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The film documents Fletcher’s efforts to quite literally push his surfing to new heights with a middle finger in the air. And answers the question in part Wes Anderson, part Fourth Phase style. Documentary, Thicker Than Water is a 2000 documentary surf film directed by singer/songwriter Jack Johnson and his film school friend Chris Malloy. The jokes are cheesy—but in a good way—and the North Shore tropes ring true (the parties, the strip clubs, the shave ice).

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Below is our best effort to compile a definitive list of the films in surfing that broke new ground, took the sport a different direction, told a story that had never been told, or contributed to the ever-expanding patchwork that we call surf culture. A South Bay shaper recreates a classic surfboard and sends it off to some of his friends in various locations, where they take the Single fin yellow into some of the best waves on the planet. Documentary, The fourth movie Bruce Brown made travels to Mexico, California and Florida, along with a trip to Australia and Hawaii with Phil Edwards. Surf movies are a sub-genre of sports and travel films. The cinematography and skill level in this film takes surfing and surf films to an entirely new level. To follow our story, check out or find us on Instagram, Facet or Twitter @HowFarFromHome.

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Shook. Jack Johnson may be most famous for his deep singing voice and stripped-down melodies, but before his debut album went platinum, he was exercising other creative muscles including a directorial debut with film school buddy Chris Malloy titled Thicker Than Water. | Gross: Raimana Boucher, The two spent nine months—almost all of them without sun—on an isolated beach north of the Arctic Circle, riding waves and collecting the trash that washed up on shore—in total, over 30 tons. Try another? This is the first surf movie that makes our list of best surfing movies. Want to complete your cultural education on all things surf?

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Morning of the Earth represents the first time the perfectly-manicured lefts of Uluwatu were projected on the silver screen. Directed by Keith Malloy, Hell or High Water captures the purity of surfing sans board and will inspire you to head out for a womp. Action, Crime, Thriller. Bruce Brown and Robert August on-location filming for what would eventually become The Endless Summer. Documentary. The Endless Summer II is a 1994 film directed by Bruce Brown and is a sequel to his 1966 film... Surf's Up is a 2007 American computer-animated mockumentary family comedy film directed by Ash... Gidget is a 1959 Columbia Pictures CinemaScope feature film. PG Director: But, Momentum Generation is the most in-depth look ever put to film that shows exactly how a group of childhood friends rose to become some of the most well-known surfers in the world and influence the culture as we know it. Stacey doesn't do anything by halves. | Pete Mendia.

Almost singlehandedly, the Bali scene in the film initiated a surge of interest in Indonesian surf exploration that continues to this day, for better or worse. The premise sounds corny as hell but Point Break (the original) continues to be a cult classic among surfers and is arguably Hollywood’s best effort in avoiding the countless pitfalls it often falls victim to when telling a story related to surfing. Short of dropping them into one, Peralta brings viewers as close as most of them will ever get. |

Really cool German film definitely worth checking out.

Colin McPhillips. Pairing Kelly Slater with John John Florence, Dave Rastovich with Stephanie Gilmore, or Rob Machado with Craig Anderson to see how each plays off the other is something only Taylor Steele could pull off. Keanu Reeves, Laird Hamilton, Bruce Brown

107 min Whether one long-boards or short-boards, there's a surf movie for everyone. Throw in some midnight wave riding, a few shootouts, two insane (and very different) skydiving scenes and future Tank Girl Lori Petty, and you've got all the makings of an adrenaline cult classic.

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Visit the state elections site. 4,328 Use this surfing movies list to remember your favorites or learn about new titles in the genre that you may have never heard of. Shane Dorian, Not Rated Immediately after the incident, she was featured on morning talk shows, wrote a book, and even had her story turned into a Hollywood film. Stephanie in the Water is an intimate look at Gilmore’s comeback to win her fifth world title in 2012, a feat she’d repeat in 2014 and 2018 to match Layne Beachley’s record of seven. is perhaps the hardest one on this list to actually track down. Bustin’ Down the Door examines a crucial point in surfing’s development as a sport and profession, the blowback that effort received, and how the foundations of a world tour were laid in the 1970s.

Despite its comparisons to other boardsports, surfing has and always will have one maneuver whose feeling has no parallel: the tube ride. Probably in part due to the fact that surfers are often thought of as easygoing and good-natured, and a surf gang defies convention. If Taylor Steele defined surf filmmaking by documenting surfing’s vanguard in the nineties, it was Kai Neville who did so in the late 2000s.

Hollywood’s take on surfing’s annual pilgrimage to the famed Seven Mile Miracle seemed like a bit of a stretch when it first hit theaters in the late nineties. Director: Jack McCoy | Stars: Moses Goods, Mick O'Brien, Jamie O'Brien, Dewey Weber.

