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Find articles, news, musician pages, and more! “Scarecrow” comes to mind. Why’d he even solo?! SS: It was actually my next question to ask. SS: The entire line-up is stellar, not just the drummers. Steve joins a select company of musicians including Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, and The Who! JG: Yeah, and the thing with him is that, as much as he could play or could choose to play, on tons of hit records it’s just “Boof” and “Ba.” What he chooses not to play is just so cool to me. Roboto’ and His Awaited New Solo Album, ’26 East, Vol. SS: Yeah, the imagery is great and I realized as soon as I finished watching the video that I’d broken a rule of mine: never watch the video before you’ve listened to the song, but this time I didn’t do that. Drummer Talk 273 – So you want to MD!

Is it wrong that this is annoying me? SS: I think this song would be great even if Lauren sat and played it solo, but the arrangement and the recording and the performance of everybody on the track made it sound huge. The extraordinary talents, and enthusiasm of these local musicians blew me away, and the resulting concert was just too good not to share with those unable to attend. One of those salt-of-the-earth guys, and a better musician you’ll never find.
Ferrone has recorded and performed with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Duran Duran, Stevie Nicks, Laura Pausini, Christine McVie, Rick James, Slash, Chaka Khan, Bee Gees, Scritti Politti, Aerosmith, Al Jarreau and Johnny Cash. Tom Petty’s death hit hard last October for musicians and fans, and especially for the Heartbreakers. Drummer Talk 272 – State of the Union (So What IS Up? He has recorded and performed with numerous other high-profile acts, including Duran Duran, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Slash, Chaka Khan, … He’s telling me about his recovery with his knee replacement; we’re getting closer and it’s really nice that I became friends with him through Lauren and Jim. The one thing I know about doing stuff like this, and it was the one thing that was going to save me, is that when you do a wall-of-sound kind of thing, a Phil Spector kind of thing, which I’ve done a bunch, the trick to it is simplicity; everybody’s got to play really simple, otherwise it doesn’t work. I’m your guy, send me in.” He put me in and I start playing along to the track, eyes closed, headphones on, getting into it, and he stops the track around halfway through and gets on the talk-back and says, “Yeah man, that’s great, we’re going to get a professional, come on in.” It was a heartbreaking experience to me, it was shattering.

pasic, steve ferrone ⋅. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed about so much right now. Before this session with Lauren, when was the last time you sat behind a kit and did any real playing? I’m always looking to make a contribution that will make the song sound better.

They said it was a huge game, that a billion people would be watching. As soon as I got out of high school, that transformed into Hammond organ.

LM: No, he played on three other songs, two of which are going to be on the next album, but not on this first EP.

So, once a year we do a big fund-raising event and the big drum circle also once a year.

I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I used to party a lot. If it was mixed wrong, there could be a potential train wreck happening. He’s got drum kits galore, and all these weird, wacky keyboards, guitars and string instruments; everything you could imagine. I lost it just watching it at home. King, Joins Rock and Blues Icons on New Album ‘Blues for a King’, Turn Me On: Singer/Songwriter Grayson Capps, Ronnie Wood: Artist, Painter, Author, Rolling Stone (The Interview), Q&A: Dion on His NYC Roots and His Star-Studded New Album, ‘Blues With Friends’, Was Brian Jones Murdered? But as the AWB began to lose control over and interest in their own records, Ferrone began branching out to record with the likes of George Benson, George Duke, the Brothers Johnson and Rick James.

He made some phone calls and Steve said yes, and Bob Glaub, who is a legendary bass player in the session world and live performing–he has played with Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt Bonnie Raitt–all of the people that I really admire; and John Ginty, who was formerly with the Dixie Chicks, who now are The Chicks, and who now plays with the Allman/Betts Band. When you’ve played with people that love making music, it’s like your married; it’s your slightly dysfunctional family. I did all the jazz bands and all the orchestras, and my band director in high school was actually getting me gigs on the side that were good gigs and paid money. SF: For me, very little. Just beautiful. ’ve gotten to play shaker and tambourine with Fred Eltringham, Don Heffinton, and now Rick Allen.

The whole thing will come apart, and I knew this going in so I just thought, “Okay, I’ll let Ferrone do all the heavy liftin’ [laughs], I’ll listen real carefully to what Rick’s going to do, and I’m going to find a real simple part that works with the two and stick with it, stay on it.” And that’s what I did.

