should i move to canada or europe

The sad part is the CASH racism is adopted by even your ‘own kind’. Education system is awful no one speaks French where I live (Toronto) regardless having students learn it in school. So many rivers, lakes, parks, outdoor activities and so much more. The taxes are high. But DO NOT move here. Asked her to marry me, and now I’m here in Toronto with her and 2 kids terrified about the future. Don’t worry – most of this is a pretty standard procedure for anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada. For example, if you’re looking for a prosperous business district with lots of opportunities – then downtown Toronto is really your finest choice. My biggest wish is to work once abroad. Shall I go on or do you get the picture. The weather absolutely sucks…. $1200 for 2 bedrooms, utilities not included. I find that education so far is very low in general – Canadians don’t speak any languages other then English, even though French is the second language. Canadians interested in immigrating to Europe who are considering to move to a Dutch city can, Return of Former Dutch Residents in Netherlands, A Guide on Public Holidays in the Netherlands. I have a good job here in BC and am paid well, but still, it’s still too expensive to live any kind of life here. Rent hurts like hell. Thank you, Brian, for your valuable input. The seniors here no matter how much money they have are lonely, empty and isolated because family members are either busy working, doesn’t care and only visits to get some money from the parents. It’s no wonder problems like drug, alcohol and video game addictions are so common with young people here. Sunday is vacuuming, mopping and doing laundry. And there are lots of reasons why moving from Europe to Canada is a great idea, especially if you’re moving with your employer. Work to life ratio is terrible. If you know all the facts and you still want to move to Canada, you will be more cautious and do further research. The worst part is, I have to buy my own car and pay for the purchase of a second hand car.Everything you do here is you have to pay for tax. What I’ve found is employers want experience, but only want to pay minimum wage for it “oh you have 10+ yeas experince? And no one cares, neither governments nor people. Any rich person has got there due to families wealth or due to contacts he or she has gotten from private schools and universities. AGAIN, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE FRIENDS AS NO ONE WILL ACCEPT YOU. But I am unsure where to go, as it’s one of the nicest places in Canada, LOL! People here are so blinded and obsessed in home ownership and material things even if they are drowning in so much debts. Believe me, Canada was different when I first arrived. You become the crowd you hang around. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Obviously, wherever you’re moving – you’re bound to go through a complicated ordeal. Coming from Europe I think Canada does not live to the expectations. A … No white or newer immigrant will accept the fact that another colour other than old Canadian white can own executive businesses or hold executive positions like CEO, Managing Director, etc. So, if you’re a small-business owner, you may want to look into this option and find out if you’re eligible instead of moving everyone separately and then registering a company. I lived in Metro Vancouver, Courtenay, Nanaimo, and Creston (British Columbia) so far. If you’re trying to upgrade your education and better yourself you are totally screwed. My husband and I came here 2009 as landed immigrants, we both have good paying jobs I should say, but we still made a decision of returning back home for good. I would move to Port Angelas. To be compared with Justin Trudeau would have been more to my liking, at least for his good looks. Born in India and moved to Canada at a young age. Things I do like about Canada: I am a divorcee working as a HR professional, over here i can not imagine a life on my own and victim of social pressures as being divorcee is not much acceptable fact. Hence, security was (and remains) my only reason to struggle for immigration. Yrene, I just erased a too too long comment which was meant to elevate you a bit to say the least. I’m from Norway and I’ve lived in Nova Scotia for 4 years now – I came to do my master’s degree, met a lovely Canadian man who is now my boyfriend, and have now worked for two years. Mitch, same deal for me. We need to have this kind of conversation openly so we don’t feel so lonely in this dysfunctional society. lol, Just horrible comments.. As I’m contemplating to move to Canada. Main things I dislike about Canada: After University, I left Canada and lived in Germany, Sweden, Poland due to work. Recently I made the decision to move back to Norway later this year; I simply can’t see any future for me here, it would just be a life-long struggle trying to make ends meet. Thank you, Rudy, for leaving a comment. Certainly I have struggled dealing with banks and loans. Permanent Residence Permit in Netherlands. I met a Viet/Canadian girl that took my heart in a blink. Can’t say I was ever sold on staying. The government and culture both suck, and we are taxed way too high. In many cases, the Canadian job market may be able to provide you with more options than any European country. With that in mind, there is a special Start-up Visa Program, for people who want to move and start a small company in Canada. It took me 10 years to understand all this by that time my kids were in elementary schools and moving towards high school. I agree with you, Maja, I feel life is very boring here, not much for culture or educational and meaningful things to do. 9 years now, all struggle despite all my hard work and my creative efforts … and I am beginning to think that coming to Canada was a mistake. Lucky me, I got to live my dream. Canadian immigrants can find various employment opportunities here in top business fields … I don’t see myself, my husband and even my child to grow old here. Stay home, everyone! I find that many Canadians here in Saskatchewan have no respect for anyone. – Great service I have moved to the NCR and I am planning on living in Gatineau despite very little French but it’s a pretty Anglophone area. I live in a good area in BC, was able to buy a home some time back, got lucky then. All the money for tuition and the years of hitting the books didn’t pay off at all for the majority of them. For me over time, the cons overpower the pros. Yet they are very cold and hard to make friends with. I honestly feel more American than I do Canadian. White women are no longer hired for government positions. I wish too that I can turn back the clock so I just decided to stay in my country. Canada’s great for people who like it, because there’s absolutely loads of it. I’m sure most of you on this forum are well-meaning, but I would challenge you to consider how you would feel if in your lifetime your culture was drastically altered. I was born and raised around big tree and lake filled northern Ontario and began travelling across country when I was 19. I think a lot of people are shocked when they come here to start a new life. People are passive aggressive. The climates are very different so if you like the cold, go to Canada and if you like the hot sun (for the most part) go to Europe. Coming from expensive, high-taxed Norway, I’m used to thinking “everything is cheaper abroad”, but I was shocked to discover that wasn’t true for Canada. I guess some of us are lucky to be able to choose where we want to live; not that many are in the position to do that. The media makes US television seem sophisticated. People I have known here for years have never asked me what I do for a living or expressed any interest in my life. If you can go around the bad stuff like I’m trying right now, you will love it here. As most have stated it, the people are friendly but reserved. There is also an arrogance at work here that I find baffling… As somone born and raised here. you take that to the USA, they will tax you for moving money. Living in Mexico I live in the nicest area in town, have a 3 bed, 3 bath house, a new car, and half my wage left over each month. But through it all Canada is still a pretty good place to live. Omg I thought I was the only one that shared these views! Rolf Peter is Managing Partner at RPS Legaland an experienced lawyer who can help you immigrate ​to the Netherlands. Finding a good relocation consultant with a key understanding of the local schooling systems and real estate market will prove to be extremely beneficial and may even help you save money when negotiating your rental fees.

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