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I can't wait to see what he delivers next. Like Peter Strickland, Clay is an authentically independent British film-maker who has come up outside the system and, like Strickland, incidentally, he has a fascination for the near-forgotten tropes and styles of 70s Brit cinema. Violent folk horror with a feminist edge has graphic sex. Maxine Peake plays a downtrodden Puritan who slowly turns on the violent patriarchy. As Fanny Lye Deliver'd moves to embrace its folk horror label, frenzy and gore increases.

The family is astonished one Sunday when a naked man and woman appear, bruised and dishevelled, begging for shelter and claiming to have been robbed: Thomas (Freddie Fox) and Rebecca (Tanya Reynolds). T he wait has been agonising. Bound together by Maxine Peake's magnetic portrayal of the main character, Fanny Lye Deliver'd offers impactful, richly layered period drama.

He hates her, women, children who love their mother, the world, and himself. | Rating: 5/5 Her steady poise makes this intelligent, unusual and impressive folk horror tick. Tap ‘Menu’ and then ‘Times Radio’ to listen to the latest well-informed debate, expert analysis and breaking news. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. There isn't a sour note in the whole work. Please, Listen to Times Radio for the latest well-informed debate, expert analysis and breaking news. The score was great too, their were some patterns I noticed but wasn't too sure what the patterns meant. I attempt to watch all the historical films no matter how bad they are due to my love for history. Cinematic Mediocrity Destroyed By Musical Criminality. Steve Martin shows off his Mike Pence-themed Halloween costume, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande announced for new Netflix movie ‘Don’t Look Up’, Joaquin Phoenix to play French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s ‘Kitbag’, ‘Euphoria’: Sydney Sweeney teases difficult future for Cassie in “amazing” season two, Leslie Odom Jr. on playing soul legend Sam Cooke: “I’ve been a fan my whole life”, ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ sequel series teases plot details. | Fanny Lye Deliver’d also has the most warped sex scene since Midsommar. Very good film but sometimes it navigates away from the focus a bit too much unintentionally. Sometimes I felt as if there should have been more, a bit more build up, a bit more of a longer journey but I was still pleased. Visibly older than Fanny and with a firm grip on his household, John controls his wife and their young son Arthur (Zak Adams) in an occasionally brutish manner that he learned from his time in the military. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! If there was an anti-prize for 'Most Inappropriate Musical Score', this would win hands down. But it is a film which follows its own instincts and is happy to retain (and proudly display) a few ragged edges, and it’s all the more interesting for it. Peake is terrific throughout, and the dreamlike mood lingers after the credits roll, a story made to chew on, told amid the mists of an England briefly up for grabs. I highly recommend this movie. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

Digging for gold in the realm of cult cinema is the noblest of pastimes; the ground is full of it here and there's no need for a shovel. Taking the “home invasion” climax of Carmichael and shifting it back in time to Shropshire in 1657, Clay concentrates on the bullied farmer’s wife Fanny Lye (Maxine Peake, typically commanding), regularly beaten by her God-fearing puritanical husband John (Charles Dance, scary), and how her life is changed by the sudden arrival of a swaggering, sexy, knife-wielding Leveller (think Marxist, feminist, anarchist rock god) called Thomas (Freddie. | Rating: 3/5 Charles Dance has a commanding screen presence and you feel like you cannot look away from his scenes.

A magnificent tale of a downtrodden wife and mother who is beat down by her bully, self-important husband who regularly beats both her and their little son for no reason other than he hates. It is a film which follows its own instincts and is happy to retain (and proudly display) a few ragged edges, and it's all the more interesting for it. I loved every minute of it. Rating: Charles Dance; Fanny Lye Deliver'd; Maxine Peake; Vertigo Films; About Bat 7983 Articles I love prosthetic effects, stop-motion animation and gore, but most of all I love a good story! Charles Dance in Fanny Lye Deliver’d. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Writer-director Thomas Clay inventively creates the period with matter-of-fact visuals and witty details, skilfully shot by Giorgos Arvanitis. Some scenes feel very out of the blue and dont fit in as well as others for flow. I love watching Freddie Fox and he does a marvellous job in this film. I can see where some reviews are coming from with negativity as the film is no where near the sort of expectations a historical film tells, no super ordinary humans, just a regular 1600s family.

Every single musical cue (and boy, are there a lot of those) is not only hideously clichéd, but tonally misplaced to an hilarious degree. An amazing film that every Charles Dance fan must watch. It was a blast to watch and the almost 2 hour runtime somehow felt way shorter. Clay’s script teasingly alludes to that title. I viewed this film without reading any reviews, thinking it was a costume drama , it's not! A young couple has run to their secluded farm to hide out. This will leave you stunned. | Rotten (1). Cast performances are amazing. She has learned to suppress her natural intelligence and inquiring mind through marriage to brutal Puritan ex-soldier John Lye, gloweringly and effectively played by Charles Dance. Forgot your password?

Lots of uncomfortable close-ups and lingering shots that give this film not just an historical feeling of being transported back in time to the 1600's but also to the 1960's days of Hammer Horror and historic cinema classics. It is in some ways a homage to the 1975 film Winstanley, with the visitors on horseback to the isolated dwelling by the woods, and the trip onto the moor/heath. horror, GmbH, Violent and hypnotizing slow-burn folk horror.

Copyright © Fandango. Fanny Lye Deliver’d might have taken a while to arrive, but by drawing on both its 1970s aesthetic and 1600s setting, the film feels timeless in a way that makes for compelling viewing. I was hoping that the journey of making Fanny Lye was as good as the end product. It is an arresting film, although a bit programmatic, with narrative turns that can broadly be predicted. The question of when the British director Thomas Clay would make another movie started to mutate into the question of whether he’d make another movie at all. It should come as no surprise that the director is also the composer, as no other director would have allowed such aural drivel to be plastered over their film.

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