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Which brings us back to the original question: What is the structural point of the police? Listen to a podcast, please open Podcast Republic app. Described as “a new kind of true crime podcast... that’s not about true crime at all,” The Renner Files looks to answer the question of why, exactly, “Oscar …

In this week's Sunday Sitdown, Willie Geist talks to one of the stars of the film, Jeremy Renner, about his role as one of the six original Avengers, Hawkeye. What does the future hold for Homelander, Billy Butcher, the Seven (the Five? Our hosts will unpack how the downsides of traditional social media might have driven Jeremy to the promised utopia of a standalone app. To better contextualize the K-hole that is the Jeremy Renner app, our hosts take a detour into the fascinating HERstory of Celebrity Apps. Our hosts will unpack how the downsides of traditional social media might have driven Jeremy to the promised utopia of a standalone app. Sarah and Caroline investigate who makes celebrity apps, who makes money from them, and which ones are successful. Aaron Paul once launched a Yo knockoff called Yo B*tch (again, natch). Jeremy Renner is more than an actor turned app owner: it turns out he’s a multi-million dollar house flipper AND an adult contemporary rock musician. Instead it’s about Jeremy Renner’s ill-fated app. “There are genre-defying junctures where without a particular record, music would not have gone in various directions. Last week, the show announced that it was adding Invisibilia’s Lulu Miller and longtime staffer Latif Nasser as co-hosts, taking over the spot left open by the retiring Robert Krulwich, and more broadly, the show — historically associated with stories about science and philosophy — has been steadily integrating stories from the harsher, earthier, and murkier territory of society and the law into the mix. They also talk about the evolution of his career, from Oscar-nominated leading man to new ventures in music and home remodeling. Our hosts will unpack how the downsides of traditional social media might have driven Jeremy to the promised utopia of a standalone app. Why did Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner ever have an app? And why did it shake the internet to its core? Instead it’s about Jeremy Renner’s ill-fated app. In order to understand the app, Sarah and Caroline first need to understand the man.

Who made it? Who used it? Father Ryan pretended to be a Catholic priest for 30 years. 6 Takeaways From the Erratic 2020 Tony Award Nominations. Jeremy’s instagram-like app was based on a template they mostly used for Bollywood and Indonesian celebrities (and inexplicably, the late Bob Marley). Jeremy Renner (Avengers, The Hurt Locker) tells Justin about his evolution from working at a mall makeup counter to playing Hawkeye in the most successful movie franchise of all time. The app lived a brief and confusing life, ultimately shutting down last year after trolls hijacked the platform and did stuff like pose as Casey Anthony pretending to be a huge Renner fan. Which might be one reason why it’s so strangely cathartic.

He also co-created and writes for videogame sites Bullet Points Monthly and Digital Love Child. A Complete Timeline of Cardi B and Offset’s Complicated Relationship, “I see that it’s loading and I’m like, ‘Oh my God! During those years, he started churches and did all the normal priestly duties: He took nuns in under his wing, “borrowed” money from parishioners, and convinced a woman to name him power of attorney to her estate, despite her having a number of grown children. Why did Jeep come to fund a Jeremy Renner music video?

There’s a lot to be said about the assumptions the show makes about its listeners within this device — in terms of race, class, and so on — but this may be the first time I felt the device’s limitations with respect to a topic that’s still being subjected to a really fluid discourse.

Tom Hanks has one, a typewriter app (natch). Still, if you’d like to give the Podcast Calculator a whirl, check it out over here. What it doesn’t seem to consider is that we’re much more likely to subscribe to shows exploring the Jeremy Renner app, audio of a cat influencer purring, or tales of people shitting themselves than anything constructive. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox.

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