russell wilson contract per year

Without him you’d get to see what a poor job they’ve done surrounding him with talent. ———————-. Wilson played under a rookie contract and took the Hawks to two Super Bowls. Hint. It’s easy to take him for granted. Carroll and Seattle are done for the next decade. That’s a knee-slapper, Hans! As part of due diligence in 2018 the team discussed the pros/cons of a new contract versus potential trade value. Last week, Chris Simms unwittingly lit a slow-burning fuse while he and I tried to identify during an installment of PFTOT the universe of NFL players who currently are untradable. $35-million for another mediocre qb who will never get to a Super Bowl unless he buys a ticket. Others look at the new contract for what it is — a brand new contract that replaces the old one. Register now! As I said 2 days ago, Wilson is the Seahawks. Just a guess but, plausible. Learn your lesson Leveon… this is how you get paid.. not by being a bully…. Register now! May 15, 2020 at 12:45 am That’s an average at signing of $31.4 million per year. Imagine paying a QB north of $30 million a year, and voluntarily employing an offensive coordinator who regularly runs the ball on 3rd and long. Aaron Donald? Pretty sure you’d have to be a “major player” to afford that kind of exposure. Replace Carroll w a young innovator. The sheer amount of wins that they get by a single score is a testament that the guy makes the plays when it counts. A second franchise tag in 2021 at a 20 percent increase over Wilson's 2020 franchise number would be $37.032 million. Kamara would just be a casualty to get a franchise, a proven franchise QB. They said the same thing about Fran Tarkenton: You must be logged in to leave a comment. Can’t put a championship team together if one play makes that much money. An exclusive designation for Wilson would be the average of the top five 2020 quarterback salaries when the restricted free-agent signing period ended, which would be about a week before the 2020 NFL Draft. Or a QB with a team with no line or weapons? Overall contract guarantees can be misleading. Seattle still has $156,800,000 in salary cap room. unkleruckus says: They only need them watching on TV or online. Nice work Russell, you remind me of Peyton, but that’s right, you went to his camp. I don’t understand, why would the Seahawks want to trade Wilson? ============================================================================= all of whom are paying one player too much money. How can they be dropping the ball? When Gary Payton got traded I literally pulled over the car because my eyes were watering too much to see and drive safely. You want better talent around the QB, then trade Wilson. Check. In 2021, the Seahawks would absorb a $39 million cap charge by trading Wilson, $7 million more than his $32 million cap number if he’s on the team. And his contract isn’t that bad when you consider what Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and Lamar Jackson are about to rake in in the next 12 months.

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