pakistani in germany

Once, the Danish kommune sends you an email approving your wedding date, they’ll ask you to show up at their city hall one to two days before your wedding and show all the documents you provided them in original. Hello everyone. Get a 3 year residence permit and do a German B1 language exam on your own.

the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) from NADRA. The Standesamt calls us, we pay and the documents are sent to the German Foreign Office in Berlin who forward it to the relevant German mission. That makes it my responsibility to respect this country’s laws and an obligation to uphold its values, even though I am not its citizen. In this post, I will explain details about the documents I had made from Pakistan. In Denmark, after a wedding has been conducted, both the bride and groom receive identical marriage certificates. My father told me that hell would freeze over before the Union Council guys would make a new document for me. 100 stamp paper and had it attested by a magistrate as well. Email all of the documents to the kommune. I haven’t had the time to properly research this. I will go through them one by one. Go to your local Rathaus. The OLG Düsseldorf will have the final say for the whole case. Clear this with both your language school and the Ausländeramt. Thanks to InterNations, I joined an after-work soccer team of other expatriates even before moving to Hamburg. So it’s up to you and how you feel. Interested? This documents costs between €5-10 depending on the city you live in. The people officiating are quite warm and friendly, usually. All I can say is, I’m gonna keep them fingers crossed. *Please contact with Pakistani Consulate in Frankfurt if you have … a great dinner at Hamburg’s fanciest restaurant organized by our InterNations Ambassadors, or a weekend trip to explore Germany’s unique vibe. You will only be offered option 1 if you have completed at least a Bachelor degree from a university anywhere in the world. A lawyer might also be a good idea for complicated cases. Stay tuned for a post explaining these documents in detail.

The Apostille stamp can only be gotten from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the bigger hurdle, as always, is the Ausländeramt. I want them to be convinced that the documents are in order and the Apostille can be issued without verification from Pakistan. Additionally, I was handed a paper prepared by the German Embassy and Consulate in Pakistan. She said that the OLG is really strict and will keep on putting hindrances in our path. Option 2 requires you to first present an A1 language course exam results to launch the residence permit proceedings. From this office, you need to get the Aufenthaltsbescheinigung.

About Pakistani In Germany I'm a Pakistani living in Germany who likes to blog about his life in the country. Sorry about not posting anything on this blog for some time now. He had it printed on a Rs. If everything is in order, the wedding will take place at the date and time provided to you. To get an Apostille stamp, you have to go to the ministry, pay a fee and get one or both the marriage certificates legalized.

In fact, it is one of the most simplest and straight-forward procedures among EU countries. This document was the Certificate of Impediment. This could turn a 2 month wait into a 5-6 month ordeal.

Any advice that I give to people through comments, Emails or otherwise is. This article MBBS in Germany for Pakistani students and MS in Germany from Pakistan will give you an overview and list of Medical, Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy and close related study programs at different level of studies such as at Bachelor level and Master level in Germany. Oh, and they checked my passport and residence permits and made copies.

Connect with fellow Pakistanis in Hamburg, Exchange tips about expat life in Hamburg. The fee can also be sent in Euros. Dozens of Pakistani migrants have once again been deported en masse from Germany. So, I have obtained the following documents from Pakistan: All these documents are being translated as I write this post and as soon as I have them translated, I will submit them to the local Standesamt.
While this is humbling, I also feel there is a certain obligation that comes with it. Your right to know Friday, October 16, 2020. The "Freie Hansestadt" will soon become your new home with our InterNations community - we help you to take full advantage of your new life here! Their second objection was that this same document should have had my fiance’s name mentioned specifically. The ultimate authority for your respective “cases” rests with the legal authorities of Germany. So, the procedure is apparently as follows now: Through the experiences of other Pakistanis, I have come to know that usually (but not always) it takes 5 months to get the Permission to Marry. (Note: The next section is for those of you who are marrying a German citizen.

Even though a declaration from my father was not necessary and was not stated in the documents I needed to provide, I did it anyway just to be on the safe side. For Pakistan, it’s usually around €260. These events and activities are a perfect and casual way to get in touch with fellow Pakistani expats in your city and Pakistanis in Germany.

short-term visa) for a stay not exceeding 90 days in any 180-day period. It can also be that they spent less money than anticipated and they return the extra money to you (not very likely though).

Fill out the form of the relevant ‘kommune’. The FRC is not completely necessary but I am going to submit it anyway. They attested everything except the declaration by my father because it had not been issued by a government authority. Do not dismiss it out of hand and create a parallel society. I was told I had to pay €70 which is the fee for the Oberlandesgericht. Regards P. InterNations is the perfect place for Pakistani expats in Hamburg to find the help and resources they have been looking for. If true, this could be a good solution for those wishing to marry urgently. But last week I handed in all documents finally, paid my €70 and sent them on their merry way.

These people have to be pushed to do their jobs. According to Pakistani officials, about three dozen citizens who have returned home are all men. It’s a quick affair and lasts 5 minutes.
2. In those cases, more documentation is needed. Once you have your marriage certificate from Denmark with the Apostille stamp on its back (that’s where they stamp it), take it to the Standesamt when you’re back in Germany. Looking for reliable and useful insider tips from fellow Pakistanis for example, where in Hamburg can I find a Pakistani restaurant? Otherwise, it’ll be option 2. He signed and stamped it. You get it fairly quickly from any NADRA branch anywhere in the country. First covid19 ‘re-infection’ death reported in Pakistan, Punjab University Academic Staff Association protests against Chairman HEC and Punjab government, Profiling Muhammad Jawwad — a competent classical vocalist, philosopher and a short story writer, Feel good, guilt-free and physically strong: Bhumi, Egyptian designer tailors clothing brand for people with disabilities, 13 security personnel martyred in Ormara, North Waziristan, Govt allows opposition to hold Gujranwala rally, Govt shares details of Rs 22b money-laundering by Sharif family, BOP president inaugurates facilitation booth at Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dollar slips to Rs162.86; reserves fall by $336m, Thailand declares emergency, bans rallies as protests swell, Trump’s ‘lucky’ aides recovering from coronavirus, again spurning masks, Campaigning begins for Ivory Coast presidential vote. According to the Hague Convention on Apostille, it should be recognized in all signatory countries. Your spouse can then decide whether they want to change their name or not (only if they’re German, though). But, it’ll be less than the German documentation for sure. If you want a marriage where other people take care of your hassle, check out these guys. At this point, the German mission will also tell how much money was spent. They will receive them in Danish Krones in Denmark.

Find a Danish ‘kommune’ (these are the Danish counties, kind of like Kreis in Germany) you want to get married in. The reason is, I want another record from NADRA reflecting my status as a single person. For translation – only in NRW – you can refer to this website: They told me that the OLG had certain objections to one of the documents I sent. There might be other documents that they ask of you. This certificate (for Pakistanis) has to come from the Union Council. I told the lady at the Standesamt that I would speak to my father and ask whether these changes are possible or not. Searching for other Pakistanis in Hamburg? You can apply for a Schengen visa (i.e.

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