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Others had him being born in the Delta town of Benoit, in Bolivar County, in 1913. Omissions? Look at him with his old gray head!” Moore walked lightly over to where the two fighters were standing, and said, smiling, “It isn’t this old gray head that worries you young fellows, it’s this old gray fist”. Archie Moore, American boxer, world light-heavyweight champion from Dec. 17, 1952, when he defeated Joey Maxim in 15 rounds in St. Louis, Mo., until 1962, when he lost recognition as champion for failing to meet Harold Johnson, the leading 175-lb (80-kg) challenger. VIEW OUR EVENTS > … “That old man should quit” said one of the apprentices, nodding toward Moore. Wills was honored for outstanding achievement and Moore for meritorious service to sports. • Indeed, Moore is the only boxer to have fought both Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali, although both were heavyweights and he as a light heavyweight. At the age of 49, he was knocked out in the fourth round by Ali. • He was nicknamed “The Mongoose,” because of a unique, slashing boxing style later adopted by Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and others. “He should get out and let us take over. During his professional life, which had the duration of twenty-seven years, Moore managed to set several records, he was the only boxer who, through the ages, had faced both Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali, he is considered the most elderly champion in the history of boxing. Corrections? May 7, 2020. While constantly moving, he would punch with one hand, while the other dangled at his side. His autobiography, The Archie Moore Story, appeared in 1960. Archie Moore's Fairfield. Said he: “My mother should know since she was there.”, Says Billy Moore, Archie’s 68-year-old son who lives in San Diego, “My daddy was born in Benoit, Mississippi, and he was proud of it.

Archie Moore has been inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame. He acted in several other movies and TV shows such as Perry Mason, Wagon Train, Family Affair, and Batman. He became internationally renowned and is now being honored by his home … He ended it with a third round knockout of Mike Dibiase in 1963. Their second record (released 2020) is set to further unite the deep and resolute harmony of Moss’s accordion with the texture and flow of Moore’s viola; with droning, whirring, sparkling layers of electro-acoustic grit provoking a subtle complexity of palette. A professional boxer from the The life of Archibald Lee Wright, better known as Archie Moore, Nicknamed “The Mongoose”, and then “The Old Mongoose” could be definitely mentioned as one of these stories. Dave Scott. Archie was used to say: “I don’t worry about growing old, because worrying is a disease”. #GetVal #SportValues #TheOldMongoose #Commitment #Hardwork #Determination, “This website is running with the support of the European Commission.

1 light heavyweight of all-time. Musial was named St. Louis Baseball Man of the Year.

The only question about whether or not Archie Moore, one of the greatest boxers of all-time, deserved to be in the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame was a fairly important one: Some published reports had him being born in Collinsville, Ill., in 1916. He did not fight for a world title until he was 39 years old when he defeated Boxing Hall of Famer Joey Maxim in a unanimous, 15-round decision on Dec. 17, 1952, in St. Louis. One of his last fights was in 1962 against Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali), who knocked him out in the fourth round. A professional boxer from the

The distinct pulse and intuition of trad-music haunts their playing as they continue to quietly reconsider English instrumental music, listening and responding to the world around them as much as their musical ancestors. You could write a book about Moore’s career – and people have – but a long, long story is made short in the items that follow: • He began his remarkable 28-year-career as a middleweight with a second round knockout of a fighter named Billy Simms in 1935.

