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North Carolina is ordered to tighten its witness signature requirement for absentee ballots. President Trump won Ohio by eight points in 2016 but is now virtually tied with Mr. Biden. using random digit dialing with live interviewers calling landlines and cell phones. American. And Ohio, a state critical to Mr. Trump’s Electoral College prospects, appears to be a tossup after Republicans and many Democrats had assumed the state’s demographics made it virtually certain to remain in Mr. Trump’s column.

Check here often to see who the polls say is expected to carry Ohio. Joseph R. Biden Jr. is winning overwhelming support from voters who in 2016 cast ballots for third-party candidates or didn’t vote. Trump has a negative favorability rating among likely voters in Ohio, 45 - 51 percent. These are the first surveys from the Quinnipiac University Poll in both Texas and Ohio to Christine Ponkowski, who owns a housecleaning business in Henderson, Nev., described Mr. Trump’s handling of his own coronavirus case as infuriating. . SENATE GOP 49 -4 DEM 49 +4. well as public policy issues. "With six weeks to go until Election Day and most minds made up, Ohio could hinge on a sliver of likely Biden leads on the coronavirus response and racial inequality, while President Trump has the advantage Newsmax, Moneynews, Newsmax Health, and Independent. use likely voters and results cannot be compared to prior surveys of registered voters. In Ohio, 97 percent of likely voters who selected a candidate in the presidential match up say their minds Biden Leads Trump in Nevada and the Two Are Tied in Ohio, Polls Show. voting by mail/absentee ballot, and 16 percent plan on voting at an early voting location. "It is close but leaning toward Trump in Texas. Nevada officials began mailing ballots to all registered voters on Sept. 24. He also has retained a significant advantage among suburban voters, leading by 32 percentage points in Nevada and 22 points in Ohio. By Reid J. Epstein and Isabella Grullón Paz. In Texas, 47 percent of likely voters plan on voting at an early voting location, 38 percent plan on voting

Based on a New York Times/Siena College poll of likely voters from Oct. 2 to Oct. 6. The president carried Ohio by eight percentage points in 2016. The results illustrate the shifting political dynamics in a pair of states each party has been hoping to flip from its 2016 results. The results show the extent to which voters’ views on the coronavirus crisis and Mr. Trump’s management of it continue to hang over the election. Still, Ms. Pellerin said she planned to vote for Mr. Trump. A majority of voters say campaigning in front of large crowds is inappropriate. In the race for the U.S. Senate where incumbent Republican Senator John Cornyn is seeking a fourth But with polls showing a narrow race there, Democrats in the state have been urging the Biden team to be more competitive. Former Vice President Biden has a negative favorability rating among likely voters in Texas, 41 - 52 The Massachusetts governor, a Republican, says he ‘may take a pass’ on voting for president rather than vote for Trump. As the two campaigns spar this week over safety precautions for next week’s debate, voters in both states, including about 20 percent of Mr. Trump’s supporters, said by wide margins the president did not take adequate precautions to protect himself from the virus.

Joe Biden has improved on Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory in Nevada, and is virtually tied with Donald Trump in Ohio, a state Mr. Trump won in 2016.

On handling the economy: Trump 58 percent, Biden 39 percent; On handling the military: Trump 52 percent, Biden 45 percent; On keeping your family safe: Trump 52 percent, Biden 44 percent; On handling the response to the coronavirus: Trump 49 percent, Biden 47 percent; On handling racial inequality: Biden 50 percent, Trump 45 percent. Republicans, by a margin of 79 percent to 10 percent in Ohio, and 84 percent to 10 percent in Nevada, overwhelmingly believe Mr. Trump will recover quickly from the virus. “I really wish he had been more of a role model in showing us how to be safe,” said Karen Pellerin, a 57-year-old retiree from Sparks, Nev. “I’m pretty disgusted that he gets out the hospital and walks around the White House with the virus.”. Thirty-five percent plan on 30 percent say they haven't heard enough about him. Mr. Brandyberry, 61, said his mother died of the coronavirus in May and her cremated remains sit on his fireplace hearth because restrictions in Pennsylvania, where she is to be buried, limit funerals to 25 people. Even sizable chunks of Mr. Trump’s own supporters — 37 percent in Ohio and 22 percent in Nevada — found his large rallies to be inappropriate in the coronavirus era. Trump has clear leads in three of five categories among likely voters when asked who would do a better Mr. Biden is also peeling off about twice as many of Mr. Trump’s 2016 vote as Mr. Trump is from Hillary Clinton’s, the poll found.

Six percent of Nevada voters and 7 percent of Ohioans said they remain undecided. they'll back. In Texas, 94 percent say their minds are made There are still a slim number of likely voters who are Mr. Biden leads 48 percent to 42 percent among likely voters in Nevada and 45 to 44 percent in Ohio, the polls found. She described herself as a fiscal conservative but said Mr. Trump had failed to lead the country through the coronavirus pandemic. In both states, Mr. Trump retains a base of committed supporters who chafe at what they perceive as personal disrespect from Democrats and the media. A Tennessee resident has accused the Ku Klux Klan of vandalizing her yard sign supporting Democratic presidential nomine .

Ms. Loda said she remained undecided in the presidential campaign, but was leaning toward backing Mr. Trump.

Election Projection. The polls were taken after Mr. Trump announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus, and most of the survey took place before Mr. Trump returned to the White House on Monday night from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. “They’re making a big deal about how he removed his mask,” Mr. Brandyberry said. are made up, with 3 percent saying they might change their minds. Do you think President Trump took adequate precautions against getting COVID-19? In Texas and Ohio, two states where President Trump won easily in 2016, the president holds a slight lead Visit poll.qu.edu or www.facebook.com/quinnipiacpoll.

Trump Tells Newsmax: Bidens Are 'Grifters and Crooks'... Trump Town Hall Will Compete Directly With Biden's Thursday... CBS Polls: Race Even in Ohio, Biden Leads in Pennsylvania, Cook: Iowa, Ohio Move from 'Lean' GOP to 'Toss Up', Analysis: Over 14M Votes Cast in Presidential Election, Tennessee Resident: KKK Targets Pro-Biden Yard Sign, Trump Tells Newsmax: Bidens Are 'Grifters and Crooks', Trump Town Hall Will Compete Directly With Biden's Thursday. Monday, 05 October 2020 04:09 PM. “Biden will defund the police, ruin the police departments and then take my gun, and then what,” he said. Thirty-nine percent of likely voters have a favorable opinion of Cornyn, 30 percent say unfavorable, and

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