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In 1919, Frank Gibbons returns home from army duty and moves into a middle-class row house, bringing with him wife Ethel, carping mother-in-law Mrs. Flint, sister-in-law Sylvia and three children. They bore a high level of similarity to the studio sets used for the interior shots.

The movie skips through time abruptly, and doesn't introduce new characters, which is disorienting until you adjust and get acclimated with the new cast. La pellicola stessa si configura come una sorta di apologia del regno di Sua Maestà, mantenendo i toni e i … This connection between people and their homes is what Noel Coward and David Lean, along with the talents of Ronald Neame…. From the deeply affecting Schindler's List to the…, () ℤ 323 films 1,400 145 Edit, Of all the films in this world, there is one kind of film that has and always will interest me:…, Stephen Williamson 3,116 films 1,231 15 Edit, David Blakeslee 3,764 films 624 53 Edit, Updated on 9/30/2020 - A list, arranged in order of original release, of all films associated with the Criterion Collection,…, These are films in the Criterion Collection and Janus Films library which are streaming on the Criterion Channel (US) and…. Noel Coward explored this sense of time and space, and added the poignancy of bookending the time between the first and second world wars. Cried like a baby but I was happy to. Lean’s first film In Which We Serve from two year previous was a co-direction between him and Noel Coward, the playwright, who had also written the film. John Mills and Celia Johnson were both born in 1908 but in the film he plays her son-in-law. According to this, if the cat has butter on its paws it will stop and lick it off. Don't be fooled by the reduced military presence; This Happy Breed is as much a piece of propaganda as In Which We Serve and its English chauvinism has aged less well. Having recently watched Lean's more propaganda leaning first feature In Which We Serve, I was interested in seeing what his second film was like. The Guardian - Film News I first watched This Happy Breed in my early 20s (a good long time ago now,) fresh from the first flush of adoration for Brief Encounter and the wonder that is Celia Johnson. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Years pass, with the daily routine of family infighting and reconciliation occasionally broken by a strike or a festival. We see how they will grow up….

This feels real. 114m/C VHS . The comment early in the movie about the cat and buttering its paws comes from a technique used when a cat moves houses. I've heard that this film has been described as a "lovely story about nice people" so this is what I was expecting from it.

This is the second movie that Lean worked with Coward. The title is taken from a monologue of John of Gaunt's in William Shakespeare's "Richard II", act II, scene 1, which is widely renowned for its stirring pro-Anglicism. This Happy Breed (1944) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. This Happy Breed is a play by Noël Coward.It was written in 1939 but, because of the outbreak of World War II, it was not staged until 1942, when it was performed on alternating nights with another Coward play, Present Laughter.The two plays later alternated with Coward's Blithe Spirit.The title, a reference to the English people, is a phrase from John of Gaunt's monologue … Miller's ex army pal arrives. Frank….

It reminds me of David Lean's take on Tokyo Story, but with his own culture into the mix, that, from what I remember, I connect with more than Ozu's Classic. Edit Report This. Don't trust the poster, Celia Johnson is stuck in a thankless and one-note wife role, really only on screen to work as a sounding board for her husband's opinions. ". It's quite the wonderful film that owes a huge debt to the quite incredible once more Celia Johnson and Robert Newton as her husband, together they run the gamut of emotions and carry the entire film. The family feels real. As cats are very clean creatures, the butter on its paws and the bits of dirt/dust/debris that will inevitably stick to it will annoy the cat. Peggy takes Phil's daughters poaching. ", "You've come unscathed througha few public houses too, or I'm no judge.".

The cat will sit down to clean itself and, in doing so, will take in its new surroundings creating a mental map of where its new home is and helping it to make the adjustment to its new surroundings. On 20 January 1936, Frank and Ethel listen to Stuart Hibberd's BBC wireless broadcast about the impending death of George V - "The King's life is moving peacefully towards its close. "It's only the poor old Johnny Walker!"

This Happy Breed released in 1944 was only David Lean’s second feature film but stands among one of his best and certainly one of the best films to come out of England at the time.

