juanita leonard 2018

Outsider Artists, Messengers & Visionaries: Seasonal Displays, Performers & Collections, Portraits of ‘Outsider’ Artists, 2005-2012, Portraits of ‘Outsider’ Artists, 2013-2018, Art Environments - Southeast | Photos by Fred Scruton, Article in Folk Art Messenger by Margaret Day Allen, Portraits of 'Outsider' and Visionary Artists. People come from all over the world. At the beginning of her ministry, she dressed in “white swaddling” and for around forty days carried a large bamboo cross along the rural Louisiana highway in front for around an hour, usually twice daily. “There was this old judge who kept coming by, and he would watch me paint, sitting by an old wooden heater,” said Leonard. He was also married( 1980) and divorced (1990) with Juanita Wilkinson they also shared 2 children together. “This is a place where people can be comfortable,” she said. Ms. Juanita welcomes visitors to her ever-changing home and grounds, and she may be contacted through her Facebook page (see “External Resources” below map). I’ve had people come who are 70 or 80 years old and have never been to church. With every piece that sells, Leonard hopes to expose more people to her version of Christianity, espousing love, acceptance, and humility.

Any increase in notoriety means more people might come to Montgomery or Natchitoches and hear one of her sermons.

The self-taught artist has built a chapel on her property in rural Montgomery, Louisiana, some twenty miles from Natchitoches, and ushers guests inside it as soon as they arrive. “He kept watching me and telling me I needed to sell my paintings. “And once I was really in touch, he started showing me how to make sculptures out of different things, and how to build.

Sign up for Country Roads Newsletters & stay informed about events, cuisine, culture, & travel in the region. Juanita rises early, praying and working outside in the early hours before it gets too hot. You’re using old, broken things that require constant upkeep. At the beginning of her ministry, she dressed in “white swaddling” and for around forty days carried a large bamboo cross along the rural Louisiana highway in front for around an hour, usually twice daily.

Next to her home in about 2005, Juanita Leonard built and decorated a small church where she, a licensed minister, holds Sunday services for a small congregation. Cotton appears often in her paintings, as an homage to her mother, who “loved to pick cotton,” said Leonard. A slideshow containing images by photographer Fred Scruton. “We don’t ask any questions. “This type of art is hard work. Leonard’s social media accounts provide a glimpse of her devotion and call to proselytize, but seeing her, and her work, in person, is a different and more visceral experience. Many of Leonard’s early-memory paintings recall scenes from a childhood spent growing tomatoes, picking pecans, and fishing in Cane River Lake.

All rights reserved. Item was passed. When the sun is directly overhead, she sometimes moves into the shade to do metal work. Nearly every inch of the exteriors of the small house, chapel, and workspace on the property is covered in paintings and hand-written signs.

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