true detective season 2 episode 8

Kwame finds it impossible to process his own sexual assault, personally or legally—in part because the justice system proves to have even less infrastructure for dealing with the rape of gay men—and diverts his anguish into a distasteful act of sexual mendacity. When footage surfaces of Shaun hitting Hannah and dragging her out of the camera’s sight, he denies any involvement, but he’s immediately accused of a second crime that’s supported by theoretically objective evidence. Moreover, Discovery clearly intends Book to serve as a foil to the long-collapsed Federation and its values, but he doesn’t seem much more morally ambiguous than many of the dodgy Starfleet characters we got to know in season two, nor does that contrast reveal much about the Federation. Onion plays along, without making a fuss. Like the stories that The Third Day appears on its surface to be emulating, much of the drama here will ultimately pivot around just how successful it will be at slowly pulling back the curtain until its final reveal. If they came to me through you, if they hurt you, I wouldn’t deserve to live.” He’s pretty badass in his methodical planning too; using a hidden saferoom in Felicia’s (Yara Martinez) bar as a staging ground, he recruits Ray for a heist, and the two smoothly gun down a cabin full of thugs, including Osip and Jacob McCandless (Jon Lindstrom), who were finalizing Osip’s multimillion (cash) buy-in to the poisoned rail corridor land. If True Detective’s theme is that “we get the world we deserve,” then Ray’s been headed on the road to oblivion ever since he chose to compromise himself and seek vengeance on the man he believed to have wronged his wife. Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) is a British soldier accused of killing a member of the Taliban during a tour of duty in Afghanistan after the man had already surrendered. As Lovecraft’s influence on horror continues to grow in the decades since his death, artists have attempted to reckon with his racism and xenophobia, namely by recognizing that the pagan cults and corrupted humanoid monsters that make the author’s work so chilling also provide insights into his pathological hatred of the Other.

This gives the Muto clan’s odyssey something of a mythic quality as they make their way through symbolic destinations, from an open, seemingly empty grocery store to a community that practices kintsugi, a Japanese art of pottery repair. And their sense of superiority informs Lovecraft Country’s most blackly comedic moment, when Christina objects to Tic comparing their group to the KKK by saying, “My father and his associates would never fraternize with the Klan. Brown’s moral simplicity is its own kind of privilege. Simply pick your favorite device to watch HBO GO. Star Trek has tried and failed at constructing a one-episode arc around a rugged male individualist before, and Book isn’t the worst instance of this archetype (see—or don’t see—the notorious Next Generation episode “The Outrageous Okona”), but Book is too obvious a pulpy fabrication for the kind of emotional weight his reluctant friendship with Burnham is meant to carry. Where Onion’s perspective is concerned, the series is a little shakier. At last, the two are able to be open and vulnerable; at the same time, they’re shown to be safer and more protected than ever before now that they’ve found each other. You can lay it down.” Ray dies rerouting through the past, and Frank dies because of a bad deal he made in the present, but Ani chooses not to be defined by her past, and is able to walk away. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! By spotlighting this interplay, the series emphasizes how we create so many of these boundaries ourselves, whether in our own heads, through procedures, or in accordance with society at large, along lines of political affinity, relationships, and sexuality. True Detective Season One Review - Duration: 12:12. Despite its timely trappings, the sci-fi series works best as an empty-calorie thriller. And the tenth episode, “The Cause the Cure,” presents what’s probably the show’s most moving representation of the yin-and-yang influence that loved ones can have on the course of our lives, juxtaposing Arabella’s realization of a truth about her beloved father (Yinka Awoni) with her processing of her and Terry’s own betrayals of each other’s sisterly trust.

And in a small, mysterious role, Ron Perlman revels in a sense of understatement, suggesting a bored, bureaucratic comfort with authoritarianism that’s both eerie and funny. Instead, as mentioned earlier, Ray decides to help Frank with his robbery of the Russian mobsters, and he makes a fatal mistake. True Detective Season 2, Episode 8 – A Roundtable by: Michael Shields and Chris Thompson True Detective’s final episode crashes over us in painful waves of haunting emotion and stunning landscapes, showing us how exactly, we get the world we deserve…

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