hungarian romani names

Here are 101 inspirations! Thank you! You are on the right track…, Hi Ryan, He was a pilot involved in testing the Enola Gay.

Is Samel a common Hungarian name?
But the name Barth is German origin.

My grandfather was born in Supuru du Jos in the late 1800’s ….

In 1988 1,650 were returned to Romania but the number for 1989 is far lower with only 29 being sent back by July. Megulesz is probably misspelled surname Mikulec (sounds similar in Slovak language) or surname Mikles, Miklés (sound similar in Hungarian), Mikleš (in Slovak). The next turning point was 1968. My last name is kondorosi. for the first time in the history of Transylvania a form of coexistence between Hungarians and Romanians would be possible. sorry, correct is: in hungarian we start with the surname and then the forename: Vincze Lajos. Or any info they may have about it would also be great.

Hungarian Sirnames, just like in other countries, often refer to a profession such as Smith, Tailor or Miller. Cultural contacts were agreed and a Hungarian consulate would be (re-)opened in Cluj. My father, his parents, and all my paternal relatives, going back to early 1800’s came from Hungary. In the last two years, an unprecedented situation has occurred with thousands of Hungarians from Romania fleeing to Hungary and applying for asylum there. Roma experience multiple forms of daily discrimination, impacting schooling and employment.

Mezer… sounds like mezo in Hungarian. I actually have not seen Iby as a last name. My grandfather’s name was Istvan Dorko and my grandmother’s name was Brigetta Dorko (not related by blood). The Hungarians in Transylvania had a long tradition of a high level of education — notably through the religious schools — and a well-educated intelligentsia and qualified skilled working class. evieweevils Said on September 22nd, 2020 at 7:49 am.

Louis died in WW1 and was never found. Hi Rosemary, My maiden name is Szonye. Like people from London are called LondonERS. My married last name is Fazakas. What can you tell me about our last name?

I grew up with a Hungarian family with the last name Zboray in Ferguson Mo. It should be added that during this period, the Hungarians were by no means the worst affected among the nationalities. The result was an increase in the amount of information on the Hungarian minority in Transylvania and consequent pressure on the Romanian leadership to account for its treatment of the minority. Hajnal is not so common I think it means Dawn but I would love to know where it originates from. Hungarians were furthermore dismissed from all important nationwide institutions (The Ministry of Interior, Foreign Ministry, officer corps) except where the facade had to be maintained e.g. My husband was told years ago that it’s Hungarian for potmaker. There is a family of Tomka from Mezobereny here but could be unrelated: A regulation introduced in 1974 by the Romanian authorities forbade foreign tourists overnight stays in private houses, the only exception being relationships in the first degree (parent, sibling).

At secondary level the minimum number is 36. According to the same source, however, the name "Móré … can be of Hungarian, Romanian or Gypsy origin" and it "can come from a variety of donor languages" (Farkas 2013, 506).

See, George Gerenser – > Gerencsér György ? Gyetvay, Gyetvai in Hungarian language means, that person has his origin from Detva area, novadays laying in Slovakia. I’m trying to find information on my family as my great grandmother passed away when my grandfather was 4 and my great grandfather passed when my grandfather was 16. In the summer of 1989 some 300 refugees were arriving each week from Romania to Hungary of which approximately 27% (a far higher proportion than before reflecting the general feeling of dissatisfaction with the Romanian regime among the Romanian as well as the Hungarian and other minority populations) were Romanian.

The setting up of the Council of Workers of Hungarian nationality (CWHN) was a typical example in that it was in practice entirely without powers and its recommendations, when it made any, were ignored. Does anyone recognize it? By contrast there is no restriction on Romanian pupils. My mom told me she changed my dads surname from Samel to Samuel. But in Hungary it is also common to have countries as a surname for example Német (German), Horváth (Croat) or Tóth (Slovak) which obviously comes from the former great Hungary when parts of surrounding countries belonged to Hungary.

Both names mean “furrier” in English. (He is greatly respected for forging good alliance between Hungary and the Austrian Emperor way back when I believe). Hungarian first names without Romanian equivalents have also been banned. Hungarian state in 1918. Walaschek sounds to me like a Germanized transliteration of a Czech word, so yeah, possible. The status of the refugees in Hungary is under debate.

He came to the US via Ellis Island on 12/12/1912. Shortages of paper are regularly used to curtail Hungarian publishing activities. However on 24 June for no apparent reason part of the fence began to be dismantled. or bezelech? he came to this country in the early 1900’s, and changed his last name to Vance from what we think was originally Vantu …. The three nations, properly nations who represented the nobility and in no way correspond to nations in the modern sense, were the Magyars, the Saxons and the Szeklers. I know Nemeth is a somewhat common name but I’m looking for others that are from or that may know of Nemeth’s from Hegyeshalom.
He actually emigrated to Canada in 1904, legally I might add. One of 3 boys ! In the administration, there appears to be general agreement that the number of Hungarians is kept up to the proportion of Hungarians in the general population. I am looking for any Relatives from Budapest my moms dad’s name was George Gerenser and hes from there I was wondering is there is anyone out there with the same last name that I can connect with? When it was abolished completely eight years later, the authorities promised initially that the entire Szeklerland would be united into a single, strong Hungarian county; in fact the area was split three ways with the creation of two weak Hungarian counties (Covasna and Harghita) and a mixed Hungarian-Romanian one (Mures). All members of the Calvinist Church are Hungarian just as virtually all Lutherans are Saxon Germans.

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