human activities on landslide

They are commonly a result of building roads and structures without adequate grading of slopes, poorly planned alteration of drainage patterns, and disturbing old landslides., Godt JW, Baum RL, Lu N (2009) Landsliding in partially saturated materials. Yes, in some cases human activities can be a contributing factor in causing landslides. Plant Soil 305(1–2):207–226. Landslides are yet another example of how human beings are ruining the environment and stepping on something that is not rightfully theirs. Indiscriminate tree felling, mining and quarrying, and widespread wastage of land resources seem to be increasing the incidence of landslides in the Indian subcontinent . Human activity causes increase in landslides. Chapter 3 - Soil Threats – Status and Monitoring, in: Dietrich, P. and Sauer, U. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no ), Comprendiendo el relieve: del pasado al futuro. A., Hobbs, P., Maquaire, O., Tagliavini, F., Poyiadji, E., Guerrieri, L., Montanarella, L., 2007. In Nepal, landslides are a common phenomenon, the main reason being these human constructions. Wilde, M., Günther, A., Malet, J.-P., Reichenbach, P., Hervás, J., 2015. Landslide can be defined as disintegration or sliding down of debris, a chunk of mountain, cliff or any other earth’s surface. Sci Technol Rev 27(21):91–94 (In Chinese), Zhang J, Gurung DR, Liu R, Murthy MSR, Su F (2015a) Abe Barek landslide and landslide susceptibility assessment in Badakhshan Province. ACM Trans Inform Syst 12(3):233–251., DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. Environ Monit Assess 190(12):1–14. community. These natural dams cause valley inundation upstream and can be subsequently breached by lake water pressure, hence generating deadly flash floods or debris flows downstream. Click here to sign in with IEEE Trans Image Process. Dave Petley, a professor and Vice-President for Research and Innovation at the University of Sheffield, started collecting data on fatal landslides after realising that many databases on natural disasters were "significantly underestimating the extent of landslide impact." So finding a best essay writing format is not easy. The topography of the soil is also hugely distorted. It also presents current and future challenges to ensure soil protection. In: International Conference on connectionism in perspective, p 143–155, LeCun M, Ranzato (2013) Deep learning tutorial. Malet, J.-P., Thiery, Y., Puissant, A., Hervás, J., Günther, A., Grandjean, G., 2009. They occur more frequently in poor countries and affect poor people disproportionately, the researchers say. Together we build journalism that is independent, credible and fearless. When soil gets heavier, it can crash down., Bradley AP (1997) The use of the area under the roc curve in the evaluation of machine learning algorithms. Additional information is given in both the metadata and the references below. Human Ecol 37(3):361–373. Afghan Landslides 12(3):597–609. Malet, J.-P., Thiery, Y., Puissant, A., Hervás, J., Guenther, A., Grandjean, G., 2009. Intense and/or long-lasting rainfall represents the most frequent trigger of landslides in continental Europe. Pan-European landslide susceptibility mapping: ELSUS Version 2. Proc., Xiao L, Zhang Y, Peng G (2018) Landslide susceptibility assessment using integrated deep learning algorithm along the China-Nepal highway. Evidence of large tsunami are also found in Scotland and other coastal areas bordering the Norwegian Sea, mainly attributed to the Storegga submarine megaslide (ca. Comments are moderated and will be published only after the site moderator’s approval., Xu C, Xu X, Dai F, Saraf AK (2012) Comparison of different models for susceptibility mapping of earthquake triggered landslides related with the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China. Geological Publishing House, Beijing, Nefeslioglu HA, Gorum T (2019) The use of landslide hazard maps to determine mitigation priorities in a dam reservoir and its protection area. "Collecting these reports and organising them into a database shows us where landslides are frequently harming people, what causes these landslides and whether there are patterns in fatal landslide occurrence over time., Tajbakhsh N, Shin J, Gurudu S, Hurst R, Kendall C, Gotway M, Liang J (2016) Convolutional neural networks for medical image analysis: full training or fine tuning? The objective of this work is to employ the Three Gorges area as an example to reveal the impact of human activity on the dynamic development of landslide susceptibility from 2010 to 2019. Glob Ecol Biogeogr 17(2):145–151., Delen D, Tomak L, Topuz K, Eryarsoy E (2017) Investigating injury severity risk factors in automobile crashes with predictive analytics and sensitivity analysis methods. Aplicación a la depresión de Tirajana (Gran Canaria), Image thresholding for landslide detection by genetic programming, Guidelines on Flash Flood Prevention and Mitigation, Tratamiento digital de imágenes de teledetección en el espectro óptico para el reconocimiento y control de deslizamientos, Evaluación de la susceptibilidad de deslizamientos mediante el uso conjunto de GIS, teledetección y métodos de evaluación multicriterio, Optical remote sensing for landslide investigations, Comparing heuristic landslide hazard assessment techniques using GIS in the Tirajana basin, Gran Canaria Island, Spain, Landslide hazard assessment using GIS and multicriteria evaluation techniques in the Tirajana basin, Remote sensing image thresholding for landslide motion detection. Find more information in the publications list (below). Environ Earth Sci. Publications in Journals include more than 280 published papers from the Soil Group in the JRC., Wang H, Zhou Z, Li Y, Chen Z, Lu P, Wang W, Yu L (2017) Comparison of machine learning methods for classifying mediastinal lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer from 18F-FDG PET/CT images. . Landslides. Most events happen during the northern hemisphere summer, when cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons are more frequent and the monsoon season brings heavy rains to parts of Asia. The roots of the trees actually grip the soil and hold it together. The study, based on official reports, notes an average of about 75 major landslides occur annually in just central and western Nepal and this costs the country about $130,000 in damages to land and cattle alone. Landslides are dangerous phenomenon that can bring death to an entire town of people in just a few minutes. El inventario de movimientos de ladera de España ALISSA: Metodología y análisis preliminar. Barredo, J.I., Hervás, J., Lomoschitz, A., Benavides, A., van Westen, C.J., 2000. The blasting that takes place during mining can seriously affect the land by causing vibrations. In Sri Lanka, too, the government believes that landslides are increasing largely because of development projects that have spread even to steep hill slopes and other unstable locations in the country's central and southwestern regions. (Eds. Van Den Eeckhaut, M., Kerle, N., Poesen, J., Hervás, J., 2012. xchange of information and lessons learnt on management of natural hazards and civil protection in the European Union: the NEDIES project. While earthquakes and storms are deadlier, landslides do cause a significant number of fatalities. Hydrol Process 28(3):446–463. Günther, A., Van Den Eeckhaut, M., Reichenbach, P., Hervás, J., Malet, J.-P., Guzzetti, F., 2011. Jones, A., Panagos, P., Barcelo, S., Bouraoui, F., Bosco, C., Dewitte, O., Gardi, C., Erhard, M., Hervás, J., Hiederer, R., Jeffery, S., Lükewille, A., Marmo, M., Montanarella, L., Olazábal, C., Petersen, J.-E., Penizek, V., Strassburger, T., Tóth, G., Van Den Eeckhaut, M., Van Liedekerke, M., Verheijen, F., Viestova, E., Yigini, Y., 2012.

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