smash community allegations

Another thing is EVO's done; nothing is coming back from this. These tough conversations need to be had. There is a huge difference between being immature and being a sexual abuser and/or pedophile. It couldn't have been easy to do. That means to play this game at the highest level, you generally have to travel a lot. This is a breeding ground for things to go south and it’s also a terrible thing to imagine where some evil person would intentionally go to these events to find someone to take advantage of. Apparently we have different definitions of the word "mature.". This is not to imply that many of these allegations describe evil perpetrators in some dark alley squirrelled away from the spotlight. @Nookingtons I generally agree that I couldn't care less about most articles on NL since they have little to do with actual Nintendo news (Brie Larson breaking up with a boyfriend over Super Mario Galaxy). You buy it as soon as you can afford it. Very disturbing. I think what can be said, always support the victim. It wasn’t. @MrBlacky No, why would you think such a thing? The first wave was targeted at the traditional entertainment industry mostly Hollywood with the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. But most of the time, when it's real, it's easy to tell. I say smokescreen because it distracts from the real shady BS going on. I have my own relationship with God, and I think church can help people but it sickens me to see how many pastors take advantage of their flocks. @Jokerwolf Fully agreed. Also I commend NintendoLife’s editorial staff for not being scared away by a difficult conversation by running this story. Ultimate Version 9.0.0 Is Now Live, Her... Where To Pre-Order Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity On Ni... Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes. Victims or accused people's lives and careers can be ruined just from public opinion which isn't fair to either. These are just a few of the stories. Smash events that already do some of these things, both big and small, quite clearly are in need of improvement. This is depressing, but these communities are toxic. Ultimately, the people who compete at these competitive gaming tournaments are just that: people. Fighter Development, Random Sakurai Didn't Appreciate The "Rough" Comments During TGS, So He Decided To Turn Them Off, Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Metroidvania Games. Many victims have gone through the proper channels in the past and have s been dismissed or revictimized. Still would suggest we do wait as I would not be surprised if some accusations will end up being false. This has to be a troll. LOL I usually respond to her with why I love rock and roll so much. By any count, that’s around two decades spanning multiple social movements for a game played around the world. I never realized it was like this! But seriously, this was - and IS - a humongous issue. im gonna assume that EVO...can't really recover from this. Joey “Mr. @KingBowser86 I've been thinking about that a lot. @Tasuki This just as easily could've been Fortnite if it wasn't so heavily regulated by Epic Games. I'm sad that stuff like this happens but glad that it got exposed so that we can make a safer competitive enviroment in the future. We will be pulling MK11 from EVO Online. People live far too much beyond their means. Next, a young girl named Sandy posted on Twitter that commentator Richard “Keitaro” King Jr. had given her alcohol and sexually abused her when she was 16 years old, keeping the Snapchat exchange as evidence. It's a sad thing that humans do this stuff to one another, and it's something that has no clear-cut solution. There just has to be more protections in place for all players. Time to end the Mario series. Thankfully, decades later the church is being sued by HUNDREDS of victims. @UmbreonsPapa A lot of wisdom in your post, I hope people see that. If there’s any hope for Smash Bros. to continue growing in the way it has, we need to start fixing these things, and we need to do it now. @Deliesh You have the right to believe what you want, and I agree that it's fine as long as no one harasses or takes action against the victim or accused. YOU are toxic. They meet up once a week at a game store. Sandy also alleged that Corey “False” Shin and Sky Williams knew about the incident, but later added that she spoke with Sky Williams and stated that she now believes Williams did not know. @Desrever That’s a terrible thing to have had to experience, and you’re right about how predators hide at conventions. Of course not. Crackpron stated that his penis size was “above average” and Mr. Wizard bet him $20 that he was not and asked to see his genitals in person. Get out. So we have one story about the CEO of Evo that admitted pretty much to being a pedophiliac serial rapist, and now we have this article the Smash is overrun by creepy mouth breathing nutjobs. @link422007 Why thank you Captain Obvious. What's the connection between those sexual abusers and Super Smash Bros.(community as a whole)? I just don't get it and it makes me nuts. The law must be rigid, watertight and be fair to all. But rather, it is flat-out amoral to remove Smash Bros.-related gatherings from this context. I knew the Smash community was full of toxicity. And if they don't believe you, keep telling an adult. Ultimate Steve Glitch Makes Your Opponents Fall Through The Stage, News Minecraft's Steve Was Codenamed "Pickel" During Smash Bros. The editor for this article specifically said “be nice to each other in the comments”. This is a deeply rooted problem from society that can't be eradicated easily unless there is a strong education and strong immediate punishment. For years, the community has been crashing sofas, squishing into cars, sharing hotel rooms, and more or less sacrificing all semblance of personal space to create every single scene, local and national. I couldn't been more wrong, degradation, racism, thievery, transphobia, sexual assault, PEDOPHILIA!! Announcers and organizers followed. Better a small group of close, trustworthy friends than tons of people you don't really know. Pedophilia in the Smash Bros. Community You can be mentally immature, emotionally immature, immature in the way you view other people, immature as in naive... etc.

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