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This class focuses on choreography and dance skills used in broadway musicals. Three year olds will receive a 30 minute class designed to expose them to dance class environment while learning motor control and perceptual skills all related to ballet. Therefore, with the exception of Singing classes, all classes will take...   Read More, We’re allowed to return on person after 22 June so will be running our first term of the New Academic Year – from Monday 17 August...   Read More, Please note, we are currently open for Term 1 (started Monday 17 August) Download 2020-21 Term Dates As per government announcements on Monday 15...   Read More, Needless to say, our term dates (like most of the world!)

Beginning classes are for ages 6-11 and Intermediate/Advanced classes . New photography by, Award winning dance studio in Fairfax, Virginia. This is an introductory class for little ones that want to move, move, move! In this class we work on stage presence, dance skills, musicality, and performance quality. Pink tights, black leotard (skirts are optional).

Choreography is based on combinations of these fundamental movements.

All students may participate in the annual Dance Revue in June. Students range from 3yrs to 18yrs. Ballet/Tap Combination – This class offers the fundamentals of dance training for our youngest students. The ages 8+ class is considered  lyrical, a style of dance created from the fusion of jazz and classical ballet dance techniques. Our clogging classes are a combination of contemporary and traditional clogging steps that emphasize the beats and have enthusiastic footwork. Read More, Centre Stage have been able to reopen physically in Phase 2 (since 22 June). Center Stage will be starting off the year in our gigantic temporary space. It helps students. We offer a combo class of Jazz+Ballet+Tap for our youngsters looking to broaden their dance knowledge in multiple disciplines of dance. A great class for dancers of all levels! Like to dance around the living room, listening to fun music? One of the highest energy, versatile styles of dance. in the specific style. The class focuses on the tumbling aspect and it is suggested that a dance class is taken in addition to this class. Dancers here learn skill, grace, french names for the steps as well as the technical details of those steps. Want to be an amazing dancer? This is a great option and class for those students with 1-2 years of dance experience! We offer a combo class of Jazz+Ballet+Tap for our youngsters looking to broaden their dance knowledge in multiple disciplines of dance. Jazz dance is an upbeat and energetic class, using current age appropriate music. dancers from one class to another based on their ability and overall strength . Please read our blog post “Safe Dance Classes” about the safety protocols we have implemented to keep our dancers safe.

Enrollment in Dance Team classes are by invitation of Ms. Shortell, Ms. Klett, and Ms. Milhouse. Various tumbling tricks are the spotlight in a jazz dance. A Unique Dance Studio That Teaches Leaps & Love. Four year olds will continue this combination class with 30 minutes of tap and jazz. Beginning classes are for ages 6-11 and Intermediate/Advanced classes .

Must be taken accompanying Ballet class. Welcome to Center Stage Academy of the Performing Arts, Central Missouri's leading performing arts school! Contemporary dancers will perform at the annual Dance Revue in June. Concentrates more on an individual approach and expressiveness, than the precision of the dancer’s movements. Students may also have the opportunity to perform at the annual Dance Revue in June. CONTACT. This is offered to accomplished dancers, technically strong. Words from the musical “A Chorus Line” and words that you will certainly hear in our jazz classes…, Rhythm and Broadway tap - We’ve got it all! Hip hop encourages self-confidence, rhythm, and coordination. FORMS. Come see for yourself! Attire Attire Lyrical / Contemporary.

Ballet students will perform at the annual Dance Revue in June. Split-sole black clogging oxfords, tank tops, capri pants or dance pants. Please talk with an instructor before buying pointe shoes! (Drop off classes for 2 – 4’s), Term 1 runs 17 Aug – 12 Dec (Half Term: 12 – 17 Oct), Phase 2: We will cautiously reopen from Monday 22 June, We’re on half term: 12 – 17 October! Leotards or Form Fitting Tops, Tight's or Leggings and Flesh colored. We focus on basic-advanced tap steps and combinations of tap steps in our tap classes. Comfortable athletic clothing and black, lace up, split-sole oxfords.Intermediate and above levels should have the Bloch Tap Pro.

Attire We offer a combo class of Jazz+Ballet+Tap for our youngsters looking to broaden their dance knowledge in multiple disciplines of dance. develop an understanding of rhythm, music theory, and the mechanics that the body requires to “play” their instrument. A technical form of an ever-changing popular dance style done to pop music. For anyone who has been excited by the syncopated rhythms of a tap dancer’s feet, we have a class for you, With your arm extended gracefully as you gaze off into the distance, make sure you look to Center Stage’s lyrical/contemporary program to fulfill your softer side of dance…, Take the steps toward landing the role of your dreams…, Theatre games and improvisation are used to introduce students to the world of acting…, Interested in pursuing Musical Theatre?

Center Stage offers quality dance classes, from beginner through professional level, in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, voice, and musical theatre for children and adults. Centre Stage Dance Studios has been operating at Yorkeys Knob, Cairns since 2001. The focus of this class is classical ballet training, rhythmic movement, and expression. In this class we focus on strengthening ballet techniques and generating emotion through dance. Located in Warrensburg, Missouri, our studio provides quality instruction to students of all ages in dance, theatre, and music. Jazz is a great option for those kids looking for exciting and new dance moves! Clogging is one of the most popular dances in North Carolina! Jazz students will participate  in the annual Dance Revue in June.

As with any other dance form, hip hop has its own technical steps and body placement, which are emphasized and perfected in these classes. Dancers stretch and strengthen, and also work on turns, leaps and dance technique. Tap can be considered not only an entertaining and joyful style of dance but also a percussive instrument, like the drums! HOME. Musical theatre classes will focus on developing the skills necessary for the musical theatre stage, including proper vocal technique, dancing, acting, auditioning, and stage presence, through song and dance, theater games, and scene work appropriate to age and ability levels. Proper vocal technique is taught in our voice lessons. As a student progresses, more complicated combinations, turns, and leaps are included in the program. Three year olds - Pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes and any color leotard.

It’s never too late to discover your inner dancer or actor!

Spark or rekindle your love of dance in one of our adult dance classes. 01-32 Laguna Park, Singapore, 449290 Dancers will use their technical foundation to fuse movement with music and  progress to more intricate combinations. Baby Stage (Accompanied Classes for 6 months +), Play Stage (Accompanied Classes for 18 months – 3.5 years), Out of The Box! Dance Teams perform in competitions and other Metropolitan area dance productions.

Attire We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ". the appropriate type of shoe for each dancer. We will focus on coordination, basic dance positions, and having fun!

Centre Stage School of the Arts was founded in 1999 by Peter Hodgson and Alison Tompkins to create an environment in which children can use drama to explore both the imaginative and the concrete world. The professional Center Stage Dance Company, directed by Ms. Sherri Shortell, is in residence at the studio.

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