where was the comancheros filmed

Film molto bello sia come trama che come ambientazioni nel selvaggio West. Visible crew/equipment: When John Wayne is on the wagon and the Comancheros are leading them to the secret hideout, for a split second in the background, a large truck and a trailer that seems to be camouflaged in the background are visible. It's that line between the…. The movie was filmed in De Luxe (colour), in UTAH, USA. After Cutter and the other Texas Rangers defeat the Comanches and Comancheros, Regret and Pilar leave together for Mexico and Jake rides off into the sunset to rejoin the Ranger company. When originally released theatrically in the UK, the BBFC made cuts to secure an 'A' rating. All rights reserved. He had some great dialogue, and his interactions with Paul Regret (Whitman) made me wish for another couple movies together, but still, it felt a little out of place? The Comancheros is a strong, fun action film that makes perfect use of Wayne. But besides that, I really did enjoy the film. The Comancheros You swore an oath whent they put that badge on you.Paul Regret: And that's important to you?Ranger Capt. You can just smell the environment of slavery that some of the film is set in even if the film never mentions it. The Comancheros is a 1961 American CinemaScope adventure western film directed by Michael Curtiz, based on a 1952 novel of the same name by Paul Wellman, and starring John Wayne and Stuart Whitman. Fand die Chraktere recht interessant und die Chemie zwischen den beiden Hauptfiguren stimmt. En constante evolución. See the full list of The Comancheros cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Thanks to everybody who has…. In the close-up, there are three arrows imbedded in the gate posts. Factual error: Jake questions a prisoner who was recently released from Yuma Territorial Prison, a prison that would not have been constructed until 1876, 33 years in the future. However, on their travels they become aware of gun-running to the Indians by a gang of ruthless outlaws. Basically, it's a "bad omen.". Wealthy rancher G.W. It's your typical western plot with Wanyne arresting gambler Stuart Whitman, they run into the treacherous Comacheros and end up end teaming up and becoming buddies. Mobile site. Jake Cutter: Let him make a run for it, I'd say to myself.Paul Regret: And then what would you say?Ranger Capt. Gary Cooper and James Garner were originally set to be the leads but Cooper's ill health and Garner's blackballing over a dispute with Jack L. Warner ruled them out. Add into this mix a love story and an attempt to…. He sure did a good job of making it look like a real, very heavy anvil. TMDb It's truly mystifying. Se aceptan recomendaciones. Texas Ranger Jake Cutter arrests gambler Paul Regret, but soon finds himself teamed with his prisoner in an undercover effort to defeat a band of renegade arms merchants and thieves dealing with the Comanches known as Comancheros. After all, the very similar 1964 film "Rio Conchos", also with Stuart Whitman, was set after the Civil War, with former Confederate officers substituting for the Comanchero leaders.I wonder if the cast said anything about this? I was inspired to make this list after seeing a movie appreciation channel on YouTube that had a video entitled…. The Comancheros, 18th- and 19th-century traders based in northern and central New Mexico, made their living by trading with the nomadic Great Plains Indian tribes in northeastern New Mexico, West Texas, and other parts of the southern plains of North America. The Comancheros is a fun and beautiful Western, typical of the 1960s. [7], Parts of the film were shot in Professor Valley, Dead Horse Point, King's Bottom, La Sal Mountains, Fisher Valley, Onion Creek, Hurrah Pass and Haver Ranch in Utah. Letzter Film von Michael Curtiz der damit seine über 50jährige Regiearbeit, beenden muss. Factual error: Tully Crow dies with a model 1858 Remington New Model Army revolver in his hand, quite a feat in the year 1843. When released on home video in 1988, the BBFC made cuts of 11 seconds to remove shots of horse-falls to secure a 'PG' rating. Designated trademarks, logos, brands and images are the copyright and/or property of their respective owners. Returning Regret to Louisiana, Cutter is forced to join forces with the condemned man to fight the "Comancheros", a large criminal gang headed by a former officer who smuggles guns and whiskey to the Comanche Indians, to make money and keep the frontier in a state of violence. This review may contain spoilers. Original Title: The ComancherosYear of Release: 1961Genres: Western; Adventure; Action; RomanceDirectors: Michael Curtiz, John Wayne (uncredited)Writers: James Edward Grant, Clair Huffaker; Paul Wellman (based on the novel)Main Cast: John Wayne, Stuart Whitman, Ina Balin, Nehemiah Persoff, Lee Marvin, Michael Ansara, Patrick Wayne, Bruce Cabot, Joan O’Brien, 10/57 of The Great Western Project: 2019 Edition, At the heart of The Comancheros there is an interesting plot, one that could be a thrilling and borderline spy story of Wayne infiltrating a group of white men who support the Comanches without getting his cover blown. John Wayne stars as Jake Cutter, a Texas Ranger, who is on the trail of Paul Regret, a man wanted for murder in Louisiana. Visible crew/equipment: When John Wayne is on the wagon and the Comancheros are leading them to the secret hideout, for a split second in the background, a large truck and a trailer that seems to be camouflaged in the background are visible. The James Bond flick of Westerns. John Wayne lightens his customary toughness with dry humour, calling Regret "Monsewer" and complaining about strangers calling him "Friend".The obligatory love interest is supplied by Ina Balin, who's not a great actress and looks a bit too nice to live among the Comancheros. Robert Wagner was in line to play Cooper's co-star. Revealing mistake: If you watch closely when the prisoner hits Jake with the shovel you can see the shovel bend as if it was rubber. Factual error: After Regret is sworn in as a Texas Ranger, he and Jake head out in the wagon with Tobe as a scout. (At the beginning of the movie we see Paul shoot down a man in a fair duel. Pilar reappears as the daughter of the ruthless Comanchero leader Graile (Nehemiah Persoff), who uses a wheelchair. He and Stuart Whitman were a pretty fun duo in this movie.

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