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Gibbs offers her a plastic bag and the privacy of going behind those boxes just behind their seats. It then cuts to a cemetery late at night with Tony and Kate going through the graves, searching. "No, the only thing I'm afraid of is getting shot for trespassing", Tony replies.

They eventually arrive at Quantico where they meet Lt. Gonzales attempts to reason with Canton and takes a step forward but Canton, too far gone for any kind of reasoning with responds by shooting Gonzales in the heart.
It didn't require a lot of acting. Snapping his phone shut, Gibbs storms back to the office with Tony and Kate following. Elsewhere and Chicago Hope. Gibbs remarks that Canton sounds just like an ex-wife of Gibbs's. As Gibbs rounds a corner, he gets a phone from Lisa Peary who tells him she doesn't appreciate being interrogated by a man calling himself Special Agent DiNozzo who's seen talking to Peary's two young children. But the Los Angeles Times in 2010 asked Tighe why he no longer listed Emergency! They then decide to ask Gibbs but their question goes unanswered as the Mysterious Red-Head shows up, beeping her horn to announce her arrival. Gibbs and Tony arrive in Autopsy where Donald Mallard and Gerald Jackson are studying Major Kidwell's body. Tony on the other hand has managed to get every shot into his own target but unfortunately, he's also shot the female hostage's right ear off. Suddenly, a car drives up, revealing it to be an NCIS Dodge Intrepid. As a result, the admin of NCIS believe that DiNozzo died in a car crash the previous month and now DiNozzo has to go get a medical to get his clearance back. As Tony and Kate study the targets, each one showing a mean-looking man holding a screaming woman hostage, it's shown that Kate has given the male target a double tap in the head with her other shots going to the man's side which means that in a real life situation, the perp himself would almost certainly be dead.

During a funeral, a woman is left stunned when she gets a phone call from her supposedly dead Marine husband. Realizing something's up, Gibbs tells Lisa Peary to keep the fake DiNozzo there and that he'll be there in fifteen minutes. Jennifer Tighe (born December 24, 1968) is an American actor who appeared in the NCIS Season 1 episode, Marine Down (episode) as Sarah Kidwell. The song playing in the lab while Kate and Tony along with Abby are trying to remember what. Once the car's parked, Tony, Kate and Gibbs who is now bearing a sling on his right arm all emerge. Jennifer Tighe started her career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. You can find out more about him at rights reserved. Jennifer Tighe was born on December 24, 1968 in Hardin County. A man who was a member of the crew of the late-night flight Gibbs, Kate and Tony take to get to Colombia to rescue Craig Peary. They then eventually move onto the grave where Major Peary is supposedly buried and it's shown that there is no body in the graveside but actually cinder blocks. Sarah tells Peary about his missing ear but Peary, shaken with emotion tells her that he'll live. Gibbs assures her it isn't and it's shown that he has been wounded in the right shoulder, his blood all over the floor. Unsurprisingly, Tony can't leave things alone and grabs her sketchbook, flipping through it. A photo of Canton appears on screen with Bob confirming that Canton was the agent who paid the ransom.
Add a Biography. Kentucky, USA as Jennifer Rachel Fishburn. Q: There were two movies about alcoholics I want to find. When Tony complains that they couldn't have done this during daylight, Kate then proceeds to ask Tony if he's scared of ghosts. Peary's wife, Sarah, approaches him and begins to cry, obviously overwhelmed at seeing her husband after the two have been separated for so long. Gibbs and Morrow are holding a late-night conference call with Bob (CIA Director) who tells them that Kidwell and Peary belonged to a task force hunting down a drug dealer but insurgents kidnapped them and killed them by poisoning them. Abigail Sciuto is admiring it and feeling he doesn't need it anymore, Tony gives to her much to Abby's joy. He is best known for his character, firefighter-paramedic Roy DeSoto, on the 1972-77 NBC series Emergency!. He then wonders if Gibbs really thinks that Canton's gonna let Gibbs walk out of here. I don't say that as a criticism; as a producer, I'd do the same." As Kate gets the LES's ready for him, Gibbs tells her it was three times, not four. Sarah and Lisa add that as Marine wives they did their part, that they played the game but all they got back were two sealed caskets and no information from their husbands's command.

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