In attempts to win the heavyweight title, he was knocked out by Rocky Marciano in 1955 and by Floyd Patterson in 1956. There are sports stories and sports careers characterized by successes and achievements so relevant, engaging and unbelievable which seem to be written down in black and white to be published as a novel or created by the vivid imagination of a screenwriter to be used as a screenplay of a successful sports film. He was raised in St. Louis and took on the surname of his aunt and uncle, Cleveland and Lillie Pearl Moore. Want more? You cannot republish our photographs, illustrations, editorial cartoons or graphics without specific permission (contact our managing editor. • Moore fought all over the world, in Australia, in England, in Panama, in Germany, in Mexico, in Brazil, in Uruguay and, famously, nine times in Argentina, where, for a time, he lived in the palace of Eva and Juan Peron.
His parents separated when he was an infant. This much we now know: Archie Moore was born Archie Lee Wright on Dec. 13, 1913, in Benoit. News Star World, Jackson Daily News and Clarion Ledger. Nicknamed "The Old Mongoose," Moore holds the record for the most career knockouts (131). Rick Cleveland, a native of Hattiesburg and resident of Jackson, has been Mississippi Today’s sports columnist since 2016. And perhaps Archie Moore, who died in 1998, should have the last word on this. Archie Moore was born on December 13, 1913 in Benoit, Mississippi, USA as Archibald Lee Wright.

This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license. ( Please consider supporting our small nonprofit newsroom with a tax-deductible gift. By 1935, he turned professional and began one of the longest, most active and most successful boxing careers in history of the sport. We rely on donations from readers like you to allow us to produce in-depth, sustainable journalism that provides accountability to those in power. Archie Moore (born Archibald Lee Wright; December 13, 1913 – December 9, 1998), was an American professional boxer and the Light Heavyweight World Champion (December,1952–May,1962), who had one of the longest professional careers in the history of the sport. 469 likes. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under a Creative Commons license. He was released from the reform school for good behavior, took a forestry job and began to box as an amateur in 1933. He won 131 matches for KO, a record still unmatched in pugilism.

FIND YOUR ARCHIE’s > SEE WHAT’S ON TAP NOW > Grab a bottle of our famous Archie’s wing sauce. Dave Scott, Posted: May 7, 2020. At the age of 42, he knocked down Marciano in the second round before being knocked out in the ninth. From 1936 to 1963 he had 229 bouts, winning 194, of which 141 were by knockouts. His career record was 186-23-10. Whilst intrinsically borrowing from English and other European traditional dance form, sonically Moore and Moss have their heads firmly in the present, understanding the values of contemporary music and art making. A lively and informative new podcast for kids that the whole family will enjoy! Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Archie Moore also became an accomplished Hollywood and TV actor late in life. A burglary suspect was apprehended early Thursday morning inside the San Diego home of former light-heavyweight champion and boxing great Archie Moore. GET YOUR BOTTLE > Moore good times since 1898., Fact Monster - People - Biography of Archie Moore.

At that point, Archie Moore began running with street gangs, committing petty crimes and was sent to a reform school.

Which Academy Award-winning film documents the “Rumble in the Jungle,” in which Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire? You can’t edit our stories, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. Tom Moore & Archie Moss are widely regarded as two of the best players and innovators in traditional folk amongst a precociously gifted generation. Archie Moore, one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport, was born in the tiny Delta town of Benoit.

He was married to Joan Hardy and Elizabeth A. Thorton.

• Most of Moore’s success came amazingly late in his career. • He held that light heavyweight world championship for nine years, another boxing record. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. “My dad saw the gang and drug problem that was happening with inner city youth all over this country,” said Billy Moore, who now runs the ABC Foundation. Incredibly, it was Moore’s 158th career professional fight. May 7, 2020.

After retirement, he founded the Any Body Can (ABC) Youth Foundation in San Diego, using boxing as a lure to inspire and educate inner city youth and prevent them from falling into dangerous lifestyles. ABC Youth Foundation looking to buy old Archie Moore home. We prefer “Author Name, Mississippi Today” in the byline with a link to. Throughout his career Archie has shown dedication, passion and commitment out of the ordinary to achieve his goals: to better understand this concept it is significant to know that he was used  to go jogging for miles every day with heavy steel-toed boots.
This photo of Archie Moore was taken in 1997, a year before his death. And what would Archie Moore think of that? by Rick Cleveland, Mississippi Today July 26, 2018. A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s in journalism, Rick has worked for the Monroe (La.) From Williams, “…My love is teaching basketball. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, he became a professional boxer, fighting his first bout in 1936 when he was 20 years old.

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