topaz birthstone

Imperial Topaz 5.65ct Natural Untreated Triangular VVS Clarity November Bir, NEW ! Photo: GIA & Tino Hammid, Orange citrine birthstone ring. [20][21] Pliny said that Topazos is a legendary island in the Red Sea and the mineral "topaz" was first mined there. November birthstones make a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Deep in the world’s largest freshwater wetland lies Bolivia’s Anahí mine, an important source for natural, unheated citrine. This means that those born in November have many options to choose from. And even far before that, ancient Egyptians wore yellow topaz which represented the sun god, Ra, due to its fiery yellow tone. Topaz is an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but it has poor toughness, so care is required to avoid chipping or cracking. Topaz Birthstone Care & Cleaning.

Along with harvesting for winter, preparing for the holidays and cozying up with your loved ones, it is the birth month for the Sagittarius' in the world.

With special treatment to transform the natural brown color of topaz to a bright, brilliant and sparkling blue, like the glistening surface of the ocean. By closing this banner or using this site you agree to our revised Privacy Notice, Terms of Service and Cookie Policy. Whether you choose to wear a matching topaz jewelry set, a gorgeous citrine ring, or mix and match both gems together, the possibilities for wearing November birthstone jewelry are plenty! There is no commercial mining of topaz in that area. While the most prized citrine gemstones are a warm yellow, there are hues available from pale yellow to honey and golden yellow to nearly brown. At 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness with good toughness, your citrine birthstone is usually durable enough for normal wear and care.

A variety of impurities and treatments may make topaz wine red, pale gray, reddish-orange, pale green, or pink (rare), and opaque to translucent/transparent. Now that you know a little bit more about the history of these two November birthstones and where they can be found, you just might be inspired to add them to your collection! Yellow to orange, red, pink, violet and blends of red with orange or purple are some of the colors unearthed here. © 2002 - document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Gemological Institute of America Inc. GIA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. It typically crystallizes in granitic pegmatites or in vapor cavities in rhyolite lava flows including those at Topaz Mountain in western Utah and Chivinar in South America.

Especially with gems as stunning as the November birthstones! All rights reserved. It is commonly believed that the name originated with the Russian royal family’s insistence on keeping the finest colors of this gem, which was mined in Russia’s Ural Mountains, exclusively for their use. The pink and red varieties come from chromium replacing aluminium in its crystalline structure. It’s November, which means Autumn leaves are fading into the coming winter breeze. Known as the “Light Maker,” Citrine represents vitality, promotes health and is used as a healing crystal. However, because these translations as topaz all derive from the Septuagint translation topazi[os], which referred to a yellow stone that was not topaz, but probably chrysolite (chrysoberyl or peridot), topaz is likely not meant here. However, it’s also available in a wide spectrum of colors from blue to fiery red and orange. High heat or sudden temperature changes can cause internal breaks in topaz.

Today, other major sources of this November birthstone include Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the United States, as well as the historic Russian localities.
1 1/4 CTW Round Yellow Topaz Link 18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelet in 0.925 Yellow Sterling Silver (MDS170376) $239.00 $89.00 Compare 1 1/5 CT Pear Mystic Topaz Fancy Pendant Necklace in 0.925 White Sterling Silver (MDS170252) $119.00 $49.00 The name “topaz,” is derived from the Greek word “topazion,” which came from the Sanskrit word for “fire.” Why would a blue gemstone be named after fire? The pink and red varieties come from chromium replacing aluminium in its crystalline structure. The ancient Greeks carved rock crystal ornaments that glistened like permafrost. The depths of each of these November birthstones are rich and intriguing. Not only does it sh… Topaz and Citrine are each unique and beautiful in their own special way, just like you are! High heat or sudden temperature changes can cause internal breaks in topaz. [27], This article is about the mineral or gemstone. But even at Ghundao Hill, only rarely is this fine pink November birthstone found. Warm, soapy water works best. So, what special meanings does topaz have? From the 1300s to the 1600s, Europeans thought it could thwart magic spells and dispel anger. Having topaz and citrine as your November birthstones gives you numerous choices, as they offer eye-catching colors and sizes.

