iphone 6s release date

Apple immediately began plans for a new iPhone, aimed at beating its predecessor, in every category. Put one in someone's hand -- assuming he or she missed the "S" logo on the back -- the only way they'd know it's a new model is that they're a tad heftier: the new models each weigh about 11 percent more, thanks to the new screen technology used (more on that later). In theory, yes. I'll have to see. © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. You tap, you swipe. It was basically a cheaper version of the iPhone, which people really loved but quickly forgot about. But 3D Touch could be the real game-changer. Een flink sneller toestel, met een betere camera en een scherm dat nieuwe 3D Touch-functies ondersteunt. iPhone 6s prijs los toestel (vanaf €284,-) A more affordable option compared to the iPhone 6, the SE had everything but the iPhone 6's 3D touch. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Qua ontwerp ziet de iPhone 6s er vrijwel hetzelfde uit als zijn voorganger, de iPhone 6. However, as Apple removed the phone's home button, they did get some occasional dirty looks. Wil je de nieuwe iPhone 6S als eerste in huis halen, bekijk dan hieronder de beste aanbiedingen van dit moment met abonnement. They call it Series 7,000, and it's the same aluminum alloy Apple puts into its Apple Watch Sport. In addition to unlocking your phone with lightning-fast speeds, this means your Apple Pay checkouts at Walgreens, Whole Foods and elsewhere will be even quicker. De iPhone 6s bevat een nieuwe functie genaamd 3D Touch. This phone became an instant success even before its release with a huge number of pre-orders. was the iPhone 5S's marketing mantra. Don't expect a battery boost in the iPhone 6S. Battery life is also unchanged.

Door op het Camera-icoon te drukken kun je snel een selfie maken of een video opnemen. De iPhone 6s en iPhone 6s Plus werden aangekondigd op 9 september 2015 tijdens een speciaal evenement in Cupertino, Californië.

Is that a big deal?

© CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. That same day, Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro, a slightly bigger iPhone with a prominent triple-camera back. Met de iPhone 6s is het mogelijk om in 4K te filmen en live-foto's te maken. Released on June 29,2007, the original Apple iPhone, had a 3.5" display screen, was 11.6mm thick and had a staggering 16GB of storage! CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Sinds september 2016 werd er ook een 32 GB versie uitgebracht. In this article we present the latest news about the next iPhone's release date, design, new features, price and tech specs. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Techjournalist met een voorliefde voor gadgets, films, koffie en videogames. Dit is een samenvatting van de conclusie: Apple heeft met de iPhone 6s en iPhone 6s Plus twee uitstekende toestellen afgeleverd, die voortbouwen op de toch al goede eigenschappen van hun voorgangers.

When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Bij de Apple Watch vonden we de Force Touch-bediening nog onwennig en soms onhandig uitgewerkt, maar bij de iPhone 6s valt alles op z’n plaats. As with last year, the larger size of the iPhone 6S Plus will give you longer battery life -- though that, too, is identical to the ratings of the 6 Plus from last year.

Watch as this list counts down every single iPhone release ever, starting in 2007, more than a decade ago, to the latest iPhone, the 11th edition of the successful series of phones.

The new iPhones are the first to adopt this technology, but it's a clear shoo-in for iPads, and possibly all Apple products down the road. It had a 128MB memory, which was fairly impressive and weighed just 135 grams. You'll need to check local retailers for support where you live. Ook kun je de iPhone 6s kopen in Nederland: vind de beste acties!

Alles over de iPhone 6s: ontdek de specs, functies, prijs, release en meer. De toestellen gaan waarschijnlijk één week eerder, op 2 oktober, in de voorverkoop. Despite the battery being a bit physically smaller, however, Apple has pledged that better power efficiency in the new hardware will yield the same rundown times as its older sibling.

While the iPhone 6S' design looks the same, its internal changes -- including an improved camera and a faster processor -- define the next generation of Apple's insanely popular phone franchise. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus introduce new ways to navigate and experience iPhone by sensing pressure to enable new gestures — Peek and Pop™— so you can dip in and out of content without losing your place.
Here's something wildly different, though. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Apparently, a new type of chemically strengthened glass also tops the iPhone 6S, though the company hasn't confirmed if this is cover material from Corning's Gorilla Glass line or not. Autofocus will pick up the pace, according to Apple, and color accuracy is a point of pride. Regardless, the A12 Bionic chip increased these phones' efficiency and battery life. AG Racer, a high-speed racing game, turns the one-finger thruster into a variable-pressure gas pedal. The updated operating system hit most earlier iPhones and iPads on September 16. Apple also joins rival phone makers in including 4K video recording, at 3,840x2,160-pixel resolution. Apple says that its phone may look the same as last year's model, but its iPhone 6S duo have achieved more inner strength. Ontdek de specs en functies, vind de beste prijs en lees het laatste nieuws over dit toestel. Wil je een iPhone 6s kopen, dan kun je kiezen uit modellen met 32GB of 128GB opslag. In stand-by: 250 uur. The phone measures 6.23 inches (158 mm) high, compared to 6.22 inches, with a width of 3.07 inches or 78 mm (from 3.06 in the iPhone 6 Plus) and weighs 192 grams, up from 172 grams. But the biggest change is called 3D Touch: the touchscreen is now pressure-sensitive.
By this time, users had already grown used to the non-headphone jack lifestyle and enjoyed the phone's great photo editing and photo filtering. Met de computer via een Lightning-dockconnector. This phone was smaller than the XS and XS Max but was bigger than the 7 and 8 plus. iPhone 6S release in Nederland. A little pricey, but proving itself to be worth the price, this phone had it all. 3D Touch's biggest use out of the box is a way to create app shortcuts. Months after the iPhone SE, Apple introduced the iPhone 7. Later in the year the success of the iPhone 7 overshadowed the minuscule changes the SE made to the affordable phones industry. "You're more powerful than you think." Deel je kennis of stel een vraag. But this isn't the first time a phone has gathered this much fame, in this short amount of time.

