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She adores her nephew, Dudley and treats Harry with contempt and cruelty.

Bathilda dies before Harry's arrival in Godric's Hollow, at the hand of Lord Voldemort, who enchants her decaying body to use as an outer skin for his snake, Nagini to wait for Harry. Born Andromeda Black, she is a pure-blood witch, daughter of Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier and sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy.

For someone who is not a member of the Order of the Phoenix, the war with Voldemort and his followers exacts a very heavy toll on Andromeda: her husband, her daughter, her son-in-law and her sister are all killed. It's done involuntarily using some of the worst kind of magic there is. The plan backfires when she becomes exasperated with McLaggen's arrogant behaviour, and she leaves him stranded under the mistletoe and avoids him for the remainder of the party. McCrory was initially cast as Bellatrix Lestrange, but withdrew due to pregnancy; the role of Bellatrix went to Helena Bonham Carter. In the film version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, she leaves Harry without showing any sentiment; however, in a deleted scene on the Blu-ray/DVD release, Petunia shows acknowledgment of the wizarding world, and ultimately deep sadness and remorse for the loss of her younger sister Lily, reminding Harry that she lost a sister as well. When the Dursleys decide to leave Privet Drive to go into hiding, Vernon nearly shakes Harry's hand good-bye, though he ultimately does not bring himself to do it. Vernon detests Harry to the degree of locking him up as a form of punishment. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dudley is given a pig's tail by Rubeus Hagrid which has to be removed at a private hospital in London. They do not return to the team the following year, as they regularly serve as Malfoy's lookouts during his forays into the Room of Requirement. She is later seen at the end of the book, with her husband and son, unsure what to do and how to behave amidst the celebration of Voldemort's death.

When Dumbledore's Army flees the Room of Requirement following Dobby's revelation of an informant, Pansy searches the girls' bathrooms for escaped members and seizes Hermione's list of names as evidence. In Deathly Hallows, it was revealed that Grindelwald had gone to Godric's Hollow to investigate the grave of the Peverell brothers (the original owners of the Hallows), but struck up a close friendship with Dumbledore, and the two planned to establish a new world order, where wizards would rule over Muggles "for the greater good". Cormac McLaggen is a Gryffindor student one year above Harry. "[7] Harry decides to go to Godric's Hollow to get information from Bathilda, and because he wants to see his parents' grave. He briefly becomes a pawn in the escalating tensions between Ron and Hermione, when Hermione invites him to Slughorn's Christmas party as her date, in retaliation for Ron's relationship with Lavender Brown. Despite not knowing who he is, Bryce enthusiastically encourages Harry to keep fighting. Her name honours two women important to her parents—her paternal grandmother Lily Potter, and her parents' good friend Luna Lovegood. The Weird Sisters are a wizarding rock band. On one occasion, Petunia, but mostly her husband, almost throws Harry out of their house, but when she receives a Howler from Albus Dumbledore, she decides not to send the boy away due to the agreement she had made with Dumbledore (although she covers by claiming that her decision is based on what the neighbours might think if the Dursleys threw Harry out). Though naturally an unpleasant and reprehensible person, Aunt Marge believes that Harry is a horrible boy, owing to Vernon and Petunia's lies, and delights in insulting both him and his dead parents. In the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the Prime Minister recalls his day, during which one of his political opponents had been criticising him and his government for several catastrophes that have recently happened in Britain. She tells Harry how to solve the puzzle of the golden egg that he retrieved in the first task, by opening it underwater. Harry deduces that he is descended from Ignotus, as the cloak is passed down through his family. Well you're in luck, because here they come. He is often viewed with suspicion by his peers due to Durmstrang's reputation for teaching the Dark Arts, while looked upon with admiration for his feats, mainly by giggling Hogwarts girls.

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