The variety of topaz hues includes colorless, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown and, very rarely, red. Now that we’ve covered one November birthstone, let’s have a look at the next one! Let’s take a closer look at each one of these stunning November birthstones. These types of topaz gemstones are often mistaken for Quartz because of the similarities in coloring. It was also believed that wearing topaz increased body heat, which would enable people to relieve a cold or fever. From left to right: a 9.21 carat (ct) colorless topaz from Nigeria, a 15.01 ct light blue topaz from Brazil, an 18.41 ct purplish pink topaz from Pakistan, and a 12.54 ct orange-red topaz from Brazil. The top sources for this November birthstone are Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico and Uruguay. 10 October Birthstone - Opal and Tourmaline, Take A Look At The Best Gemstone Sales Of 2015, Topaz - A precious and intensely saturated yellow gemstone from Brazil that is color-treated to transform into a radiant blue. GIA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The most sought-after shade of pink topaz from Katlang has a tinge of violet, which some in the gem trade call cyclamen pink. During medieval times, Saxon rulers wore topaz jewelry and breastplates. While it is usually okay to clean your November birthstone in an ultrasonic machine, steam cleaning is risky since high heat could cause the stone to crack. Don’t forget about the November babies! A fantasy cut unleashes the fire within this 43.49 ct citrine. Presently, topaz is the November birthstone and invites creative energy, concentration, and good fortune. Large, vivid blue topaz specimens from the St. Anns mine in Zimbabwe were found in the late 1980s. Topaz is commonly associated with silicic igneous rocks of the granite and rhyolite type. [14] The American Golden Topaz, a more recent gem, weighed a massive 22,892.5 carats. Topaz in its natural state is a golden brown to yellow – a characteristic which means it is sometimes confused with citrine, a less valuable gemstone. Topaz symbolizes love, affection, and sweetness and has a vibrant history that spans centuries and cultures. One of the most sought-after November birthstones is this pinkish orange Imperial topaz. When it comes to march birthstones the theme is as... Center fused topaz is an enhancement process that transforms a... Are you looking for a place to sell gemstones online... Blue gemstones are dreamy and tranquil bringing to the surface... October is the season of change autumn officially commences and... What a year 2015 has been the gemstone industry has... Our list of birthstones by month will help you understand what each birthstone means and why they make thoughtful and beautiful gifts. The Topaz of Aurangzeb, observed by Jean Baptiste Tavernier weighed 157.75 carats. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA, Faceting of the Anahí mine crystals produces citrine, amethyst and ametrine gems. The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave them strength. Citrine is exclusively available in an intensely saturated, soft yellow tone. State gemstone cut – Lone Star cut", Handbook of Texas Online – Mineral Resources and Mining, Mason, Texas Chamber of Commerce Web site,, Topaz and other minerals found at Topaz Mountain, Juab County,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from August 2016, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from August 2016, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from EB9, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Colorless (if no impurities), white, blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, yellowish brown, green, pink and reddish pink, red, Weak in thick sections X = yellow; Y = yellow, violet, reddish; Z = violet, bluish, yellow, pink, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 09:49. Brazil is one of the largest producers of topaz,[13] some clear topaz crystals from Brazilian pegmatites can reach boulder size and weigh hundreds of pounds. Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine with the chemical formula Al2SiO4(F, OH)2. To clean this November birthstone, do not use steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners. There is lovely symbolism surrounding topaz. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA, Hillside view in Katlang, Pakistan. From fire to ice, read on as we explore the amazing birthstones of November! Discovered by a Spanish conquistador in the 1600s, it was given to him as dowry when he married Anahí, a princess from the Ayoreos tribe of Paraguay. Each is unique to itself and provides the option of choosing a cool tone, or warm tone.

Citrine, believed to derive from the French word for “lemon” (citron), is given for the thirteenth wedding anniversary. If topaz is cherished for its bright blue color, citrine is equally adored for its intense warm hue.

With its ready availability in a broad range of sizes, citrine birthstone is one of the most affordable and desired yellow gemstones. Courtesy: Dr. Edward J. Gübelin Collection, Here are some of the many colors of topaz. Its name comes from 17th-century Russian Tsars who claimed ownership over this sunset-hued gemstone. The mine was lost for three centuries until it was rediscovered in the 1960s. Hurlbut, Cornelius S.; Klein, Cornelis, 1985, The Encyclopedia of Superstitions One of the most captivating qualities of citrine is the rainbow sparkle that reflects from within the gemstone. All rights reserved.

Citrine comes from the French word, “citron,” which means (no surprises here) lemon. The nearby town of Ouro Preto is a fitting companion. These are also the Zodiac stones for Sagitarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21).

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