Def Leppard was there, and Mellencamp was there, because our manager, Billy Gaff, managed Mellencamp and managed Rod Stewart, who also may have been there. SF: Hall of Fame? The core band was Rick, Steve Ferrone, Bob Glaub, Brian Whelan, John Ginty, and Doug Pettibone. Director Danny Garcia Discusses New Documentary ‘Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones’, Part 2: Rockers Recall The Most Impressive Live Gigs They’ve Seen (Memories from Rick Springfield, Gene Simmons, Eric Carmen, More), Behind the Curtain: Focus and Precision, Thy Name is Travis Barker, Dramarama Turns its Creative Switch Back on to Make Long-Awaited New Album ‘Color TV’, Q&A: Marc LaBelle of Dirty Honey, the Unsigned Band That Climbed to the Top of the Billboard Rock Charts, Dennis DeYoung Talks Radio, Politics, ‘Mr.

Lauren Monroe: I wrote the song in 2016 during the Summer of the presidential campaign. I think there might have been a little drum loop or something that felt good, that we would play to. I got it, put me in.” And I rocked it, I nailed it, like right in the socket. Other Songs Doo Doo Doo External links (return to top of page) Look this artist up at: MySpace • Amazon • Last.fm iTunes: Steve Ferrone AllMusic: Steve Ferrone Discogs: Steve Ferrone MusicBrainz: Steve Ferrone Spotify: Steve Ferrone RateYourMusic: Steve Ferrone This artist page is a stub. While you may have not yet heard of Lauren Monroe, it’s a safe bet that you will soon, especially if you’re a drummer.

Steve Ferrone Clinic […] Berndt Neumayer Germany Dec 17, 2009 @ 14:53:27 Hi all together,just one Question.We are a Tom Petty Coverband and I just wanna know,where I can buy playalongs for Drums with CD with the most songs.

Browse Drummer Talk. 6:04 Third tune.

News about Steve Ferrone on Google I told him we WERE! SS: Did you guys map it out much before starting to play, or just wing it and see where it went?

I’m glad Jim called me for that session. SS: Yes, it was a crucial moment in their success and there were millions of dollars on the line. The video brought the song to life. I didn’t really pay attention to what anyone else was doing, it just felt like it was working. This page is updated often with new details on Steve Ferrone’s net worth, money and earnings, so come back soon for fresh updates. SS: He fixed a timing issue with how he placed instruments on the track? And that happens through drumming, through alternative medicine and treatments such as equine therapy, neuro-feedback, yoga, mindfulness meditation; we combine a lot of therapies. Three drummers, four drummers, sure, piece of cake. Steve Ferrone birthday countdown at BirthdayCelebs.com Steve Ferrone worth on CelebsDetails.com Who is the richest drummer in the world? We work with an old friend, Shaun Monson, and the imagery that he found was just profound and really brought the song into its own. SS: What would be ultimately the most satisfying result for you with this song? KA: I’m not sure, but let’s put it this way–99% of the time you go in to do percussion, the drums are already on there. LM: To raise consciousness about how important it is for us all to find deep compassion for one another.

Q: How was it playing at the Super Bowl? There are no vehicles shown to the public. It was described like we were doing a Lion King version of the Bo Diddley beat. No, net worth is not yearly. That’s one of the things that drums do really well, so I think that’s probably the main reason.

View wiki I know you stay so busy that recalling a particular song and what you did with it is next to impossible, but what are your memories of doing that session? A song about love that isn’t cheesy or cliché.

SF: It’s a wonderful tribute, as I said, not only to him but to his band.

SS: I’m curious about the distinction between the two organizations – Raven Drum Foundation began in 2001, and The Resiliency Project? Just go in and get it. It was crazy, and as crazy as it was in my head, the good news is that it was easy, because those guys are so great that the pocket was a mile wide. I had the privilege of seeing a showing of this film called, Unity, that was directed by Shaun Monson ; it was so moving to me and I never forgot the trailer for it and how it represented such an emotional message in such a short amount of time.

1′ (The Interview), Rockers Recall The Best Live Concerts They’ve Ever Seen (Paul Stanley, Peter Frampton, Steve Lukather and More), Q&A: Annette Walter-Lax on Her Being with Keith Moon During ‘The Last Four Years’ of the Drummer’s Life, Behind the Curtain: Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and the Magic of Music-Connected Memories. On the subject of touching moments with Rick, you’ve got to check out…. The song is very percussive, so it obviously worked out great, but was that happening on the fly, or was it discussed that you wanted that big drum feel to the track? Way too many guitar solos. But his time moved a little here and there and there were little bits that felt awkward to me. I know Rick was not there that day, but did you get to work with the other musicians on the track? He’s an amazing mixer. Especially if one of them is an organist [laughs]. Net worth is everything you own of significance (Assets) minus what is owed in debts (Liabilities). You have to just give yourself to that river and find your spot. SS: I know you’d worked with him before, but had you ever recorded there? p>Sign in / sign up and request update access to the Steve Ferrone page.

Please Sign Up or Sign In to send your inquiry. Had you worked with him on anything else over the years?

We certainly have no shortage of images in our heads that we can’t shake these days, so anything with a positive message that makes us think and feel is a good thing. Q: How is it backstage at a Tom Petty concert?

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