what not to wear in italy

During fall and winter, well-fitted sweaters are a great choice to wear in Rome. One with a big brim all the way around like the one pictured here is ideal – click here for information about this particular sun hat. Another reason I like it is that the sand won’t stick on it. Some people like to bring their laptop or tablet it’s up to you. Bring a toiletry bag, like this one,  to keep all your toiletries in as well as a small clear bag for going through airport security. Since this is Rome, neutral options will always be popular, but pops of bright color are great–Romans aren’t nearly as known for their love of black as, say, Parisians or New Yorkers. It’s not necessarily entirely common for men to be turned away for wearing shorts that hit at the knee–you’ll see men in standard shorts in churches throughout Italy–but it is a possibility, so before you jump in the giant line at St. Peter’s Basilica, consider throwing on some pants. Remember what I said above about what you’re comfortable in being the #1 rule when deciding what to wear in Rome? Click here for more information these Merrell hiking shoes. Same as above. Think light and airy dresses like this. For most beach destinations you will need this before heading out in the evening. I personally love wearing dark red in Rome and think that dresses like this, paired with tights depending on the weather, look amazing against the colorful buildings in the city. The last thing you want is aching feet while in Rome. ), 15 Prettiest Piazzas in Rome (+ Map to Find Them! Bear in mind that dual voltage devices can be a bit weaker! During winter, look for a warm, fashionable coat that you’re happy to have in all your photos (because you’ll likely be wearing it every day!). The Eternal City is known for its scorching summers, fashionable residents, and hundreds of interesting sights that lend themselves to long days of sightseeing (some of which come with a dress code–looking at you, St. Peter’s Basilica). In Italy, there are many places that still do not take credit cards and if you're traveling with an American Express card you'll find even fewer places to use it. I always struggle with what to pack based on culture and geography.Thank you for such brilliant ideas! I love, I wouldn’t bring a particularly thick one, but a, Want to blend in without packing too much in Rome during the fall? Much like spring and fall, a skirt with a layer underneath (in the winter, I’d recommend, All the boots! You won’t see a lot of Roman women wearing shorts in the city–at the beach yes, in Rome itself no–but so many tourists will be wearing shorts in Rome during the summer that if you absolutely want to bring a pair or two, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Super helpful!Thank you so much for putting these together.

I’d recommend bringing at least one dress that hits below the knee so you can visit the Vatican and other churches around Rome without worrying about the dress code–plus maxi dresses are so photogenic anyway, and a great way to feel dressed up in Rome with minimal effort! Okay, this isn’t exactly something to wear in Rome, but since it pertains directly to appearance, it’s worth mentioning: if you’re coming from outside of Europe, these items won’t work in Italy, even with an adaptor! Click here for more information and don’t forget to use the code TRAVELPASSIONATE_EU for 10% discount. Skirts, Cute, strappy sandals look wonderful in Rome, but unfortunately, many pairs don’t offer a lot of support to your feet, which you absolutely need! I’ve got a separate post on luggage I recommend. You can sum up what footwear to wear in Rome during the fall in one word: boots. One of my favorite things about traveling in Rome is its layers. I wouldn’t bring a particularly thick one, but a lightweight trench coat like this is an easy way to look fashionable and pulled together during late fall in Rome, and will keep you warm during the cooler nights. Click here for more information about this portable charger.

), I recommend choosing a glove compatible with smartphone usage–these e tip gloves are a great choice. Disclaimer: Travel Passionate is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and its partners. Dresses like the one pictured below on the left is perfect as you can dress them up for a casual dinner at night too. So what should be avoided? Get a universal one like this one here. These come in handy when you have multiple tickets for transport, tours and hotels as well as somewhere to keep your passport and foreign currency. Click here to check it out. Many small, family-run restaurants and shops, bed and breakfasts, and outdoor markets require cash payments. A pair of trousers for colder nights. Packing Cubes, like these ones,  are a must to keep all your belongings organized.

