reo speedwagon truck

When I was a kid, our small-but-growing little town put in its first order for really big trucks…sanitation and general-purpose dump- and salt-trucks. Can anyone tell me what would be a reasonable price to pay? I’m betting 1/2 the stud broke off and still resides in the head. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

Your publication helped me to recognize the truck brand, thank you! Nach Jahren mit ungefähr gleichem Schwerpunkt auf Pkw und Lkw verlagerte REO seinen Fokus vollständig auf Lkw und beendete 1936 die Automobilproduktion.

I’ve been needing a truck of this size and capacity with a dump bed for years. His grandma gave it to him to have in case of future medical expenses as he has Cystic Fibrosis. REO would barely scrape through the '40s and early '50s, being bought out by Bohn Aluminum and Brass in 1955. The town where I grew up in Eastern WA actually still had an REO in their fleet back in the 1970s. Obwohl das grundlegende Design und Design des Fahrgestells konsistent blieb, wurde der Speed ​​Wagon in verschiedenen Konfigurationen (Pickup- und Kastenwagen, Personenbus) hergestellt, um als Liefer-, Abschlepp-, Kipp- und Feuerwehrautos sowie als Leichenwagen und Krankenwagen zu dienen .

It’s so long and angled into my garage basement that its hard to get a great picture of it; but I tried. We lifted up the alligator jaws to check out the Gold Crown 245 Cubic inch (4 liter) side-valve six, which is rated at 89 hp @3100 rpm. has a larger restored REO dump truck with chain drive, They bring it out for local parades and events. I’ll be glad to send pictures or a video of the engine running if I can find a youngster to help me do that. Production of the groundbreaking innovative truck continued after WWII, but not for long, and faced with mediocre sales, the Speed-Wagon's production was brought to a final halt in 1953. I never knew about the connection between REO and Randsom Olds. For some reason, it reminds me more of a rhino’s head. More importantly, though, REO quickly became more profitable than Oldsmobile. These engines generally had more power than the naturally-aspirated diesels of the time but once turbochargers were widespread that was the end of the gasser. This is pretty typical of the period, when even the biggest trucks might have 150 hp. This one or one and a half ton truck is the equivalent of the big super-duty pickups that have become common again, but had rather fallen out of favor in the fifties and sixties. The post war era saw a rapid expansion of highways and of course the interstates, which corresponded to an explosion of truck sizes as interstate trucking really took off. I really enjoyed this story the first time around, and again today. If so what parts are with it? They call themselves as Perth Limo Hire. Its a treat to look at something this rare. While REO's cars saw success, the groundwork for their biggest achievement was set in 1910 when the REO Motor Truck Company was founded as a subsidiary of REO Motor Car Company. Seeing massive initial success, the Speed-Wagon was a best seller for REO for over a decade, ingraining itself in pre-WWII America as the gold standard trucks were held to. That raised a few eyebrows in our circle, especially Bob Macherione’s, the pro in the group. The baby one to run to the hardware store for that kanuter valve bushing, and that one-tonner to haul really big loads of gravel and whatever. The Speed-Wagon had made a name for REO, and the humble yet high quality truck became the gold standard for trucks of the time. Your memory (“I’m thinking the windshield vented.”) rang a bell. Now I’m curios and wonder if he bought this REO from a guy I knew about that owned one and lived in Roseburg. While production of the Speed-Wagon ended in 1953, REO did manage to survive as Diamond-REO until 1974, where there entered bankruptcy once again, but this time, the REO name was laid to rest for good. this little pygmy truck, a 1979 Suzuki Jimny pickup (CC here). REO stands for Ransom E. Olds, whose first company carried his last name, and built the first mass-production car ever, the 1901 curved-dash Olds. During the late twenties and thirties, truck styling generally mirrored car styling as much as possible, and even the biggest trucks, which really weren’t very big in the pre-interstate era, tended to sit low and have handsome hoods and fenders. THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME TRUCK THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN ,IM BUILDING A 1948 FOR SOMEONE ,AND I WANT ONE ,PLEASE SEND MORE PHOTOS THAT IS SO COOL THUMBS UP TO YOU GREAT JOB TONY. But, these good times wouldn't last, and the Speed-Wagon along with REO themselves would meet a slow and painful end. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. Nothing like driving it down the road to town.