These had Super Retin HD display, awesome looks, and an awesome camera. New iPhone 12 (2020) release date, price, specs, leaks and everything we know. Laat het ons weten! De smartphone heeft een Apple A9-chip samen met een Apple M9 co-processorchip en een 12 megapixel-iSight-camera. The larger sibling to Apple's flagship device looks nearly identical to last year's model, but Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company changed everything and the new iPhones are "the most advanced smartphones in the world.".

11 and 12 MB cameras on the back and ultra-wide lenses, made this an instant winner. "The best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone."

Deze functie is sinds iOS 9 beschikbaar maar werkt alleen op de 6s en nieuwer.

On the back you will find an improved 12-megapixel camera that's capable of shooting 4K video, while a 5-megapixel FaceTime camera sits on the front. In Australia, the iPhone 6S is AU$1,079 (16GB), AU$1,229 (64GB) and AU$1,379 (128GB). Zoals de snellere Apple A9-processor en grafische chip.

On release the iPhone ran iOS 9, buy one today though and you’ll be upgrading to iOS 11. iOS 11 is arguably the biggest issue with the phone right now. There were several iterations of this basic model. If you keep pressing, you can jump right into that content. Dit toestel is ideaal voor mensen die een wat vlotter toestel zoeken met meer werkgeheugen en een snellere processor. The company clearly hopes this reinforced material will help deflect against future "Bendgate" backlashes, where some customers complained that their 5.5-inch iPhone 6S phones "bent" after being sat on. De iPhone 6S en 6S Plus zijn vanaf 9 oktober verkrijgbaar in Nederland, zo heeft Apple vandaag bekendgemaakt. He loves both Marvel and DC but is more inclined towards Marvel. This phone released and introduced some revolutionary changes: 1 GB memory, LTE Connectivity, and lightning connectors. The true-tone display turned out to be a genuine improvement as well. Press in on apps that work with 3D Touch, and they pop out a new little menu. He avidly reads books and is avidly watching marvel movies since he was two years old. These menus let you jump ahead a bit, or even do things without opening the app. Evenals de iPhone 5s en iPhone 6, beschikt de iPhone 6s over Touch ID. In Duitsland zijn zowel de iPhone 6S als iPhone 6 goedkoper.

The differences between the iPhone 3 and the original iPhone were slight, except for the App Store and its 3G connectivity. The new iPhones are powered by a third-generation 64-bit A9 chip that is said to be 70 percent faster than last year's model and 90 percent more powerful for gaming. True, there is a new color now, called "rose gold" (it basically looks like a blush pink, same as the new Apple Watch color). Apps can allow "peeking in" to stuff in the app: press in on an email header, and see the whole email! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This phone made headlines as it released, mostly in the meme world. Vind je de 6s wat te klein, dan kun je ook kiezen voor de iets grotere iPhone 6s Plus. This time it uses a different grade of aluminum for its chassis, one that also has applications in the aerospace industry. The biggest news here is the hugely upgraded front and rear cameras and video capability, but there are a few other tidbits here and there as well. De iPhone 6s bevat twee keer zoveel meer werkgeheugen (2GB) als zijn voorganger, wat ervoor moet zorgen dat het schakelen tussen apps en functies soepeler verloopt. De iPhone 6s is voorzien van twee keer zoveel werkgeheugen (2GB RAM) en een snellere vingerafdrukscanner, snellere Wi-Fi en een verbeterde 12-megapixelcamera, die ook 4K-video’s kan filmen. No surprise, but the new iPhones have nearly identical feel and design. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The iPhone XS and XS Max were released on September 21, 2018. Game controls could change function depending on how hard you press on a key.

De iPhone 6s en iPhone 6s Plus is een smartphone ontworpen en op de markt gebracht door Apple Inc. Het is de opvolger van de iPhone 6.. Op 9 september 2015 werd hij door Apple geïntroduceerd. But where and more importantly, when did the iPhone's rise to success begin? Optical image stabilization helps you capture clear photos and videos while moving. Apple has also introduced a new pricing plan, for the US only for now, that starts at $32 per month (for the 16GB version iPhone 6S) for 24 months, with the option to upgrade to a new iPhone each year, say from the 6S to next year's 7, to the 7S, and so on. Instead of just a single layer of pop-up interaction, you could have multiple layers. That's all part of the plan: Previous "S" phones brought us Siri and Touch ID, for instance -- features that started out as novelties before becoming a core part of the iPhone experience the following year. Dan kun je de iPhone 6s als los toestel aanschaffen. De grootste innovatie op de iPhone 6s is 3D Touch. Nieuw bij de 6s is dat je kunt kiezen voor een nieuwe kleur roségoud, naast de gebruikelijke kleuren spacegrijs, zilver en goud. It's hard for phones to pull off new tricks these days. Even more successful than its predecessor, it sold 5 million units sold in its first week.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Later deze week volgt onze uitgebreide (video)review. This allows the iPhone to recognize how hard you press on the screen. Dit zijn de belangrijkste iPhone 6s functies: Ben je op zoek naar een goede iPhone 6s deal?

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