beauty and the beast character personalities

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When the Enchantress curses the Beast, he is transformed into a piccolo. They are featured dancers who sometimes double as enchanted objects.Â, The ensemble is very busy, as many of them are both townspeople and enchanted objects. He also appears in the 2017 version. Potts is a warm-hearted, maternal enchanted teapot. The characters from the tale of Beauty and the Beast have continued to alter as the tale evolves from the 1700's and continues to keep developing further even today. Also, he stows away when she has to leave the castle to save her father Maurice, and wants to find out why she left. Boy Soprano: D–High D, MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHEMadame is a former opera diva turned enchanted wardrobe. He is transformed into a teacup with a matching saucer, often using the saucer to move around quickly (reminiscent of the droid BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens). MAURICEDespite being a bit scatter-brained, there is no mistaking Maurice’s steadfast love for his daughter Belle. Plus, as INFPs, we adore our sleep time. As Belle rides off, Maurice asks Monsieur D'Arque if he has children. When the spell is broken, Clothilde is happily reunited with her husband even though Cogsworth is originally quite horrified when Clothilde recognizes him. He is a stuffy English man who loves perfection. Although their overall roles were the same, they are in fact among the mob late in the film unlike in the 1991 original. Forte is the composer of the castle and serves as the main antagonist of The Enchanted Christmas. A one-stop shop for all things video games. In the end, he gets into an argument with Lumiere about who told who about Belle breaking the spell (it was Lumiere). Palanquin did so after ripping its bindings off. Baritone: A–High F sharp COGSWORTH (Stage Age: 30+) Cogsworth is a tightly-wound, enchanted mantle clock and the head of the Beast’s household. Because INFPs are just brimming with emotional intelligence, they are never afraid to shy away from their feelings. This character speaks with a French accent. He tries to get Belle to come to dinner, but she refuses. The end of the Gaston song implies that they acted as waitresses in the tavern due to Paulette being seen with a silver platter. During the first segment of Belle's Magical World, he infuriates the Beast by giving unwanted synonyms to Belle's insults during a row leading the Beast to strike him. BEASTThe Beast’s tortured soul is evident for all to see. After Maurice and Belle make amends regarding Belle now understanding why Maurice was so overly protective of her, thanks to the Beast, Maurice uses his inventor skills to pick the lock on the wagon, allowing Belle to take Phillipe back to the Beast's castle while Maurice remains behind with the dumbfounded Monsieur D'Arque. She appears in Beauty and the Beast and Belle's Magical World. Later, when Forte tries to destroy the castle, he attempts to save the rose. Maurice and Belle leave for the castle to stop Gaston from killing the Beast. Cogsworth is the Beast's tightly wound and extremely loyal Majordomo, and Lumière's counterpart and rival. They also appear in the 2017 live-action remake. When the Enchantress casts her spell, she loses the memory of her husband. He then tells everyone the bad news, and seems resigned to his fate (as the rose is nearing the last petal). He later helps Belle pick up some laundry when the cruel headmaster had some villagers throw them on the street after he and Clothilde discovered her trying to teach a young girl how to read. LePlume is a quill that is one of Webster's friends. A deleted scene during the "Belle" song had Belle giving bread and jam to Agathe. Extraverted Thinking is lowest on an INFP's function stack, hence the reason that everything he does is guided by his feelings rather than rational thought. He has a romantic involvement with Babette. Axe is a servant who when the Enchantress curses the Beast, he transforms into an axe. She represents all of the INFP's most stereotypical traits. As a result when he tries to play, he makes the occasional sour note due to the cavities in his teeth, but struggles through the pain in hopes of returning to his human form and reuniting with his wife. In the end, he gets into an argument with Cogsworth about who told who about Belle breaking the spell (it was Lumière). In contrast, he is an intelligent pigeon in charge of delivering the Beast's messages to the village for placing orders or anything similar. Crane is a set of paper sheets that is one of Webster's friends. The Enchantress even made an appearance near the end as she sees Maurice painting a picture of the ball. Like Tiger Lily, INFPs refuse to be restrained by the rules and conventions of society. After Belle broke the Enchantress' spell, Sultan was among those who were restored to normal. They roused some villagers into destroying Belle's invention and tossing her laundry onto the ground. Also, in the flashback depicting the Enchantress placing the spell on the castle ten years earlier, he is present as a child, implying that the spell stopped him and the other servants from aging during the ten-year period. In the 2017 version, Le Fou is thus a rounder character with complex motivations. Gaston decides to have Le Fou stay near the house and let him know when they return, much to Le Fou's chagrin. She sings the title song Beauty and the Beast. Once it is successfully working, he leaves for the County Fair to display his invention. Maurice is forcibly taken back to the village. The Featherduster is voiced by Kimmy Robertson in Beauty and the Beast and Belle's Magical World, but no actress is credited for her single line in The Enchanted Christmas.

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