doorbell directly to an AC transformer without either a resistor or an internal chime, there is a serious fire risk. This is FALSE. It's NOT. How do I know my Ring Doorbell Pro is dead? Two moderate winters and only one full summer. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Ring support offered a discount on a subscription, but would not anything to help me with a replacement. The clock starts from the date you purchased the original. See UPDATE 2. Transcript available upon request. Mine lasted about 10 months. Nice to have my existing chime go "ding dong" and actually see and talk to the person ringing my doorbell. It’s designed to die in about a year. If your Ring device is not keeping charged while hardwired, then more than likely this is due to other environmental factors such as the outside temperature or too many motion events triggering the device. Connect the wires. Further, it should recharge to ~4300mV between button press events. You need to charge your Ring Doorbell Pro. The new transformer started getting hot, so I've disconnected immediately. Unfortunately, looks like the battery isn't reaching full charge, despite sitting idle all night and all day charging off the 24Vac/40VA transformer. It relies on the battery for that. Hardwired Doorbell Transformer Upgrade for Ring Video Doorbell Pro. I've contacted the Ring support, they will send me a complete replacement. But mine is definitely on the decline. I remembered this from my initial install because I had to wait 10 - 15 minutes before the initial boot. UPDATE The extended warranty is actually part of the "Protect Plus" version of the "Ring Protect Plan". Just thought others could benefit from what I managed to find out over the past few days – big thanks to u/klathmon. I scoured the website, google and spent close to an hour with two different Ring agents via chat to find there simply is no TOS or Terms and Conditions or any such document specific to the Protect Plus or Protect Basic plan. If you look at the specs, it requires at least a 16V transformer (24V is recommended) rated at minimum 30VA (40VA is recommended) and* only certain chimes are compatible. FALSE. The Ring Doorbell Pro, despite being hard wired to the home's power, does in fact depend on its own, non-serviceable, internal battery to function and when the battery inevitably dies (~ 365 days), everything you paid so much for it to do will stop working, reducing it to, at best, a very expensive version of the standard doorbell it replaced.

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