indigenous in a sentence

Among its Gymnosperms are numerous Cupressineae of African affinity belonging to the genera Callitris and Widdringtonia, and a juniper close to one indigenous in Greece.

It is indigenous African, with the Zulu, Xhosa, and Sotho peoples all playing their role in ancient times. There are no indigenous mammals; the reptiles belong to New Zealand species. The interior was held by powerful Mahommedan rulers who had imposed a military domination upon the indigenous races and were not prepared to open their territories to European intercourse. protective barriers to foster indigenous farming, for example, are not allowed; neither are subsidies to support poorer farmers.

– Become a word maestro. He seems to be indigenous to this part of the world.

Because all of the ingredients of the product are found in the walls of desert caves, the final product is considered to … Its coast is lined by small hamlets of mud huts with indigenous women in bowler hats farming their land. Strictly the Guanches were the primitive inhabitants of Teneriffe, where they seem to have preserved racial purity to the time of the Spanish conquest, but the name came to be applied to the indigenous populations of all the islands. Indigenous animals are not well-suited to be domesticated and assist in farming. Foxes are common, both the white and the blue occurring; mice and the brown rat have been introduced, though one variety of mouse is possibly indigenous. On the other hand, the old indigenous industries of India decayed greatly during the latter part of the 19th century. Indigenous to Scotland the wee globular beastie is considered a delicacy among the upper echelons of society.

LLAMA, the Spanish modification of the Peruvian name of the larger of the two domesticated members of the cameltribe indigenous to South America.

keen to encourage songwriters to write more indigenous Romanian worship songs. Tobacco has been found growing in the interior, and may be indigenous, as is in some districts the Kava pepper (Piper methysticum). " To play Word Hex Key: 3. There is evidence, moreover, that the script and with it the indigenous language did not die out during this period, and that therefore the days of Hellenic settlement at Cnossus were not yet. On the contrary, many species, in a new country and under somewhat different climatic conditions, seem to find a more congenial abode than in their native land, and at once flourish and increase in it to such an extent as often to exterminate the indigenous inhabitants.

An indigenous description of rice, called uri or jaradhdn, grows in certain marshy tracts.

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There were the true indigenous Thracians and also Celtic tribes such as the Treres in the early period, the Getae and Trausi later, and the Gallic Scordisci in Roman days. Three coecilians, three batrachians (including a mountain-frequenting frog) and three fresh-water crustaceans are also indigenous, and about twenty-six species of land shells.

This absence of mammalian life in oceanic islands extends even to New Zealand, where the indigenous mammals comprise only two peculiar species of bats, the so-called Maori rat having been introduced by man. In the southernmost islands are a small monkey, rats and mice, treeshrews (Cladobates nic. 2.

The cassava (manioca) and indigo plants are indigenous. In the sub-tropical and tropical zones the indigenous plants are the sweet potato, cassava (Manihot utilissima and M. The most important of the indigenous forest products, however, is rubber, derived principally from the Hevea guayanensis (var. Indigenous definition, originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native (often followed by to): the plants indigenous to Canada. Roman satire, though in form a legitimate development of the indigenous dramatic satura through the written satura of Ennius and Pacuvius, is really a birth of this time, and its author was the youngest of those admitted into the intimacy of the Scipionic circle, C. Lucilius of Suessa Aurunca (c. 180-103).

The comparatively few indigenous placental mammals, besides the dingo or wild dog - which, however, may have come from the islands north of this continent - are of the bat tribe and of the rodent or rat tribe.

Thus, while the mineral may be formed in a stratum other than that in which it is found, though in many cases it is indigenous to it, for the formation of a natural reservoir of the fluid (whether liquid or gas) it is necessary that there should be a suitable porous rock to contain it. The indigenous species of Great Britain, about twenty in number, do not grow to a greater length than some io in.

the history of the northern monarchy), it is obvious that, apart from indigenous Judaean tradition, the southern groups which were ultimately enrolled in Judah would possess their own stock of oral and written lore. Examples of Indigenous in a sentence The class of students enjoyed learning about unusual animals that are indigenous and found naturally in the wild in North America. The indigenous population must be considered one of the assets of Liberia.

The two indigenous products which receive most attention, perhaps, are those of quinoa and coca. MAORI (pronounced "Mowri"; a Polynesian word meaning "native," "indigenous"; the word occurs in distinction from pakeha, " stranger," in other parts of Polynesia in the forms Maoi and Maoli), the name of the race inhabiting New Zealand when first visited by Tasman in 1642. Land and People unreservedly condemn this latest act of racism against the much abused indigenous peoples of this, our, homeland. Besides the cutting down for building purposes of the timber trees the jungle was largely cleared for the plantation of vanilla; while a multitude of other tropical plants have been introduced tending to the extermination of the indigenous flora.

The military development which sprang from the Crusades is thus largely a matter of borrowing; the financial development is independent and indigenous in the West.

Of crops the vilayet produces wheat (which is indigenous), rice, barley (which takes the place of oats as food for horses), durra (a coarse, maize-like grain), sesame, cotton and tobacco; of fruits, the date, orange, lemon, fig, banana and pomegranate. there was no indigenous recorded history of the country, the people being steeped in barbarism and devoid of any written language.

3. Of the indigenous birds, the turkey has been fully domesticated, and the musk-duck and " chachalaca " are easily reared. They respected and worked with the indigenous inhabitants who were the American Indians.

Forty percent practice Christianity and the other 10% practice indigenous religions.

The Mandingos have intermarried largely with the Bambara or Sienuf, an agricultural people of more than average intelligence widely spread over the country, of which they are considered to be the indigenous race.

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