During last spring and summer in Italy, I opted for these shoes and I didn’t feel like I stuck out and my feet were extremely comfortable. Want to blend in without packing too much in Rome during the fall? The most fashionable outfit in the world can still add unnecessary stress to your trip if it isn’t a style you’re comfortable wearing, your shoes pinch, the fabric on your shirt itches… you get the picture. Travel Pillow: Useful for long flights or ferry rides. Visiting Rome requires a lot of walking, and a surprising amount of that walking is done on non-smooth surfaces–think of exploring the winding cobblestone streets of Trastevere or climbing Palatine Hill, for example. Last but not least, don’t forget all those important travel documents, money and somewhere to carry it all. A fan of skirts? Rome is one of the places I think everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. If you’re spending any time on the islands, add the below to your checklist. 10 tips to be fashionable in Europe « What to wear in …, Skirts, shorts, or dresses that go past the knee or pants (jeans OK), Tops that completely cover the midriff area, Wearing a shawl to cover up bare shoulders is considered acceptable, If you only plan to wear shorts during your trip use a pareo and wear it as a wrap skirt to cover up upon entering churches. Taking endless amounts of photos each day can easily drain your phone while you’re and about. For example, by early November in Rome, you’ll see trench coats start to show up on the locals–even if the temperature still only calls for a light jacket. I'm busy writing a guide to offbeat Rome today--as much as we love the world renowned highlights that the city is known for, there is just so much more below the surface that deserves to be explored. What to wear in Italy in April through to October? Join us here to see what we’ve been up to lately--or to start planning your own adventures! A pair similar to these is a great basic choice, and similar to what I wear in Rome during the winter. We bring ours everywhere and it has been a lifesaver more than once. Perfectly fine in Rome. You should always put sunscreen on to avoid getting burnt and a hat so that you don’t suffer from a sun stroke. Warm sweater dresses like this one and this one, layered with fleece-lined leggings, are a great way to stay warm during winter in Rome without compromising on style! Sheek designer sunglasses are popular in Rome, and a great way to save your eyes during outdoor sightseeing–but even if you don’t want to shell out the cash for an expensive pair (or don’t want to risk losing them abroad), having a fashionable pair of sunglasses onhand in Rome is almost certain to improve your trip. I personally love wearing dark red in Rome and think that, Black is also extremely popular of course, and you can’t go wrong with a look, Like in spring, if you’re packing for a fall trip to Rome, be sure to throw in a few, Pretty tops in neutral colors are perfect wearing in Rome in the fall. I am a Tourism Management Graduate with a passion for traveling. From the end of May, the weather in Italy is starting to get warm and so what to pack for a trip to Italy is much different to what you’d pack if you were going during the cooler months. But, unless you absolutely can’t stand to leave these items at home, consider leaving them off your Rome packing list. This is a personal choice but bring whatever you might need for a night out. Still true. Your email address will not be published. Think something, Like in spring, dark, skinny jeans are always in style in Rome and make a great option when you’re deciding what to wear in Rome during the fall. If don’t want to bring an underwater camera, turn your mobile phone into one with a waterproof phone pouch. Dark, well-fitted jeans like these and a pair of chinos are both great options for men visiting Rome year-round. . If you’re headed overseas, don’t forget to bring with you your passport and check if you require a visa. Click here for more information about this Travelon shoulder bag. If you’re young, they scream “American foreign exchange student”. What to Pack for a Beach Vacation? Some links in this post may be affiliate links. . During spring and early fall, you’ll definitely want to bring at least a light jacket to keep you warm at night. A pair of flip-flops if you’re visiting the beach. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

– Ultimate Beach Trip Checklist, Things to do in The Hague, The Netherlands. Skirts like this and this are fashionable and easy to wear in the city. What NOT to Wear in Rome; What to Know Before Packing for Rome Romans tend to dress a bit on the formal side. Consider packing something like this. Choose one that’s at least SPF 30 – like the one pictured here. Spring evenings in Rome can still be quite cool, so consider bringing a couple of pairs of tights with you to layer under your dresses as needed–they’re very popular in Rome!

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