Bon, il est vrai que j'aime Lean d'un amour profond et intense depuis longtemps mais je ne m'attendais pas à tripper autant sur son premier film en solo, une petite chronique familiale, toute en intérieurs, dont personne ne parle jamais et qui n'a rien de spectaculaire, si l'on excepte le fait qu'il fut tourné en Technicolor (magnifique par ailleurs).

Other anti-communist statements really feel like David Lean testing the waters for Dr. Zhivago's fear-mongering, and the father is considered "right" but the film never really explains his political stances and just takes for…, "We've come unscathed,my friend and I, through untold perils.And you grumble about a bit of noise. The Criterion transfer is outstanding, something about technicolour films in HD is just awesome to look at, but it helps even more that like a lot of Lean films this often feels way more modern in how it’s made than other films of that time. I can't really think of anything bad about it past the beginning section. Houses are nothing more than homogeneous brick structures built by workers doing a job they're paid to do, yet once occupied they become homes - a dynamically changing space onto which thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories are all projected, temporarily retained only in the minds of the occupants until they leave, when it reverts back into a house and then becomes a home once more for another generation. title details and video sharing options. If you're a fan of Leans other multi-faceted epics, than I don't see why you wouldn't like this film. They lead an ordinary life throughout the years, but everything changes when World War II breaks out. Laurence Olivier narrates from Noel Coward's script, Ethel (Celia Johnson) and Frank (Robert Newton) moving the family into the new house, opening David Lean's hit between-the-wars drama This Happy Breed, 1944.. View the TCMDb entry for This Happy Breed (1944) So not that nice ;), “... and wondering what the next people that live in this room will be like. Across these discussions we see the young as radical and misunderstood. | They lead an ordinary life throughout the years, but everything changes when World War II breaks out.

1,502 films 6,811 122 Edit, Jayce Fryman 18,694 films 2,860 99 Edit, This list collects every film from the Starting List that became They Shoot Pictures Don't They's 1000 Greatest Films. This Happy Breed released in 1944 was only David Lean’s second feature film but stands among one of his best and certainly one of the best films to come out of England at the time. This Happy Breed ★★★½ 1947A celebrated film version of Noel Co ward's classic play depicts the changing fortunes of a large family in England between the world wars. I’ve read a quote that Coward defined ‘Englishness’ during this period. It was also the second directorial effort of renowned British director David Lean. © Letterboxd Limited. The Speed of Passion: Close-Up on David Lean’s "Breaking the Sound Barrier", 27 October 2016 As cats are very clean creatures, the butter on its paws and the bits of dirt/dust/debris that will inevitably stick to it will annoy the cat.   |  Directed by Jonas Grimås. Mobile site. Would love to watch this again one day.

“I can’t understand a word they’re saying.” “I know but it’s marvelous, innit?”. When he is first seen, he is a Leading Seaman/Rate having a 3rd Class Quarters Rating in Gunnery. Anthony Havelock-Allan (adapted for the screen by), The Speed of Passion: Close-Up on David Lean’s "Breaking the Sound Barrier", Ethel & Ernest review – moving adaptation of Raymond Briggs's graphic novel. Movies set at, around or a scene at Christmas. Individual scenes, however, are often quite strong, especially those involving Kay Walsh (who I didn't realize was then Mrs.

Film data from TMDb. Pretty much a slice of life piece from the writing/directing team behind Brief Encounter (Noel Coward/David Lean). Lean’s obviously more well-known for his epics, and in some ways this is one, if not in scale and budget then in depicting a time and place between the two World Wars. Every Film Available on The Criterion Channel, The Criterion Channel: The Permanent Streaming Library. The swelling orchestral fanfare which plays over the final shots is based around the main theme of the then-popular patriotic song "London Pride", a song written and most notably recorded by producer Noël Coward, and author of the play upon which this movie was based.

As ever, cinema isn't the ideal medium for a story that spans 20 years—a problem exacerbated here by Coward's highlight-reel structure, with the film (and the source play, presumably) leaping from one isolated Event to the next: General Strike, Charleston craze, wedding, sudden death, etc. Just after World War I, the Gibbons family moves to a nice house in the suburbs.

| The household includes Frank,….

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