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https://scpcbprojectresurrection.fandom.com/wiki/Documents?oldid=355. [2] After nearly two years of development he cancelled the port, citing general lack of interest in the game as his main reason for doing so.[3]. Maple is a reference to Juanjpro, whose last name is 'Arce' (which is Spanish for 'Maple').This is also referenced in the document's file name where it is called "doc_arce.jpg". He originally intended it to be a small game with a few SCPs, but as the game's popularity grew he began turning it into a full blown game. Atomicsneak is notable for creating SCP-173's previous model which was used in v0.1-0.1.2. http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-864897/scp-containment-breach-v1-0#post-2038148, http://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4131&start=590#p106854, Officially Licensed Live-Action Promo Spot, https://scpcb.gamepedia.com/Developers?oldid=40295, The animations for the Mobile Task Force/Guard models introduced in v. Caleb Yu ("Omniary") - Wrote the dialogue for all the characters in the intro sequence. GamerEntitlement is notable for creating SCP-173's current model as well as creating the model for the security cameras. James Bear (commonly known as Moonsaber ) is most notable for modelling SCP-860-2, as well as creating concept art for several SCPs. Maple if it is not returned within an hour. Maple is a reference to Juanjpro, whose last name is 'Arce' (which is Spanish for 'Maple'). Prosth is notable for rigging SCP-106's current model as well as creating SCP-860's model. A stamped document with "JUAN DISAPPROVE THIS!".

The popularity of the project also inspired Regalis to pursue a career in game designing.[1]. It seems to spell out "Oscar". In total, there is a total of 11 possible variations of the note. Ryan Stillings (commonly known as Risingstar64 ) is most notable for creating several 3D props, significantly reducing the poly count on SCP-173's model and writing SCP-860-1's generation algorithm. Reilly Grindle (commonly known as Astray488, formerly known as Mirocaine ) has worked on modeling and animating several characters for the SCP - Containment Breach. Located in the SCP-079's Containment Chamber.
Joonas Rikkonen (commonly known as Regalis) is the creator and the main coder for SCP - Containment Breach as well as the creator of SCP-087-B. 32 videos; I’m a motion design: art director, animator, and illustrator with a love for all things 2D and 3D. SCP - Containment Breach Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Shortly after the release of v1.0 Juanjpro started working on a port of SCP - Containment Breach to the Irrlicht Engine in response to Windows 8 and onwards having poor compatibility with DirectX7, which Blitz3D and by extension the game used. Juan Pablo Arce (commonly known as Juanjpro ) is known for creating SCP-178 and SCP-1074, two SCPs which were originally part of the Box of Horrors Compilation that were later implemented into SCP - Containment Breach by Regalis.

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What they all have in common are working on a mod (except Regalis). Carrière.

Located in the Archive Room. A note covered in blood that contains the following digits to unlock the briefcase at SCP-001's Containment Chamber. Irontaco - Wrote the loading screen text and. Dr. After the release of v1.0 Astray stated that he will no longer be active in SCP - Containment Breach's development due to work and school. Sam Lynch (commonly known as InnocentSam ) is most notable for creating the SCP-008, SCP-500 and SCP-1123 (as part of his Box of Horrors Compilation ) modifications, which were later implemented into official releases of SCP - Containment Breach. He also provided several drawings for SCP-1048. Micro is notable for creating SCP-106's current model as well as the eyedrops model. A document noting that Dr. Maynard is testing with SCP-1074 and to notify Dr. Jesse Ludtke (commonly known as MonocleBios ) is most notable for creating several modifications that attempt to make troubleshooting SCP - Containment Breach much easier. He is currently working on a professionally done, live-action short film based on the game called Containment Breach: Run.[7]. SCP: CB - Project Resurrection Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.
Third Subvision Studio is an independent game development studio managed by PXLSHN (also known as ENDSHN ) and Vane Brain. He originally intended it to be a small game with a few SCPs, but as the game's po… It's likely the Project Resurrection main developer's name. Besides taking care of the development of the code for the game, Regalis is also involved in graphic design, sound, and 3D modelling. Juan Arce subscribed to a channel 3 months ago SouthernShotty - Channel. Dr.

Night was in the process of creating a new model for SCP-682, before becoming inactive on the SCP - Containment Breach's forums indefinitely.[4]. A few months after Regalis created SCP-087-B (which was inspired by Haversine's SCP-087 game) he began working on SCP - Containment Breach. MushFarmer - Donated $1000 to the game's development. Hakkla is notable for creating the models of SCP-079 and SCP-294. He has arguably done the most modelling work for the game. It is speculated that these are hallucinations as they can unlock the briefcase.

This article lists the various people who have contributed to SCP - Containment Breach. Gage Allen (commonly known as Lotims) is most notable for creating the two official trailers for SCP - Containment Breach. Juan Carlos Arce commence sa carrière avec l'Académie Tahuichi, la plus connue des académies de jeunes en Bolivie. Join Facebook to connect with Juan Arce and others you may know. He created the DebugHUD, several new Console commands and the Resource RTE mod, allowing for more detailed crash reports. Besides taking care of the development of the code for the game, Regalis is also involved in graphic design, sound, and 3D modelling. Strangely, out of the three variations that are numbers, the rest of them are names. He is also responsible for creating numerous bug fixes and tweaks for the game, many of which having been incorporated into official releases.

Located in the SCP-1074's Testing Chamber. He also provided one of SCP-1048's drawings. [5][6] On May 30th, 2015 he briefly returned to the game's forum whilst providing several new models for v1.2, but has since gone inactive again. And lastly, unlike the 9 of them, this variation is spelled out in dots. Five of them who are the developers of the original game and the rest who are the developers of Project Resurrection. In addition he has also provided several bug fixes for SCP - Containment Breach, many of which Regalis has implemented into official releases. They predominantly assist Regalis with working on SCP - Containment Breach, starting from v1.3 onwards.

Joonas Rikkonen (commonly known as Regalis) is the creator and the main coder for SCP - Containment Breach as well as the creator of SCP-087-B. Night is most notable for modeling and animating SCP-096's current model, which was introduced in v0.6.5, as well as the Mobile Task Force/Guard model that was introduced in v1.0.

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