I’m in Okla and it would require personal pick up. My 63 F-100 was about this color, which made the truck feel older than it really was. Olds stepped back from active management in 1915, and in the late twenties, Reo’s ambitious expansion set it up for a crash in the Depression. Reo Speed ​​Wagon Camper auf dem Display von Woodland Auto Display, Paso Robles, CA.

Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 30. Looks like it’s missing one of the studs for the exhaust manifold though. I dont care if it’s new, rebuilt or if someone knows who could do it. Das Modell von 1915 war mit einem 1-Tonnen-Gewicht, einem Vierzylindermotor und einem Drei-Gang-Getriebe ausgestattet und sollte schneller sein als die durchschnittliche Geschwindigkeit von 10 bis 15 Meilen pro Stunde bei modernen Lastwagen. Fantastic find. He started his next company, named REO, to avoid a copyright suit with Olds. Is it the last of its kind? I had read somewhere that the Speedwagon was the ancestor of the modern pickup truck. REO managed to just barely survive the rippling financial hardship brought on by the Great Depression, but the Speed-Wagon did not, never regaining its initial success. RELATED: 10 Cars That Made Oldsmobile (And 5 That Broke It). I’m sentimemtal, but its a shame many of these are no longer around. I HAVE A PERFECT 1941 REO BEEN STORED I A GARAGE SINCE NEW IT IS A RACK BODY IT HAS 7600 ON IT 100 ORIGINAL COULD BE THE NICEST ONE ORIGINAL ONE YOU WILL EVER FIND I WIll SEND PICTURES WILL TAKE PART TRADE FOR PORSCHE TRUCK IS IN N.J CALL J DONOVAN AT MY FLORIDA NUMBER 1 386 481 3975 ASKING 69.000 OBO, I’ve seen some nice REO’s been turned in to modern Limousines while travelling. The windshields were one-piece but flat; and the doors and lines almost identical except for vent windows. Bagged it for $500. The Speed-Wagon's success wasn't limited to the consumer market either, with industrial versions of the truck dominating the commercial market for trucks in America, seeing use as fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, and more. Das Modell von 1929 war mit dem Sechszylinder-Motor "Gold Crown" von REO mit 268 Kubikzoll und 67 PS ausgestattet.

Not dissuaded from the auto industry, R.E. My best friend and I used to have long discussions about all of the ‘mystery’ truck brands (REO, White, Autocar, etc etc) that we would occasionally see. Now, I notice two things. I’ve got a 1934 BN series long-wheelbase REO Speed Wagon used for passenger transport in Australia and restored in the late 1990s and now running a modern drive train. I have only seen one of these live and in person but, alas, it was at a local show. I have a photo of a 1939 Reo Bus and I would like to show it here. Had a 41cab and chassis that went to a rat rod project. During this era, the smaller Reos typically used a Continental-sourced six.

Ending its promising life with a series of lackluster mergers, REO slowly burned out as a company, taking the Speed-Wagon down with them, and extinguishing the legend of one of America's most important classic trucks. Where is the iPod dock??? Anyone interested email me It appears to be very similar to the green one in the article. “Poof” And Ike is quite the hunter himself, although he hunts to keep; I’m a catch and release (the shutter) type. Looks just like 50, but mine only has its patina’s lustre left on it from its past/last years of duty in the 80’s. Founded in 1897 as the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, R.E. I’ve been looking for a picture of this model Reo for some time now. Like so many founders in the automotive gold-rush days, Olds clashed with his backers and was shown the door in 1904. Maybe half a dozen or so. The windshield opened out from the bottom. The big truck gas engines of the 1950s fascinate me. “…..and I’m gonna keep on loving you….” Sorry I had to make reference to the band Reo Speedwagon in my post.

Does anyone know where to find carb kit? Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

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