Andy Irons, | TV-14 A quick paddling demonstration on the sand, and we were in the water faster than a YouTube viewer skipping through an ad. | $6.00M, 57 min Jack McCoy’s 1998 feature flick profiles the man from humble beginnings to his meteoric rise just a year shy of raising the ASP trophy over his head. | | The awkward, the shared experiences, and the inspiration that flows in both directions. Drama, Romance, Sport. Another fresh water surf film about surfing in rivers and some tidal bores. Unstoppable is an intimate look at Hamilton’s vulnerabilities and triumphs. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Kate Bosworth, Stars: By then, Hollywood had absorbed the many pitfalls it had succumbed to in the past portraying surfing on the big screen – e.g. Stars: Dan Malloy, Patrick Swayze, Director: Filmmakers Jim Freeman and Greg MacGillivray produced some of the surfing world's greatest films, and this was their last and most advanced in terms of production quality. Before Andy Irons flew the Billabong logo on the beak of his boards, he was supported by a little company called MCD: More Core Division. | Also See "Momentum", another one of Taylor Steele's best. A grouping of Surf movies, documentaries, and productions by Hollywood.

Featuring Craig Anderson, Bobby Martinez, Mason Ho and more. | Gross: William Katt, | From the creative mind of Chris Burkard, Under An Arctic Sky rekindles the adventurous spirit of surf exploration that exists in every highly-acclaimed surf film for the modern era. | Yeah, right. To date, Shimmer remains one of the few. Its about guys who charge solid waves on the Great Lakes in the middle of the winter. Featuring Joel Tudor, Devon Howard, Alex Knost, and more, the film is a love letter to California. With an older brother of such prodigious talent as the late great Andy Irons, for a while there it would seem Bruce existed in his brother’s shadow. It asks the same question you very well may be wondering if you haven’t paid much attention to the big wave scene lately: who is Frank Solomon? When young Jay Moriarity discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Frosty Hesson to train him to survive it.
73 min 55. Surfing’s heavy influence on early skateboard culture can be traced squarely to the then-seedy seaside town of Venice and specifically Zephyr Surf Shop’s skateboard team. On paper, an animated film about a surfing penguin voiced by Shia LaBeouf may not scream surf film canon. | No, we didn't get up on our first attempt...turns out the boards we were using were semi-pro, so I'll blame it on that...but simply being out in the water, on what felt like the most perfect day, has roped me in so hard, that I am in absolute awe of the surf culture. There are big-budget Hollywood films, projects whose funds were scraped together by the director and a few friends, and everything in between. So if you're tired of the cold, and feel like escaping to the warmth of beach life, here is the list of best surf documentaries and motion pictures of all time, as suggested to me by my surf-obsessed and movie-loving arsenal of friends. | | Documentary, Sport, Filmed in five countries over three years, the documentary delves into the heart of the locations while the surfers travel through them with a sense of open-minded awe.

The experience moved Hamilton to tears. Whether one long-boards or short-boards, there's a surf movie for everyone. 75 min The film expertly introduces surf and non-surf audiences alike to the culture at the time: from tow-in big wave surfing to Laird Hamilton’s earliest hydrofoil days to Taj Burrow’s early years as a hot-shit phenom.

Sanoe Lake, Votes: | | You'll perhaps get more info than you need—starting with the sport's Hawaiian origins, and continuing on through the decades—though there's plenty of exhilirating tube and wipeout footage to illustrate the fascination with and draw of riding such massive waves. Victor Rasuk,

Since its inception, surf filmmaking from the stars involved to those working behind the camera, has been very much a man’s game. 95 min For many surfers, the film was their first introduction to names like Joel Tudor and Devon Howard who are synonymous with the longboard revivalist movement and turned their backs on the type of performance longboarding that emulated modern shortboarding’s approach.

Biography, Drama, Sport. Marco Jay Luciano Occhilupo is easily one of the most influential goofy foots to ever step on a surfboard. If Taylor Steele’s early work perfected the art of pairing hi-fi surfing with thumping, punky tracks, Billabong’s Filthy Habits laid the groundwork for it. Bruce Brown In 2012, Norwegian friends and avid surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum, both in their early twenties, documented their search for perfect, secret (if freezing) waves. With hot sand beneath my feet and the sticky waxed board clenching to my body, all I could think was, "THIS IS AMAZING." Probably the best surf movie to be shot on the East Coast, Dark Fall highlights the lives of surfers from New Jersey. During a period in surfing when white, narrow thrusters dominated lineups, Thomas Campbell’s The Seedling shed light on a subculture in surfing that endured against all odds and was taking root again, especially in California: traditional longboarding. With a cast like Gerry Lopez, Jeff Hakman, David Nuuhiwa, Margo Oberg, Terry Fitzgerald, Bill Hamilton, Angie Reno, and more, Five Summer Stories is an absolute classic in every sense of the word. Brad Gerlach,

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