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In any event, let’s look at the final stanza to see whether it lends credence to any particular analysis or interpretation. A wildcard is a symbol such as * or ? Some of us drown in them. In other words, it can be argued that the narrator refuses to let even God get in the way of their love. Our luxury! This extract does underline the fact that she felt death was not the end but a new beginning, a natural transition. There’s even more here to consider. Eden is the biblical garden where Adam and Eve first lived and here is the speaker in a boat, rowing across an imagined sea. Five people were injured as Reynolds slashed out wildly with a kitchen knife.

Not a single one night stand but envisaged nights, ongoing, indefinite. If Emily Dickinson had known precisely the feeling she wanted to express when she wrote Wild Nights—Wild Nights, she wouldn’t have written a poem! Rowing is a metaphor for sex, the sea for deep feelings, and even the idea of mooring in thee is clearly a sexual reference. If you refer to someone or something as a wild card in a particular situation, you mean that they cause uncertainty because you do not know how they will behave. In other words, the lover can’t make it to the person who is the object of their desire. Were I with thee Might I but moor – tonight – Emily Dickinson was a deeply religious person yet not in a conventionally pious way. Any Wild Nights—Wild Nights analysis would be incomplete without first addressing this issue. They altered punctuation, capitals, and even words at times. Bear with us and our analysis of Wild Nights—Wild Nights. It focuses on rapture, ecstasy and loving passionate union - the main question being: Because of the poem's ambiguity and use of metaphor, the answer to the above question isn't straightforward.

However, an older, more traditional meaning, is that of lasciviousness. What’s the sea a metaphor for? At the time the poem was written, in 1862 or thereabouts, restrictions on sexual expression would have been severe, especially within the Dickinson household, where father Edward and mother Emily kept tight reins on family affairs. They can’t make use of the compass or the chart, because they aren’t being allowed to sail. Here is the best Wild Nights—Wild Nights analysis you will find anywhere.

Done with the Compass – And the sea can be understood to mean the passion or emotion, the element we all return to. Wild flowers are flowers which grow naturally in the countryside, rather than being grown by people in gardens. There are several ways. And thus, the lover no longer needs a Compass or a Chart, and can no longer be pulled this way or that by the Wind. Maybe, but the hyphens here add much ambiguity.

Try it and see. A punch delivered in a Friday or Saturday, celebrate smth. That, as Thomas Wentworth Higginson suggested, the poem isn’t really an erotic poem at all! The second stanza could be expressing a rejection of God. The wilds of a place are the natural areas that are far away from towns. But is that the only interpretation? Then, we get a reference to the sea. The speaker is with her lover or her God or she has lost the opportunity in real life and can now only dream of being united. They went canoeing in the wilds of Canada. The narrator could want to be moored in the feeling of love itself. So, given all these interpretations, what should your Wild Nights—Wild Nights analysis be? The narrator’s heart has come home to port, and it can’t be buoyed by winds. As a parallel to this thought, no longer does a lover require compass or chart on troubled seas, since in finding love, the voyage is done, the port reached. 1. Contact us. Does it sound as if we just dropped off the deep end? ‘Wild nights – Wild nights!’. This second interpretation might sound odd but not when we consider the life Emily Dickinson was living as a kind of cloistered nun.

