jimmy's hall true story

Ward notes that he hopes Gralton’s story resonates with audiences. In With the Devil is the true story of Keene's strange mission for redemption. So I only heard about Jimmy in passing and I knew scant details of his story so when I got the part I tried to read up on Jimmy, but there’s very little info around about him.”.

Ken Loach changes mind about 'retirement' from film-making, Ken Loach and Mike Leigh to go head-to-head at Cannes film festival, Jimmy's Hall: watch the world exclusive trailer for Ken Loach's new film – video. Jimmy’s Hall tells the true story of Leitrim farmer Jimmy Gralton, the only Irishman deported from his own country. Deportee, His crime was to build a dance hall where he encouraged the local community to learn, to argue and to dream, but above all to dance and have fun.

Well, the picture is fuzzy, And the details are sordid. He decides to reopen the hall, and so takes on the established authorities of the church and the government. “It’s the kind of role that only comes along once in a career,” he tells me when we meet to discuss the movie in London, where the 34-year-old has been based for much of the last decade. “It’s a terrific feeling to be the lead in a Ken Loach movie on top of simply landing a lead in a movie,” acknowledges Ward. This is now something that won’t happen. Early Bird tickets available until 15 June. But not everyone buys his story of killing Jimmy Hoffa, played by Al Pacino, in 1975. Jimmy Gralton represented that alternative voice and finding a space for dissidents — and also seeing them as important alternative arguments — is a major question of our time.”, Jimmy’s Hall is currently in cinemas across the UK, See More: “I knew Donal O’Kelly had a play about it,” he says of the Irish actor and playwright who in 2011 brought his dance and theatrical play Jimmy Gralton’s Dancehall to the stage and subsequently piqued Laverty’s interest in the story. Film, With Akiyoshi Nakao, Tetsuji Tamayama, Hiroyuki Onoue, Seiji Rokkaku.

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That was amazing and I suppose I thought that it was always going to be like that. Although we are a very sophisticated society, challenging that idea is like challenging God. “That it could be his last one just makes it extra special. Jimmy's Hall was inspired by the true story of James Gralton, an Irishman who held double citizenship, but was deported to the United States for his Communist activities. Touch Tours are open to blind and visually impaired patrons attending the show plus their companions. To book for a group of 6+ call (01) 87 97 212, Sign language interpreted performance: Thursday 6 September, 7:30pm, Audio-described and captioned performance: Saturday 8 September, 2:00pm. On the very first day of the shoot we were pinching ourselves. In 1933, Jimmy Gralton, as he was known locally, became the only Irish citizen ever to have been deported from the country when he was forcefully removed and put on a boat to America.

Such activities were never going to go unnoticed by the authorities in Dublin or the powerful Church. Entitled Jimmy’s Hall, the feature was released on Friday, May 30. Both Loach and Laverty are no strangers to Irish history of the early 20th century having made the Palme d’Or-winning film The Wind That Shakes The Barley in 2006. There are many parallels with modern Ireland, namely a working class beaten down by the wealthy; while the depiction of the Church will only inflame modern views of the organisation. The Irish Times. Ken Loach. In the US he worked a variety of jobs and — appalled at the slave-like conditions that workers endured — he became a socialist and heavily involved in trade union activity. Barry Ward, In Jimmy’s Hall, Gralton is played by Barry Ward, a Dublin-born actor who made his debut as a 14-year-old in Roddy Doyle’s acclaimed 1994 BBC drama, Family. A dissident voice, Gralton was victimised by the political and religious establishment after daring to establish a dance hall in rural Ireland. Ireland, All the actors were massive Ken Loach fans and you could feel the nerves. Meeting Point: 12.30pm in the Abbey foyer, To book your place, contact lisa.farrelly@abbeytheatre.ie, 'handsome, lively and sonorous' The very first role I did was a really, really great job as well. A deportation order was also issued ordering Gralton — “an undesirable alien” and US citizen — to leave Ireland before March 5, 1933. Cannes 2014: Peter Bradshaw's awards predictions, Cannes diary: a socialist on the red carpet, Cannes 2014: Jimmy's Hall dances round Ken Loach's retirement, plus hello to Godard's Goodbye to Language - video reviews, Ken Loach on Jimmy's Hall: allowing dissident voices is key issue of our time, Cannes 2014: Jimmy's Hall review – Ken Loach sets community against clergy in Jimmy Gralton biopic. “For most people this kind of a break just doesn’t happen, so it’s really great. YOU have probably never heard of James Gralton. On the Abbey Stage, Times: Mon – Sat 7.30pm, Sat Matinees 2pm. As the authorities flexed their muscles against him, so too did his support locally grow. "People were really nervous but I kind of thought that I can’t be… and this character isn’t. He later deserted after refusing to serve in India in protest over British polices in Ireland.
Like so many other Irish before and after him, Gralton emigrated to Britain at the turn of the 20th century and joined the British Army. Depictions of Ireland have long been mired in cliche. No Goodfellas: the brutal true story of Jimmy the Gent and the Lufthansa heist Robert De Niro’s mobster, Jimmy Conway, was based on a real man more violent and … Such severe punishment for his ‘crimes’ seems improbable 81 years on.

He was encouraged to read by his mother, who operated a mobile library, but left school at 14. A decade later, at the height of the Depression, Jimmy returns from the US. They attempted to arrest him in May 1922 and, as civil war loomed, Gralton decided to get out and return to the US, where he remained for a further decade. From the pulpit, the clergy denounced Gralton as ‘an anti-Christ’ and accused him of “leading a campaign of Land agitation”.

COPYRIGHT © 2020. His crime was to build a dance hall where he encouraged the local community to learn, to argue and to dream, but above all to dance and have fun.

The hall stands abandoned but as Jimmy sees the poverty and growing oppression in the village, the leader and activist within him is stirred.

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