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Imagine for instance you have never heard my tune “Ciao Bella”. Wanted you to know I played the All Star Guitar night in LA.

[Read more…] about 9 Ways to Boost Your Creativity on Guitar (and get out of a rut). I bet you’ll be closer to being a flourishing and successful musician if you use  C + Y = R. P.S. . :-) Enjoy! the present moment), rather wanting “something else” gave me peace. Joe Music Man spends 99% of his time down the rabbit hole of musical study and expression, writing, recording & cd pressing (which is great). Discover 5 Powerful Techniques that Will Make You Sound Like a Full Band on a Single Guitar. :-) Enjoy! Learn how you can get great results with very affordable equipment. Guitar Right Hand Technique – Nails vs Flesh? No energy was wasted in “pushing against” the present moment. If you are trying to “make it”  (I love putting that in quotes)  you can’t just indulge in “your thing” and hope that things will magically work out….you have to: I always find it funny how musicians balk at the idea of playing weddings, parties, and also giving music lessons. The more I listened and allowed, the better the sound got. Maybe you even go to music school and get a degree.

No spam. Whether we see ourselves  as concert hall worthy, restaurant gig worthy or street worthy –   we will end up playing places that are in accordance with our beliefs. Just fill out this form, grab your guitar and start learning -. Have you ever noticed GREAT musicians who seem to be unappreciated? at the NAMM show and stole the show with a standing O!! (That’s kind of how I have felt since I was a kid…). Each brushstroke, texture and shading is accounted for. You have to let these ideas “sneak up”  on you – otherwise they will feel “hollow”  and “loveless”  to you & your audience. Get the PDF tabs and 9 step-by-step video lessons FREE. You'll get the "Boost Your Scale Chops" tabs with fingerings delivered Instantly! If you infuse the song with your love, your dedication, your touch, and your sound – it becomes an easy vehicle for you to connect with your audience. But, after seeing how it affected my last gig, I am determined to stay on it for the rest of the tour. As they say, “if the show fits, wear it.”, I am going to teach you about my formula…. This can happen whether it’s practicing guitar, writing, work responsibilities, painting, etc.

Learn to play Bass Lines, Melodies and Grooves at the Same Time - Guaranteed! Here's the improvised solo from "Black Orpheus" plus a lead sheet of the alternate chord changes I use. I can’t believe it.

Grab your guitar and start learning -, Your PDF tabs and mp3 will come INSTANTLY via email. What was I doing wrong? How the hell can so many guitar instructors out there sell tabs with ZERO licenses in place, and I choose to go the high road and get licenses, am I an idiot?

Where is it all going? Subscribe to my newsletter and get Instant Access to the Free PDF - enjoy! Of course you should play your own music too.

Your PDF tabs and video links will come INSTANTLY via email. Learn "Angels We Have Heard on High" for Fingerstyle Guitar, Instantly. 7 Tips for Dealing With Stage Fright and Nerves. Subscribe to my newsletter and get Instant Access to the free PDF with the tabs and a 9 part video lesson, free! Just fill out this form, grab your guitar and start learning -, Get the FREE PDF and Start Playing "Simplicity" for Solo Guitar, You will love learning and playing this song...and your friends and family. Good meaningful stuff in, good meaningful stuff out. Give Your Technique and Fretboard Knowledge a Boost -. We take your privacy seriously.

This video was done with NO end result in mind….only “love”  in mind, honest to God. You'll get a PDF and 8 Video Guitar Lessons, FREE. Grab your guitar and start learning -, Subscribe to my newsletter and get Instant Access to the Free PDF and videos!

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Normally I don’t show this kind of stuff casually, as it took years and years to develop.

What I previously thought “the world was doing”  was MY creation.

I told him I learned from you! It’s totally normal, so don’t worry if you are feeling this. The will come INSTANTLY via email. In order to do this properly, you must be VERY honest with yourself because your “cover”  songs must be infused with true love and dedication. Limited Time Only. Subscribe to my newsletter and get instant access to the FREE PDF!

So, even though I am a touring pro, I still get nervous sometimes.

Here's the improvised solo from "Black Orpheus" plus a lead sheet of the alternate chord changes I use. That’s worthy of a celebration in my book.

The other night while sound checking for a gig at the Vienna Mozarthaus, I found soundcheck to be very easy. A friend and DVD student of mine – guitarist Shaun Hopper was at the L.A. NAMM show and performed solo guitar on the “All Star Guitar Night”. Only when I changed  the self image (not easy)  to being a concert and festival player….life changed around me – as if by magic. As I walked out into the street in NYC after uploading the video and  I felt “all my troubles seem so far away” . Here is an update to let you know where I am at mentally, creatively and spiritually (today is March 6, 2018.). By Adam Rafferty 16 Comments. Tabbed out just for you! As musicians, we all need to ask ourselves “what’s in it for them?”  Answering this simple question changes everything. There’s an urban legend about a world class violinist named Joshua Bell who played his solo violin concert program of J.S. about Guitar Right Hand Technique – Nails vs Flesh? I got to play for him and  HE LOVED IT!! Learn to play "O Holy Night" for Fingerstyle Guitar - Instantly!

Improve Dramatically! The All-New Volume II “How To Play Stevie Wonder for Fingerstyle Guitar DVD”  launches tomorrow June 27, 2012. What I am about to tell you is making me grin ear to ear right now! [Read more…] about 10 Things I am Thankful For Today. This is not to say she’s more talented.


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