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I got fed up with seeing his ex girlfriend, the mother of his kids. 7. This is nasty. Now that's what I call "Rocking the Cradle" He might just be Jerry Lee Lewis lost son, cause his daddy @ age of 35 married his 14 year old cousin, back in the 50"s. Go figure!!!!!!!!! Is the Nest Protect worth it? You naysayers and speakers of condemnation should be ashamed. My husband and I (AARP generation) know a couple who has been happily married for 2 years. If so then you must take a look at MainStreet's Gray Date: Rules of the Game for Older Daters to get up to speed! Too late to fight? And how long had they been dating, since she was 13? Aspiring young hootchie finds loaded sugar daddy to support her singing career , Conservatives approve of this because the people are hetero?? Kinda like the slant on the mayor of portland who had relations with his 17 year old male intern. Each Nice try. Her bio says in 2009, " At 15, she was entered in Donald Trump's Miss Universe Organization to become Miss Ocean Shores, WA USA, and to represent her city in the Miss Washington USA Pageant" You have to be 18 to be a contestant in Miss USA. 'My resolution is I don't need to do anything so I'm just not going to do them. Then I realized that it COULDN'T be his girlfriend in the pic, because it was from the 1999 Green Mile Premiere, and his girlfriend would only have been 4 at the time. Anyways, I always told myself, especially early in the relationship, that if my parents ever accepted him that I would marry him in a heartbeat... afterall, we were in love right? I see this as a positive move for her. What parents would consent to that marriage? Yuck, come on. Earlier this week, it was announced that Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me was selected as one of 60 finalists for the 2015 Peabody Awards. go back to elementary school and maybe they can tell you the meaning of these words... ok you all should calm down. It's someone who is $exually attracted to prepubescent children. (and a statement) IS THIS BS EVEN LEGAL???!!!??? Need to see her birth certificate. Do I need a Nest Aware subscription for each camera? Maybe she was 16 and they have only been together a few months? And when there is a 35 year age gap between 2 people, particluarly when one is a teenager, what kind of relationship could possibly exist between them for this to be real? so many ignorant posts. She does NOT look 16 o.O in that pic he looks like the child and she looks like the adult. What the hell could a 51 year old man POSSIBLY have in common with a 16 year old girl? She's gotta be 30 at least–maybe that 's the mother of the bride. this pic is an old pic from 1999.....the 16 year old would have been 4 then....that pic is not her! – cornamenta o sepultura!" But it still wrong. MARRYING her is the stupid part...just keep enjoying the ride. is both ignorant and stupid. What a idiot! Everyone says she isnt 16 and doesnt look like the same girl in this picture but the caption under the picture says : Actor Doug Hutchison, center, arrives at the 1999 premiere of his film, "The Green Mile". “Glen had just released his final studio album, and we wanted to go out and promote it when we heard he had Alzheimer’s,” she says during our interview at an Alzheimer’s Association event. Yeah, that's what 20 YEAR OLD GUYS are for, not THIS FOOL! Now you have me wondering..does a pedophile think the same as when they were younger? This is Chris Hansen from Dateline ABC. She'll look like she's 60! Nest offers a variety of smart home products, services, and devices that are all compatible with each other. You all scream and holler when we don't have tolerance of other religions and peoples (who have very different practices than we do), yet when it's an American, suddenly it's wrong? Any group scares them, even a married couple. This guy has just trumped Trump in the hot younger chick contest.

", 'Lost' actor marries 16-year-old girlfriend, Spielberg fired Megan Fox for Hitler comment, Christina Aguilera's coming back to 'The Voice,' and more news to note, 'American Horror Story' renewed, and more news to note, Taylor Swift is Billboard's Woman of the Year, and more news to note, We hope you liked 'Extant,' and more news to note, Robert Downey Jr. messes with our minds, and more news to note, 'Walking Dead' gets sixth season, and more news to note, That time Colbie Caillat sang 'Smelly Cat,' and more news to note, Ellen Pompeo's new baby, and other news to note, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga top the charts, and more news to note, Chris Brown's rep on his tattoo: It's not Rihanna. Where are the "like" buttons to these You must continue your writing. Sick, disgusting old f*&k! The guy is just as creepy as the characters he plays in movies. $5 says he ripped that out of a NAMBLA pamphlet. How freaking disgusting. I predict: She'l get bored and start fantasizing about guys her own age before too long. So stop's unnecessary and immature. Speaking about growing more confident with age, Carol said: 'Young women beat themselves up about being perfect and there is no such thing. In an exclusive interview, she talks about helping Mexican youth discover their roots, How Thanksgiving was different for our family this year thanks to COVID-19, An odd dream from the new book, 'Act Like You're Having a Good Time', People from around the world are building community at Dunrovin Ranch, A heightened sense of fear and anxiety permeates daily life now, It's not just the cards, it's the camaraderie lost to the pandemic, In celebration of PBS's 50th anniversary, here are 6 gems from the late, great star, A look at the enduring influence of 'Peanuts' as the comic strip marks a milestone.