Everything hinges on the word luxury, which, in the context of this first stanza and the poet's life, points to a fulfilment of an intense desire. The couple’s desire is so strong that they “should be” together. She imagines herself as a sailor on a stormy sea, searching for the harbor of her love. The biblical allusion to Eden suggests that this could well be a religious metaphor for a new relationship with God. It refers to a night of passion, whether that passion is of a sexual or spiritual nature is up for interpretation. Wild animals or plants live or grow in natural surroundings and are not looked after by people. The only way the author can escape this world is via death. Finally, the third stanza expresses again the desire to be with someone. It was released as a single in 1971 and reached number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Keep in mind that when you make the long-e sound, your mouth is smiling. At night, we sleep, and sleep is a metaphor for death. Could the expression Wild Nights be a reference to death as well? Everything that could grow was running wild for lack of attention... A wild boar is a large fierce pig which has two long curved teeth and a hairy body, and lives in forests. So it would be understandable for a young woman in her thirties with a rather shy and secretive nature to want to express her innermost self through her writings. All rights reserved. As she finished each song, the crowd clapped wildly. The lines of the first stanza are clearly erotic. At night, we sleep, and sleep is a metaphor for death. The Wild West is used to refer to the western part of the United States during the time when Europeans were first settling there. They express an unfulfilled desire. If you describe someone or their behaviour as wild, you mean that they behave in a very uncontrolled way. The speaker seems to be merely proposing the idea that if she and some other could be together then.... ....wild nights would certainly ensue. It comes off as almost a sigh. A very direct way to interpret the second stanza would be as follows. We hope it stimulated you and got you thinking about the meaning of the poem. We hope you enjoyed our Wild Nights—Wild Nights analysis. We’ll further note briefly that we’ve seen a version of the poem floating around the Internet that takes the last line of the poem and alters it from “In thee!” to “With Thee!” That is, needless to say, an appalling error. Is the poem about latent sexual yearnings, or about a spiritual love experienced with God in Paradise? Some ambiguity has already crept into the interpretation as the speaker announces that the winds cannot be of any use. For example, the first line is full on stressed: whilst other lines have a mix of iamb and trochee: The most striking aspect of the rhythm is the stress on the first and last syllable of several lines, which is the underlying rhythm and gives the feel of the physicality either of the waves or the human actions. I suppose we are all thinking of Immortality, at times so stimulated that we cannot sleep. Alternatively, the Sea could even represent God. Browning's prediction is no better than a wild guess. The first stanza clearly suggests sexual feelings for someone and a desire to be with them. In the 1800s, the idea of God as a boat pilot was a common metaphor. But, clearly what the narrator wants is to be with someone, so that wild nights of luxury can be had. Are Emily Dickinson's wild nights experiences imagined as she approaches her own version of a paradisical Garden of Eden, way across a metaphorical sea? First, we will do a line by line analysis of Wild Nights—Wild Nights, then we will offer three different interpretations. Then, the first word in the second stanza is futile.

There are many ways to interpret this in a poem analysis.

A wild guess is one that you make without much thought. There are strong arguments for and against both propositions. with excitement; party wildly; party all, You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries...), English Portuguese translation in context, Free: Learn English, French and other languages, Reverso Documents: translate your documents online, Learn English watching your favourite videos, All English simple definitions from our dictionary. Alas, then there’d be no analysis! It’s also worth noting the use of the term “should be.” It suggests not only that the two lovers desire to be together but that they are meant to be together.

The narrator doesn’t want to be in port. The first stanza expresses a deep desire to be with someone, but something is keeping the couple apart. The stanza celebrates the joys of being in love. Rowing in Eden – This is the version our Wild Nights—Wild Nights analysis will be based on. We hope we’ve opened you up to many possible different interpretations of Wild Nights—Wild Nights. Animals that live in the wild live in a free and natural state and are not looked after by people. Note the plural. But now watch the first word we get, in this stanza. Andrew has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. Perhaps, in the end, it will be up to the reader to decide which interpretation suits them best. Wild behaviour is uncontrolled, excited, or energetic. It’s a very nice calling back of the feelings from the first stanza. The second and third stanzas of this poem contain metaphors - a Heart in port, a boat at sea - then moored - which could be interpreted as an emotional bonding, a physical coming together, that cannot be undone. So again, there’s a tension here between whether the narrator of Wild Nights—Wild Nights is referring about erotic feelings for a real person, or whether these sensual feelings are really just a metaphor for feelings about God. In this brief but powerful poem, the speaker longs to share "wild nights" with an absent lover.

If you are on a wild goose chase, you waste a lot of time searching for something that you have little chance of finding, because you have been given incorrect information. This is the challenge - either the speaker cannot reach their intended goal because they're held fast in the port, so the winds are useless, as is guidance and rationality symbolised by compass and chart. Yet, the reader needs the second line to confirm that the setting for this little drama is the sea. It’s the word, futile.

Wild Nights is a veiled reference to death. There are different versions of the poem Wild Nights—Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson. Moreover, we must consider the highly restrictive religious environment she’d been surrounded by since her birth. We can take Ah at face value as expressing a feeling. A wild idea is unusual or extreme. For example, the word luxury in Emily Dickinson's time meant gratification of the senses, sensual pleasure. Copyright © 2005 — 2017Questions? The house is in a mess after a wild party. The wild weather did not deter some people from swimming in the sea. It was not at all an environment open to the expression of sexual feelings much less an environment that allowed one to act on them. Secrets are interesting, but they are also solemn - and speculate with all our might, we cannot ascertain. For a long time I daren't tell him I knew, and when I did he went wild. The second stanza then expresses how solid these feelings of love are.

At this point, we should note that Thomas Wentworth Higginson, who edited the first edition of Emily Dickinson poems, almost left this poem out because of its sensual content. The speaker is enthusiastically looking forward to this time, that much is obvious. Some understand this as meaning a sexual liaison (wild nights) contrasting with a relationship based on peace and security (the port, the mooring).

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