what is buffalo known for

Music! I’m not sure if and when you visited or lived here, because I really enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to anyone.

7) And if you take the Giants and the Yankees away we wouldn’t have many championships in the either. by you listing #1 that buffalo’s food is good, its obvious that you totally and completely lack of good taste…..Buffalo has the worst and most awfull bad restaurants in the world….pizza sucks , pasta sucks, grrek food sucks…there is wings , wings and more wings…..we had visited over 25  local places and out of the 25 , only elmo’s and duffs are good..but again, these places serve Chicken!!!! cape buffalo. He has plenty of “adversity” in South Florida. You need serious help if you cannot tolerate an opposing point of view. nogobuffalo Since the very definition of “reality” leans on factual information and concrete evidence, I’d love to see some research or quantifiable data behind your claim that Buffalo citizens are, as a whole, poorly traveled and naive. Transit is a major, major issue. There are also over 300 bicycle parking locations installed throughout the city of Buffalo, NY. If anything can help diminish what seems like a very negative attitude on your part, perhaps some good ol’ South Florida vitamin D is just what the doctor ordered. I know it’s been 4 years since you wrote this comment, but OMG it great! It was simply my opinion from my comparatively limited experience dining in Buffalo, and by no means did I mean to demean the other great Chinese food in this city.
LOL! 1) Manhattan is for the rich only.
BethColby For sure – free or nearly free! I lived there for over 60 years, and only left because a warmer climate was better for my health. MartiGorman Hi Marti, of course you can link to it from your site, and I’ll certainly check it out. The city is well known for its lovely historical buildings, including the Art Deco-style City Hall. Mostly I like this post, but theres one thing I must take issue with. Many shills for Buffalo I meet here haven’t experienced better to know what’s better – if they did, they’d realize that Buffalo is mediocre at best (yes, even with Canalside which is visually dominated by that eyesore Skyway Bridge). MarioEscoto All I can think of is that somebody really shut you and “negativityisgood” down in Buffalo. I live in Buffalo because it’s NOT NYC, and I never want it to become anything like NYC. Buffalonians are also very civic minded and there are many historical groups who fight to save the big trees, the lovely old buildings  and they promote the city Buffalo’s huge Polish population is extremely friendly and welcoming, as the celebration’s slogan states “everybody is Polish on Dyngus Day!”, Images from Pat DePuy (from St. Patrick’s Day and Pride Parade 2013 in Buffalo). Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? As much as it pains me to say, if I was forced to choose between the two, I would have to choose Buffalo. Quaint little place on West Side. European Bison is closely related to American Bison, but is slightly larger and taller than its American counterpart. Buffalo’s climate may be wacky, but the region yields all four seasons of weather to its residents. Reminder: it’s other people’s REALITY, not negativity or cynicism. Regardless, they are amazing. No, I haven’t been to Buffalo yet, but I will be visiting between this spring and summer.

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