One poignant moment during several of his tour stops is watching his 27-year-old daughter, Ashley, who has toured with Campbell since 2009, go toe to toe with dad’s musical talent. I'm sorry is this woman supposed to be attractive? They waited until she was 9 years old to consumate the marriage. If we were talking someone in their 20's, whatever. I notice men checking her out and I give them dirty looks, not her phone number. If she is indeed 16 ( more like 26 typing error ) then we are all condoning legal pedophilia and he is old enough to be her grandfather or her pedophile bedmate. The music video makes Rebecca Black look like a top star diva. Sick FREAK! I guess that's good, though. Make sure to turn on familiar face detection in the Home app or Nest app. Gozie....uh, because she's a child? It's disgusting then, too. Like you said, Lorin, RE-diculous!!!!!!! Too much surgery and baking out in the sun have 16 year olds looking like they are 40. Good for them. That is NAMBLA, one more GAY right, because THEY can do THIS. Tap Edit in the top right corner of the screen, then select the faces you want to merge. Maybe that's what she wants, so that she can marry a 51. Subscriptions start at one low price for all your Nest cameras, speakers, and displays. No one in Hollywood has a committed relationship. To compare this situation, that would mean my future spouse is currently a newborn baby boy out there somewhere. He was only in 6 or 8 episodes. What? we all know couples that have huge age differences and i bet noone says anything to them but because this is a famous couple you feel free to judge.

Customers then have the choice between annual or monthly subscriptions.

That is the oldest looking 16 year old I have ever seen. imagine what she'll look like when she's 20! it is not illegal in their case. He'll take care of her and at sixteen, in show business she'll need this plus.

I got fed up with his daughter being nearly a teenager, and trying on my clothing – or wanting to buy the same pieces I wanted. Can I am getting your associate hyperlink to your host? Looks like that 16 yr. old is gonna him out.He had better get a lifetime prescription of Viagra! . It states on her website that she competed in the 2009 Miss USA pagent. Good cause: Carol is now focused on her next venture as she works to tackle climate change with Smart Energy GB and Energy Saving Trust. If your camera sees a person but can’t see their face, it sends a. I don't think that is her. On the home screen, Tap Settings Familiar faces. Chill out! I smell the next episode of "To Catch a Predator.". Her mother should be judged, too. Sir, why don't you take a seat over there? But in a must-see new documentary, the experts who helped create the tech giants reveal how it's poisoning the way we all behave, DEA makes the biggest meth bust in American history, seizing 2,200 pounds from stash houses in California along with huge hauls of cocaine and heroin, The West Wing reunion: New photos show a pensive Martin Sheen playing President Josiah Bartlett - as fans prepare to watch the special from midnight tonight, Mormon missionary from Utah, 20, dies after slipping and falling during a hike while serving in Switzerland, Estate of late Holocaust survivor sues to keep her interview with Sasha Baron Cohen 'mocking the genocide and Jewish culture' out of his Borat sequel, Lindsey Graham references the 'good ol' days of segregation' at Amy Coney Barrett hearing with Democratic rival Jaime Harrison hitting back with: 'It's 2020, not 1920', Something finally stops the ACB hearings - the mics are cut! Haha!! There is no way in heII that WOMAN is 16 years old. Totally a scam! At 16 I thought I was in love with a tree doesn't mean a parent with better judgment should allow it. I can count all the successful high school relationships I know on half of my hand. Each Nest Aware camera does require its own individual subscription, but there are discounts that are applied when multiple cameras are in question. Wasn't he the little POS gaurd on The Green Mile?

Better stay skinny, little girl. Hardley a "nice girl".

She doesn't look 16, maybe she's not and it's just a hoax to promote her.

9. This is more like Kesha after a crack binge! – you are DA MAN!!! Is this real or a publicity stunt? You and your partner may have split the difference on college educations and family vacations and gifts, or those items may have come from a joint household budget. BTW, is it me, or does that girl look older than 16.

Mothers are protective – duh. Try to keep your heads from exploding. I assume her mom is looking at this as a way to get the girl some more media attention. Dougie H might be creepy but good for him. And her date better be in her age range. Now it's wrong? well i don't agree with it. you sick "F...." who agree on this....come to Ca. I love stuff like this.

It is now the focus of a documentary film by Hollywood producer and long-time friend, James Keach, who also produced the award-winning Walk the Line, about Johnny and June Cash, played by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Most people only have "tolerance" when it lines up with their own views... otherwise, it's "wrong"... WOW!

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