jltv vs matv

The JLTV will come in 2-door and 4-door variants in four different configurations: Along with the JLTV, Oshkosh Defense is displaying an even more heavily-armed variant of its successful M-ATV), thousands of which have been bought by the Defense Department.

Since weve all heard about how much Mine Resistant Vehicles weigh, its no wonder that scientists and material engineers continue to search for the elusive mixture of this and that necessary to reduce weight and retain the capacity to stop a hypervelocity round. The DoD is even now handing out massive contracts to the JLTV producers they feel best suited to construct them, but the armor problem has yet to really be solved. Faircount Media Group. Imagine if you will a 22.250 cartridge. I wonder if the ocelot price may come down per unit if a large order such as the 1500 for jltv was made?

I wonder if you’ve seen this before – an overview of the Lockheed Martin AVA prototype. However, yes, our procurement processes do seem get in the way of themselves don’t they ! The MRAP has some things going for it, and its saved some lives, no question. Still on the weight issue, youd better have a nice paved road for the beast, otherwise you WILL be stuck in the mud or sand. It concerns the fact that Supacat has recently designed a new armoured cab for the Lightweight Recovery vehicle. 10 Nov 2008 [NOTE: Here's another contribution from our friends at Breach Bang Clear. The author is a friend of mine, David Woroner of Survival Consultants International.

The second rule pertains to the shape of the armor. Moreover, that struggle has only been exacerbated by today’s continuing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan – regionally grouped together but so geographically different as to alter the nature of combat operations. Foxhound, as it exists, is considered too expensive. Iveco Defence Vehicles' Medium Tactical Vehicle is designed to combine high tactical 4x4 mobility, optimal off-road performance and high crew protection. It’s the ‘good enough’ that interests me, Boxer may have the edge in protection, but at a cost, if that cost difference would put a turret on Patria then you might look at its armour package as being about four kilometres thicker than Boxers. If we intend to keep the Jackal 2A in service in the light cavalry role, this would provide obvious benefits in commonality across the MRV-P fleet, with potential savings in training, maintenance and procurement of spare parts.

IED / mine blast is Level 2A minimum, which is a 6kg HE mine under any wheel. It is because nobody has grasped the necessary concepts or been given the green light to go ahead in reference to the consternating weapon. “Our JLTV and M-ATV platforms can be configured with the protection and mission equipment to support both defensive and offensive operations outside-the-wire.”. In those days, this was perhaps a good idea.

Different mission “pods” are fitted on the generic engine and chassis combination, based on an armoured “skate board” that carries the transmission and automotive components. Lets scroll back a hundred years to see the appearance of the first true British/American tanks worthy of the name. Package two and three, I’ve already mentioned over on TD that I’d like to see those folded into the MIV programme to make a go of ‘strike’, if you look at the proposed initial buy for boxer that would fulfil the core fighting requirements for nine infantry battalions, if you filled out the rest of the battalions and their supporting arms with MRV-P you’d have three full strength brigades. Note that on the Jackal Mk2 the spare wheel is on the inside of the armoured “door” and that on the opposite door is a storage compartment. I don’t think an increase in unit unumbers of the composite Foxhound LPPV cabin or module would provide the required decreases in cost. I would like supacat if they haven’t already look to a central tire inflation system. of Defense.

MRV-P GDLS Ocelot / Foxhound Variants summary. Allison will provide its X200 transmissions for use in the U.S. Army's M113 Armored Personnel Carrier family of vehicles.

Simon – many good questions. He's a ballistics expert, former PSD contractor and all-around mad scientist who's come up with a novel new armor for newly built vehicles. Oshkosh Defense ® M-ATV Utility The versatile platform to transport whatever the mission requires.

Have they been resolved? A few years ago, when GDLS first floated the idea of an Ocelot-S version, with less-expensive steel armour, they produced images of a long wheelbase 4×4 as the troop carrier, and also a graphic of an ambulance version: Between the HMT400 4×4 and HMT600 6×6 platforms, we have a common chassis, engine, drivetrain, and suspension, offering considerable commonality of spare parts across a range of vehicles that have interoperability with the existing Jackal M-WMIK and Coyote TSV fleets, that could potentially meet all of the MRV-P Phase 1 and 2 requirements. I hope this is the right place to post this question. Ricardo will lead the Integrated Product Support portions of the contract, as well as assist in technical areas including safety, reliability and cybersecurity. So what’s the difference? Data continues to be an integral component on the path toward further autonomy and connectivity. As with new RN vessels, we should always attempt to build in the UK. https://www.theengineer.co.uk/prototype-military-vehicle-aims-to-cut-casualties/. NASA Expert IDs Mystery Object as Old Rocket, The Air Force Is Stripping a B-1 Bomber Down to Its Bolts to Make a Digital Twin, The Army Is About to Get Improved Next Gen-Squad Weapons for Testing, Sailors Who Risked Their Safety to Stop Corpus Christi Gunman Receive Awards. I think at the low protection levels required either design could be made to fit the bill with either step or composite armour packages. “Looking ahead, future battlefields will generate an unpredictable combination of terrain, tactics and threats,” said Bryant.

The contract awarded to Allison Transmission will support the sustainment of the Army’s Abrams Main Battle Tank fleet. The argument over mixing wheels and tracks seems to have been forgotten for now but my suggestion would let Ajax help revive the armoured division and conjures up a mechanised division sooner rather than later and more or less within existing budgets, there’s no harm no foul that I can see unless it’s to argue weight.
While such a solution might not be optimal, it would utilise the existing design. The Oshkosh JLTV, or Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, is currently in low-rate initial production and is designed to replace all Army and Marine Humvees in front-line service. Mack Defense Completes Final Truck for Canadian Medium Support Vehicle System Program. Originally, a figure of US$ 430,000 per vehicle was quoted by the UK MoD when it announced the decision to acquire the Oshkosh JLTV via an FMS contract. GDLS has already developed a prototype that could meet this basic requirement, with 2 crew and a load-bed. The HMT has a range of fully enclosed variants including an ambulance.

This is part one of a multi-part series on new solutions for ballistic defeat.]. The COVID-19 pandemic has put on hold the DHA's effort to reboot its ambitious reform of the military health system.

First of all we have Spectra, Dyneema and other lightweight soft material that can take up some of the weight. (Photo: Aud Håland) The Oshkosh JLTV was selected as the winner of the JLTV program on 25 August 2015 called the L-ATV as a replacement for the aging Humvee. Existing room in back is sufficient for the C4I fit, and, if 2 seats were removed, there would be no need for  a new “pod” or mission module. Supacat are clearly taking note as they’ve updated their website with this…, https://www.google.com/search?q=supacat+hmt+lwr&rlz=1CDGOYI_enGB806GB807&hl=en-GB&prmd=isnv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiolIu77N7gAhWIoBQKHba0Dt0Q_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&biw=375&bih=551#imgrc=6EOTc3k5DokNgM. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Oshkosh Defense LLC, an Oshkosh Corporation company, will showcase its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) and MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) with fully integrated, next generation lethality and networking capabilities at the AUSA Conference 2016. Oshkosh Defense’s M-ATV equipped with the Moog RIwP, armed with a 30mm chain gun, Javelin, and M240 and sporting advanced sensors and sighting.

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