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It’s February 20th 2020. Change ). Further enhancing the film material, the sense of transience is explored through the characters' desires to secure a legacy and lifetime achievement – the dismayed Doc Brown's unsuccessful inventions mirror the "slacker" McFly, led by a father too diffident to assertively prove himself.

Nobody likes remakes, prequels or re-imaginings. All Rights Reserved. I mean who’s reading this, nobody and if you are, what the hell are you doing go and make something of yourself. The two of them really do make the show and their obvious chemistry works miracles. To adapt a fast paced film onto stage cannot be without immense challenges, but the transitions are flawless. - Fantastic staging

Hasbro release ALL the cute with their new Mandalorian toys, Brace for impact! You can get your tickets here, and I urge you to do so quickly. We turn up at the theatre to a see of Back to the Future fans dressed as Doc, Marty, and Jennifer. Hugh Coles stunned with a pitch perfect George McFly, his very first line of the show receiving rapturous applause and the climactic scene in which he finally lays out Biff Tannen (a gleefully horrid Aidan Cutler) was anticipated with screams of “GO ON, GEORGE!” from several audience members. I’m not one for musicals, and this is a tech review site, but I do love Back to the Future, it’s one of my all-time favourite films. I’m walking around the city trying to find the theatre when suddenly it seems the space-time continuum had got really heavy and five Marty McFly’s are walking around the city.

Every few years a rumour emerges that someone is going to tread into that most holy of trilogies, Back to the Future. Back To The Future: The Musical Review timsaxbymedia Everything February 21, 2020 2 Minutes As I told Rosanna Hyland (Lorraine Baines) at the stage door after an outstanding opening performs, “I’m not a theatre guy” so bear with me if my stage lingo isn’t up to standards with what you might not expect. I know, I know, as Marty would say, “this is heavy”. The show also relies on some amazing practical and computer effects with the help of layer projection and a few explosions here and there. For fans of the franchise, lovers of music theatre, people who want an eye opening spectacle – it’s all here for you. This is so hard. Olly Dobson is immensely enjoyable as swaggering youth Marty, with brazen confidence, amiable charm and the same adolescent whine as Michael J Fox's screen performance. Finding both humour and sympathy as the two social misfits, Roger Bart plays eccentric scientist Doc Brown while Hugh Coles' constantly out-thrust trembling hands match his quivering droll laugh as Marty's floundering father George.

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